Music transcends all boundaries of age and is celebrated by people worldwide. This is why music has become an integral part of our everyday activities. Whether we are working or commuting, music can be our constant ally if we have headphones in our bag.

Despite its popularity, many educational institutions block access to entertainment websites, including music sites, within their network zones. This has led to the popularity of unblocked music sites among the student fraternity. The free, unblocked music platforms help them enjoy their favorite audio without paying a premium fee. 

unblocked music sites

10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites 2023

While numerous free music streaming sites are available online, they all need to be more legitimate. Some might even pose a risk to your computer with malware.

But you don't need to get all worked up, as we have scanned the web to present you with a list of unblocked music sites that can deliver a safe and enjoyable music streaming experience. 


Grooveshark is a popular unblocked music site in 2023 that provides free music and has a strong reputation for being accessible in schools and colleges. It can be easily accessed through college WiFi sans any restrictions.

Unblocked Music Sites: Grooveshark

Grooveshark offers a vast collection of music and songs, allowing users to search for various genres and customize playlists according to their preferences. These playlists can be saved for future listening sessions. The site has a straightforward and clean interface without any distracting elements, and users can search for songs using the search bar and browse through related albums. 

  • Grooveshark also allows users to import their playlists
  • Users can create personalized albums and playlists after setting up a Grooveshark account
  • Users were exposed to potential copyright violations


If you're looking to enjoy your favorite tracks without a subscription, Hulkshare Music is a great choice. This unblocked music streaming site offers free access without paying any fee or creating an account. Hulkshare also provides user interaction through groups, allowing you to share original music and discuss with like-minded individuals.

The homepage highlights the top songs of the week and trending tracks, ensuring you get everything the world is listening to on HulkShare. 

Unblocked Music Sites: Hulkshare

  • Hulkshare allows users to save music on their phones without any cost
  • Users cant share their favorite tracks with friends
  • The music library is less exhaustive than its peers
  • Hulkshare may offer fewer features and customization options


Spotify is famous for its database collections of music and songs. You can listen to all the popular numbers online free and download Spotify playlist. Being a premium portal, Spotify has zero advertisements. You can also enjoy music offline and download songs.

The overall loading time is also less, making it an excellent choice for music lovers. You can download the Spotify mobile app on your iOS and Android phone to enjoy music on the go.

Unblocked Music Sites: Spotify

  • Users can share music with friends and family by connecting Spotify to their Facebook account
  • It offers the chance to listen to popular numbers online, free of cost
  • The sound quality of paid users could be better
  •  The free version of Spotify is ad-supported
  • Some users believe Spotify fail to introduce them to new and diverse content.


Soundzabound is an unblocked music site that provides royalty-free music for educational and entertainment purposes. It features a massive collection of music and songs. Unlike other sites, Soundzabound sells songs per volume, each containing a compilation of songs per category. 

Unblocked Music website: Soundzabound

  • You can browse music according to genre
  • It allows you to play and skip tracks randomly till you find the perfect background music
  • Not for free totally
  • Lack specific or niche music styles


AccuRadio is a free music site that offers customizable radio channels with over 1,400 options. You can also listen to podcasts and free webcasts without creating an account. They have a list of genres and Today's feature section to help you find the latest channels and podcasts. However, there are many ads on the webpage.

listen to music free unblocked: AccuRadio

  • You can enjoy the latest podcasts from Today's feature section
  • It's not required to create an account to access music
  • The website is frequented with advertisements
  • It does not offer on-demand song selection
  • A slight decrease in audio fidelity compared to other platforms.


Bluebeat is a free music site with an extensive library of 3D songs. It offers playlists based on popular songs, different genres, and a menu for searching songs by artist. Users can either follow others' or create their playlists. Bluebeat is an excellent option for music lovers who want to access high-quality music from various genres for free.

music unblocked free Site: BlueBeat

  • It offers a variety of music to choose from
  • Lists newest songs from trending artists
  • The premium plan is required to enjoy the highest bitrate audio


Jamendo offers access to a massive collection of over 220,000 royalty-free old and new music tracks. There are no restrictions on streaming, and users can download music for offline listening. The site also provides a platform for independent artists to showcase their music and interact with listeners.

While registration is not required, users who sign up can enjoy additional perks, including the ability to create playlists and upload songs to share with other users.

listen to free music unblocked Sites

  • It doesn't impose any copyright problems
  • It has an extensive collection of pop, Classical, Hip Hop songs, etc
  • Commercial music isn't available
  • Dependency on user uploads and contributions
  • The streaming quality on Jamendo is typically limited to 128 kbps


LiveOne, formerly LiveXLive or Slacker Radio, is an unblocked music site that offers over 200 music channels powered by Slacker. It has live music streams, entertaining channels, and podcasts. You can access the site on desktop, mobile, smart TVs, and the web.

music free unblocked Sites: LiveOne

  • Battles look pretty good in action
  • It offers excellently curated playlists and channels
  • Users can buy tickets both for streamed and in-person concerts
  • LiveOne does not offer a free version
  • LiveOne is not compatible with all devices and operating systems.


SoundCloud is a beautiful unblocked music site that offers a massive database of music tracks of different genres. It has a user-friendly filter that allows you to find the music you want quickly. It's available on Android and iOS for mobile devices. Also, you can free download from Soundcloud with best Soundcloud downloader.

music unblocked sites: Soundcloud

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It features built-in promotion tools for marketers
  • Limited Offline Listening
  • Free accounts impose restrictions on uploading
  • SoundCloud may face scrutiny for copyright infringement issues


Tunein offers free access to hundreds of radio channels and unlimited music. Its user-friendly user interface allows you to easily search for your favorite music channel, local radio, audiobook, and trending music.

It offers a broader range of audio streaming services than other unblocked music sites, including news, sports, and podcasts. TuneIn has gained wide popularity among music lovers and has apps that work on Windows, Android, and iPhone.

music online free unblocked Sites: Tunein

  • Users can both pause and rewind live audio
  • It offers immense variety with both international and local stations
  • Users have to make do with banner ads
  • Limited on-demand features
  • The audio quality can vary depending on the source and the internet connection

Although all the free unblocked music has much to offer, they aren't free of limitations. In most cases, users complain of a glitchy interface or the constant ads, which can dampen your overall musical experience.

However, you can enjoy both the latest and classical audio tracks sans the worries by switching to StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro. Read on to understand how this software is transforming the way we listen to music. 

How to Listen to Music from Unblocked Offline Freely?

Enjoy Music from Unblocked Offline

StreamFab YouTube Downloader

StreamFab YouTube Downloader offers a comprehensive solution for accessing music from unblocked websites, including YouTube, SoundCloud, and other 1000+ sites.
  • Download music from any unblocked sites for an unlimited period.
  • Get ad-free downloads from any country for an unlimited period.
  • YouTube Playlist download for music.
  • No need to change software with its in-built browsers.

Operation steps of unblocked music download

Step 1

Install StreamFab YouTube Downloader

Download and install StreamFab YouTube Downloader on your device.

Step 2

Choose the streaming site 

Launch the software and select the icon from the Explorer section. You can also copy and paste the movie link on the homepage to access the website.

download Music from Unblocked Offline

Step 3

Select the video format and quality 

Now a pop-up window will appear offering various options for video and audio output. Make the desired customizations.

download Music from Unblocked Offline

Step 4

Start the download 

Once you have customized the settings, click the Download button to initiate downloading.

The content about the unblocked music download is for your personal entertainment ONLY. DVDFab suggests users listen to music from authorized sites. Please be aware that there might be some potential risks when your use unblocked websites for music.


How do I unblock music sites?

  • Alter the DNS server configuration to gain access to the blocked site.
  • Modify the network proxy settings within web browsers.
  • Utilize VPNs to unlock the specific site.
  • Access the unblocked site through proxy websites, which connect to servers around the globe.

What Music Sites Are Unblocked for School?

There are various platforms available that enable you to access music freely without any restrictions at school. Examples include LiveOne, Hulkshare, TuneIn, Soundcloud and Soundzabound. For more information, just check out this article.


Music never fails to rejuvenate our souls after a tiring day. It is often considered a basic form of recreation and stress relief. But suppose your educational institution has blocked your favorite sites. In that case, our list of the best-unblocked music sites can cater to the audiophile in you by delivering the entertainment you seek. Don't forget StreamFab is your best helper for downloading unblocked music.