As laptops no longer incorporate DVD drives as a standard feature, transferring content from DVDs to USB flash drives has become a pressing concern for many. This is especially true if you want to enjoy your favorite movies or music CDs without any restrictions on time and space. Luckily, there are several free solutions available to assist with this task. In this post, we provide a step-by-step guide and recommendation for a reliable DVD to USB converter tool.

How to Transfer DVD to USB Flash Drive

Part 1. How to Copy DVD to USB Using a DVD Copier

When it comes to DVD-to-USB copying software, DVDFab DVD Copy software is a popular choice among users for its impressive features and user-friendly interface. This software offers a wide range of options, making it suitable for both beginners and professionals. 



DVDFab DVD Copy allows you to losslessly backup or compress any DVD disc to a blank disc directly or save it as an ISO image file or folder on your hard drive.

Key Features of DVDFab DVD Copy

  • Automatically detect and remove the NEWEST DVD copy protection
  • Lossless copy any DVD to DVD9 or compress it to DVD 5
  • Copy any DVD disc to USB in ISO file or Video-TS Folder
  • Offer 6 copy modes: Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Clone/Burn, Split, Merge
  • Better preserve the original video and audio quality
  • Support customizable options and batch copying at lightning speed

Note: DVDFab DVD Copy has a sister product - DVDFab HD Decrypter, which is completely free but has limited DVD & Blu-ray decryption, copying and ripping features

How to Copy DVD to USB with DVDFab DVD Copy?

Step 1 — Download and install DVDFab DVD Copy. It is virus-free and offers a 30-day free trial.

Step 2 — Open this DVD to USB converter and select the 'Copy' module first. And go ahead to pick up a Copy mode.

how to copy DVDs guide 1

DVDFab DVD Copy provides 6 copy modes for you, including Full Disc, Main Movie, Customize, Split, Merge and Clone/Burn. Choose any of them to put a DVD movie to a USB, blank disc, tablet, or another portable device.

:Comparison between Free and Paid Versions

Step 3 — Insert the DVD into the drive, insert the USB into the port, then let DVDFab access the disc from your drive automatically. When the disc is loaded, click the ISO button or Folder button at the output selection box to choose your USB stick as the output destination. 

how to copy DVDs guide 2

Step 4 — Click the Start button to start copying the DVD to a USB stick. 

The files output in this way enables you to watch your favorite DVD movies on a laptop. But do you desire more mobile devices such as iPhone, Android, PS4, Xbox One, or whatever? Continue to read and find another Windows USB/DVD download tool.  

Part 2. How to Rip DVD to USB Using a DVD Ripper

How to put movies on a USB with popular video formats for playback on various mobile devices? DVDFab DVD Ripper is the best free tool for you to copy DVD to USB stick in the mainstream video and audio formats. Here are the main features of this tool. 

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper

DVDFab DVD Ripper allows you to rip and convert any DVD / ISO file / Folder to any video & audio format playable on any device, media player, or home theatre.

Key Features of DVDFab DVD Ripper

  • Supports newly-released encrypted DVDs with RC, RCE, UOPs, etc.
  • Rip DVD to USB drives in 1000+ video/audio formats: MP4, AVI, MKV, AAC, AC3, etc.
  • Rip DVD to 260+ preset output devices such as iPhone, Samsung, Huawei. 
  • Edit videos with ample and stunning tools to make videos personalized
  • Support batch conversion at GPU H/W accelerated speed
  • Work with Enlarger AI to upscale video from 480p to 1080p
  • Convert DVD Subtitles to SRT File via OCR Technology

How to Transfer DVD to USB with DVDFab DVD Ripper

Step 1 — Download and install this Free DVD Ripper on your computer, Windows or Mac.

Step 2 — Open DVDFab 12 and opt for the Ripper module, insert the DVD into the drive, insert the USB into the port, then let DVDFab access the disc from your drive automatically. 

Convert ISO to MP4:(1) DVDFab DVD Ripper [Best Recommended]

Step 3 — Navigate to the profile library via the "Choose Other Profile" option, there choose MP4 conversion profile from Format>Video>General section.

Convert ISO to MP4:(1) DVDFab DVD Ripper [Best Recommended]

Customized options are available to select audio tracks/language, extract subtitles from DVD to SRT format, or add external subtitle. The built-in video editor allows you to crop, trim, merge video, add watermarks and subtitles, and even adjust video color as you like.

Convert ISO to MP4:(1) DVDFab DVD Ripper [Best Recommended]

Step 4 — Finally, click the Folder button at the output selection box to choose your USB stick as the output destination. Click the Start button to start ripping the DVD to the selected USB stick

Convert ISO to MP4:(1) DVDFab DVD Ripper [Best Recommended]

Of the various formats of media available on the web, anything can be ripped and stored as digital files on your external USB stick, very conveniently. The DVDs and CDs have been obsolete for a number of years, and the protection standards in many best DVD ripping and copying software allow one to copy DVD to USB in one go.

The most common files are videos and music files and they may be in formats like mp4, avi and mp3, FLAC, and so on, respectively. These can be played by any free media player without any problems, and most probably your default media player already supports these formats. However, the copying process from DVD to USB is not hindered by the format of the files themselves. You can feel relieved to convert your DVD to mp4 and any other digital formats.

Part 3. How to Copy DVD to USB Via Copy-Paste

Do you need the Windows 10 USB DVD download tool to put DVD movies on the USB memory stick? Not necessarily. There is the simplest copy-and-paste method to transfer DVDs to a USB flash drive. The requirement is a DVD drive on your laptop, desktop, or an external DVD drive that can run your DVDs and CDs. The USB ports are ubiquitous nowadays, and you would already have at least 2 of them.

Step 1: Insert your DVD into your drive and the USB stick into any one of your USB ports.

Step 2: Go ahead and click on the DVD drive that is now active on your computer. On opening it, you will be able to select all the files using Ctrl+A or you can manually select desired files with Ctrl+Left Click on that file name. Simply put, copy the whole DVD to USB or just part of it. Then, hit Right Click and choose Copy or do so by pressing Ctrl+C.

Step 3: The last step is, Ctrl+V, at the desired location, which in this case is your pen drive or USB stick. It must be shown as removable media. Alternatively, you can also directly send your files to removable media, after the Right Click option above, instead of choosing to Copy first.

One more word, how to copy a CD to a flash drive? Similarly, just follow the above steps.

:Part 1. How to Transfer DVD to USB Flash Drive without Third-party Assistance

Although copying a DVD onto a USB drive may appear straightforward, the playback of the copied files can pose difficulties. Certain media players may not be compatible with the copied files from a DVD. Furthermore, DVDs frequently employ different encryption methods to prevent direct copying onto other storage devices, including USB drives.

Therefore, in these cases, you will need a professional DVD to USB converter like the above-mentioned programs. 

Part 4. Final Words about DVD to USB

There are many ways you can carry your stuff from those old DVDs in your pen drives that come now in sizes of 128GBs as well. Thus, you can comfortably keep them and even store them forever as digital files on your hard disk. Once done, you do not need the DVD drive anymore, so you can go ahead and return it to your neighbour. Except for tools to copy DVDs to ISOs/folders that can be stored on USB, there are also tools that can burn ISO files to DVD discs. If you are interested, please click top ISO burner software to learn more.