DVDFab Remote is a mobile application that works on both iOS and Android platforms. The idea behind this handy mobile app is to keep users timely updated with the task status information from DVDFab client if they have something else to do, while DVDFab client is doing its own job, so that they don’t have to sit near the computer screen all the time and watch the task to be completed.


Here is how it works – Whenever there is a popup window in DVDFab client, DVDFab Remote will receive an in-time push notification on user’s smart phone screen, indicating what is happening. At this point, he/she has to return to the computer screen for a while to take necessary actions so as to continue the task; on the other hand, if there is no popup window in DVDFab client, then he/she can just check the task progress information to see which task has finished, which has failed, and which is still waiting in the task queue.


Be minded that DVDFab Remote does not enable users to remotely perform any action in DVDFab client from their phone screens, other than notifying users whenever there is a popup window in DVDFab client, or letting users check task progress information. Here below is the detailed walkthrough.


1.       Download and Intall DVDFab Remote

To download and install DVDFab Remote on your smart phone, you can either scan the QR code at the latest DVDFab 11 client (available at Common Settings > General > Remote, or visit DVDFab official Forum here at https://www.dvdfab.cn/mlink/download.php?g=DVDFab_Remote_Android to directly download the APK file for Android;



2.       Connect the DVDFab Remote to DVDFab Client

Once DVDFab Remote is installed on your smart phone, you are ready to set up the connection between DVDFab Remote and DVDFab client. To do that, more forward.

2.1   Start up DVDFab Remote, and you will be greeted by the classical monkey logo sitting at the upper middle of the welcome screen;



2.2   When the welcome screen retreats, DVDFab Remote will automatically run a scan (the left picture) to check available DVDFab cleint. If your DVDFab client is already running on your computer, you will see it listed (the picture in the middle) once the auto scan finishes, at this point, just tap it to establish a connection, if no DVDFab client is currently running on your computer, or for some reason, DVDFab Remote fails to detect your DVDFab client, you will have to manually add it (the right picture);



2.3   To manually add DVDFab client, tap the bottom button at this screen, enter the IP address and leave the port number at its default value of 33080, then tap the √ button to establish the connection. At this point, if no task is currently in progress, you will see a screen like the one on the right side below;





2.4    If there are already tasks in progress, then you can check the status information;




2.5   If a popup window shows up in the middle of a task (usually the task shall be temporarily paused), DVDFab Remote will get a push notification telling you what is going on in DVDFab client, at this point, you have to take necessary actions accordingly on your computer to continue the task.