The artificial Christmas tree and the decoration give us immense joy as we welcome the most happening winter festival Christmas. The thick ice outside and the warm celebration inside are a great combination. We suggest the best deals of Christmas tree artificial buying options by providing features and other details.

It is said that an artificial Christmas tree is an integral part of the X-Mas celebration, and it's true. The cakes, the gifts, a big fat white Santa Clause with his bag full of gift packs, the church bell, and the family prayer, all are our sweet memories of the happy Christmas festival celebration. Artificial Christmas tree became a fashion as the actual tree required too much care; on top of that, the thick ice layer outside prevents us from arranging the real tree for Christmas decoration. Hence, an artificial Christmas tree is the only way to decorate and enjoy.

Every household plans to bring the best artificial Christmas tree for the Christmas celebration. And the companies, as usual in rat racing claiming that they are the best. But before getting trapped in the artificial Christmas tree sale, you must keep in mind the following things.

Things You Must Remember to Get Artificial Christmas Tree

The Height of the Artificial Tree

The height of the artificial Christmas tree matters when the decoration is the next big thing to celebrate the festivity. Before selecting the height, you must first decide what home size you plan to plant the tree. But if you ask for the ideal height, we would suggest between 6 feet to 7.5 feet is the best height for any household.

The Shape and Size of the Artificial Christmas Tree You Bring Home

After the height, shape, and size come the second important aspect, you must think about this. Again the shape and size you select depend on your room size. Keep these things in mind! Select the size that fits your room because your family members will sit with the Christmas tree; even toddlers prefer playing around.

Your Budget

Festival comes for joy and happiness. Plan your budget and order the artificial Christmas tree accordingly. However, you will get varieties of trees at different prices and even offer prices. Fix your budget and go for it that should not burn your pocket, and you can enjoy the festival to the fullest.

Christmas is a grand celebration. People around the globe are waiting to meet their close ones and be a part of the festival. We want to suggest to you the best five artificial tree brands you can consider buying.

Balsam Hill Premium Pre - Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

A famous brand name in an artificial Christmas tree that people look forward to buying from it. You will get various heights and quality artificial Christmas trees in Balsam Hill Premium. The artificial tree comes up with various decorating elements like lights, stars, balls etc. Balsam Hill provides quality material that will stay longer life with minimum care.

artificial christmas tree

The Features of Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

  • The height of the Christmas tree is 6.5 feet tall.
  • The tree has 750 dazzling LED lights for decoration.
  • The tree consists of 4550 branch tips.
  • Additional accessories like big-size storage bags and fluffy socks to receive Santa Claus gift items; extra bulbs and fuses are also available.
  • Non-allergenic material

Price: $549 on Amazon


  • The cost is more affordable
  • Good quality product with soft tips of the branch


  • Papery texture with a flat appearance

Available on: Amazon & Balsam Hill website

Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree by Best Choice Products

The faux spruce artificial Christmas tree from Best Choice Products is one of the premium products in the range. The tree is available in two heights, 7.5 feet and 9 feet, quite tall from average height. The artificial tree comes in three separate parts, which you need to assemble and place in the cozy corner of your home. The additional point is that no lights come with the package. You can plan the complete decorations, including lights, stars, balls, and small flowers hanging from the branches.

best artificial christmas tree

The Features of Premium Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree

  • The height of the tree is 7.5 feet and 9 feet( you can select anyone based on your room size or your preferences)
  • The package comes in three separate parts
  • No decorative lights included with the pack
  • PVC metal material
  • Item dimension : 52 x 52 x 90 inches
  • The product comes with 1346 branch tips
  • Metal hinges and artificial Christmas tree stand available

Price : $120 for 7.5 feet & $160 for 9 feet


  • The product comes in two heights; customers can select their preferable height
  • The whole tree is divided into three parts in a package


  • Currently, the product is unavailable on Amazon

Available on: Amazon & Best Choice Products

National Tree Company Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

One of the oldest brand names in artificial Christmas trees is the National Tree company. The brand provides the most realistic artificial Christmas tree for its customers to add joy to their celebration. The artificial Christmas tree comes with lights and in three different heights are also available. National tree company gives the flexibility to select the height as per your choice or room size. Branch tips, leaves look like a real tree. Now it depends on you how perfectly you can decorate the tree and get praise from your guests.

artificial christmas tree sale

The Features of the National Tree Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree

  • The three available heights are: 6.5, 7.5, 9 feet
  • Lights available in multicolor
  • Product dimensions: 41 x 41 x 90 inches
  • Material: Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Branch tips range: from 2531 to 5687

Price: Range starts from $310 to $482


  • Fire resistant and non-allergenic material
  • The most realistic looks


  • The bulb connections are difficult to locate when the decoration is completed
  • Bulb string needs a careful watch, and quick change require if any bulb get a fuse

Available on: Amazon & National Tree Company

Prextex Fully Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

It's a ready-made product for the family working and could not spare time decorating the entire Christmas tree. Prextex entirely decorated artificial trees value your precious time and reduce your workload by providing decorated artificial Christmas tree so that you can enjoy the festival with ultimate bliss and delight. The Christmas tree comes with a red and gold ribbon, 350 lights, and several balls and stars hanging from the branch tips. The Christmas tree is entirely decorated so that you only unbox the product and keep it in the corner of the home.

artificial christmas tree stand

The Features of Prextex Fully Decorated Artificial Christmas Tree

  • 6 feet height is available
  • Material plastic
  • Product dimension: 24 x 24 x 6 inches
  • Gold and red ribbon beautifully oriented with a big red bow
  • The product comes with pizza style box that you could use as storage later

Price: $120


  • It's a complete decorated artificial Christmas tree
  • A handy use for working professional


  • The material is not up to the standard
  • Lights, gold, and red ribbon quality does not match with the festivity

Available on: Amazon & Walmart

National Tree Company Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas Tree

Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas tree artificial is perfect for the tiny room size best for limited space issues. The slim in size artificial Christmas tree can fit anywhere that occupies less area of your home corner. With just 28 inches diameter, the tree base is a perfect match for a furniture-occupied room, and you can make it a stand without replacing any furniture from its place. National Tree Company came up with a brilliant idea for tiny flat customers to enjoy the festival with complete ecstasy with the Kingswood Fir Slim artificial Christmas tree.

The Features of Kingswood Fir Slim Christmas Tree

  • 6.5, 7, 7.5 feet heights are available
  • No lights and decorated items attached to this product
  • Material Metal and Polyvinyl Chloride
  • Product dimension: 30 x 30 x 90 inches
  • A stable, durable stand is attached to the product
  • 1075 branch tips give a real look to the Fir tree
  • Before putting it on the stand, you need to assemble the product

Price: $94 FOR 6.5 feet; $96.59 for 7 feet; $108.86 for 7.5 feet


  • The product is best for limited space issue
  • Comparatively cheap deal


  • There are fewer branch tips on the top level of the tree
  • Looks is skinny and won't be preferable for giant room size

Available on: Amazon, eBay, &

These artificial Christmas trees are preferred and get the most buy clicks from various online buying portals. The features, design, price, and availability indicate that these products are famous among the customers.

If you plan to buy an artificial Christmas tree for the upcoming Christmas celebration and get confused about what to buy and avoid, let's ask us and get the information.


If you are planning to keep an outdoor artificial tree, then buy an average height artificial tree. If the thick ice deposits outside, it will still be safe from the snowstorms and stand tall to welcome your Christmas guests.

Flocked artificial Christmas tree comes with synthetic white powder to give a snowy look. Put some bulbs, stars and balls to decorate the tree. But the flocked tree comes with white powder; it would be better to design with small items and keep the tree as it is. You can place it outside the door. It will look like an artificial Christmas tree white.

Amazon, eBay, Walmart are a few names you can consider for online orders. You can venture to the nearest market and select anyone from there to get a good discount with quality products.

Yes, you can. You will get a discount on online or store purchases, and both are profitable for you. One thing to keep in mind: you should not compromise with the quality. Because in clearance sales, sellers try to sell defective products at low prices. Don't get trapped and pay a reasonable price for the worthy item.

Yes, you can buy an artificial Christmas tree stand separately online or from a store. Before placing the order, mention the tree height to provide a suitable stand for the tree.

Last Words

The Christmas artificial tree is an integral part of the Christmas celebration. While buying, check the quality and additionally you are getting some accessories or not. You can visit stores as they offer a good discount plus gift coupons or packets with every purchase in the festive season. You must value the money you are spending on the purchase of a Christmas tree artificial. Enjoy the festival with your family and friends with great enthusiasm.