Even if you buy digital music and movies from an online store like iTunes or download them from a site like BitTorrent, there is always DRM protection. This measure aims to prevent media files from being stolen and distributed without permission. Occasionally, someone will request that the files be played on a player other than the one that has been selected. Consider a scenario in which you purchased music from Apple's iTunes and played it on a Microsoft Zune device. If the files' digital rights management (DRM software) hasn't been removed first, playing them will be difficult. To their credit, there are many simple-to-use iTunes DRM removal software to help you remove DRM protections from your files and bring them closer to your control.

The best and most popular DRM converters are available. For your convenience, you can list the qualities you appreciate and dislike about each candidate. The best DRM removal software can be found in the following review. Finally, you can release your files!

Best Performing DRM Removal Software

DVDFab DRM Removal

drm software:DVDFab DRM Removal

Use DVDFab's DRM Removal for Apple to remove DRM from your purchased or subscribed music and video files. To play these files on non-Apple devices, you don't need to pay for them. Using DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple, you can remove DRM from your Apple movies for free. You should be aware that you can only listen to and watch iTunes videos on devices that can be linked to your Apple account if you have an iPhone or iPod touch. You can't watch iTunes movies, TV shows, or music videos on an Android phone or MP3 player. What gives? There is no way to access the content on Apple devices, such as iTunes audiobooks and videos. Because Fairplay DRM, developed by Apple Inc. to prevent users from playing Apple audio and video files on other devices, protects them all. DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple is available for Mac users. This will help you remove FairPlay DRM from your Apple Music and iTunes videos. Also, if you want to download M3U8 files with DRM removed, you can use an M3U8 downloader to do this.


  • Fast Conversion Speed
  • Removes the Cinavia watermark and other disc protections from the disc, so the disc can be played.
  • Tasks can be set to run later in batch mode.
  • You can make rip-and-copy tasks that fit your needs.


  • Compatible with both Windows and Mac OS
  • Remove DRM from iTunes videos and Apple Music, music, and audiobooks purchased or rented.
  • Produce lossless audio and video
  • User-friendly and simple to operate

DVDFab DVD Ripper

Isn't it true that you're looking for a tool that can rip any disc, even if it's copyrighted? You've come to the right place because we have disc ripping software that can assist you in accomplishing that goal. It includes some disc ripping programs that allow the user to transmit copyrighted content from a disc. This is a feature found in only a few ripping programs.

To protect digital content like DVDFab DRM Removal, you can choose from over 100 presets in DVDFab DVD Ripper that can help you figure out which format will work best on your smartphone or tablet or other device. If you want to store and play DVD content on a device like a hard drive, you can choose that device, and DVDFab Ripper will do the conversion of the file video to DVD transfer service for you.

drm software:DVDFab DVD Ripper


When you use the PlayFab DVD Ripper, In just 3-5 minutes, you can rip a password-protected DVD using DVD to digital conversion.

Copy protections on DVDs and Blu-rays are automatically detected and removed.

Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

drm software:Aimersoft DRM Media Converter

Digital rights management (DRM) can be removed from various media formats with the Aimersoft DRM Media Converter-a DRM removal software freeware. This apple drm removal tool will allow for playback on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or other portable media player in almost any regular video or audio format. The multi-threaded conversion of Aimersoft DRM Media Converter also allows you to Batch Convert multiple files at once.


  • Facilitates conversion of video or audio
  • Enables batch conversion
  • Allows all the regular file formats


  • Plays for Sure DRM system is used by iTunes & Windows Media. This is a DRM removal tool for both systems.
  • Possesses a DRM media converter, integrated and powerful to not only convert audio to audio but also video to audio and video-to-video.
  • It converts DRM-protected files using a multi-thread intelligent parallel conversion system, saving time.
  • It not only converts at 10X speed but also has Hi-Fi with ID3 reserved.


  • Only for Windows.

iTunes or Windows Media Player must be installed on the same computer as the computer that will be used to convert the files.


drm software:myFairTunes

A free DRM remover software that works with iTunes can be found at This software makes it easy to locate DRM-protected songs. Using the "Options" menu, select the appropriate options for each song you want to convert to MP3. To remove the DRM from iTunes and create MP3 backups of your original music files, click Start.


  • M4P songs can be saved as original M4P music files and converted to MP3 using this app.
  • You're free to listen to your iTunes music on any non-Apple device, even if it's not an Apple one.


  • You can get it for free!
  • It can convert and remove the DRM from iTunes M4P music
  • It's only 375KB in size. It's very useful for low-end systems and laptops.


  • It isn't free at all
  • You can't choose how good the music is, how big the audio file is, or how you want to save it.
  • DRM-protected videos can't be changed.
  • To get it to work, you need to have the Microsoft.NET Framework 2.0.


drm software:Digify

Confidential documents can be protected and tracked with the help of Digify. This is an online service that you can use to keep your files secure. It includes encryption, digital rights management, file tracking, and virtual data rooms. Numerous international honors have been bestowed upon Digify, including the RSA Innovation Sandbox, the world's most prestigious security competition. Digify offers secure and user-friendly virtual data rooms. Simple set-up takes a few minutes. It's much faster to use Digify to send and receive confidential documents while working with others. It's a good deal because it includes document security, automatic watermarking, and file tracking. In a slew of publications worldwide, many people have written about it.


  • Digify offers complete security and control while keeping the user and recipient interfaces simple.
  • Digify lets users see who viewed what, when, and where – without asking the admin.
  • User-friendly.


  • Multi-platform deployment
  • Facilitates Compatibility with a variety of document formats
  • Simple and seamless user interface


  • There are fewer integrations.
  • Video formats are only partially supported.
  • There is no support for document editing.


drm software:ShareDRMusic

ShareDRMusic automatically avoids copy protection while not breaking the DRM copy-protection technology that your audio files used to prevent copying. It's compatible with all copy-protection systems and is legal.

Share DRM Music is an M4P to MP3 converter and free DRM remover software. MP3, WMA, and WMA formats can be created from DRM-protected or unprotected music files (M4P, WMA, WMA, M4B) (like WMA or WAV or RA or AAC or OGG, or AA). You can then share these converted files with any computer or music player. Share DRM Music uses "virtual CD burning" technology to appear to automatically burn, rip, or encode CDs. With Share DRM Music, you can convert MP3, WAV, and M4A files to plain MP3, WAV, and WMA files. ShareDRMusic does not work because it circumvents DRM. 


  • Use ShareDRMusic to convert DRM-protected music files like M4P, WMA, and MP3 to DRM-free formats.
  • Audio files protected by DRM can be easily altered.


  • It beats free DRM remove software that doesn't work with movies or music. AAC and MP3 files can be changed.
  • There are numerous output audio formats and portable players.
  • Offers a free trial and live upgrade


  • DRM removal novices will struggle to manually build the conversion list.
  • Requires a lot of computer memory, slowing down conversion when many files are loaded simultaneously.
  • No other program can be run while converting files.


For DRM software, you now have a better understanding of the free DRM remove software and how they work, and what they cannot do. Free DRM removal software does not yet exist to satisfy all of your requirements, as you can see right away. The most important thing for a software company to be is affordable. You can spend money to find the best professional and versatile software. For example, DVDFab DRM Removal for Apple lets you remove DRM for free before you buy the paid version, including additional features.

Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is DRM software?

It is possible to restrict and control access to copyrighted material through the use of digital rights management (DRM). This is another way to say that DRM is giving control of digital content away from the person who owns it to computer software.

Is it safe to use DRM?

It's impossible to completely protect DRM copy-protection schemes from being hacked. The logic required to decrypt the content is either in software or hardware and can be hacked. It's possible for someone to get this data, decrypt it, and then copy it if they get around the DRM.

DRM is used for what?

DRM software is used to control the use of a work-copyrighted works that can be prevented from being distributed via computer networks and telecommunications systems in numerous ways.