Ai Weiwei is a world-renowned Chinese artist known for his powerful and thought-provoking works that often deal with social and political issues. His art has been exhibited worldwide, and he has even won several prestigious awards. Do you love Ai Weiwei paintings? Have you ever wanted to create your own masterpiece in his style? Now, with the help of AI painting generators, you can turn a blank canvas into an Ai Weiwei-style masterpiece with just a few clicks. These AI painting generators can create stunningly beautiful paintings in the style of Ai Weiwei. So, let’s look at some of the top picks for AI generated paintings and delve into the creative possibilities available through these powerful tools.

ai painting generator:

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Top 3 Best AI Painting Generators

Jasper Art - Highly Recommended AI Painting Generator

Jasper Art is an AI painting generator that offers incredible possibilities to create paintings online. The platform provides users with a revolutionary way to create masterpieces without the need for any artistic knowledge or skill – all you need to do is write a detailed description of what kind of painting you have in mind, and the generator will do the rest.

Jasper can replicate many art styles from world-renowned painters, like AI Weiwei painting, Picasso, Salvador Dalì, and Van Gogh, allowing users to choose from various mediums such as watercolor, charcoal sketches, pencil sketches, oil paintings, and more. Additionally, it allows artists to select from many different styles like abstract art, sticker art, 3D rendering, illustration, vector art, and more.

What makes Jasper particularly appealing for amateur artists is its simplicity: it's easy to use, and the platform offers beginner-friendly resources designed specifically to help users navigate the interface in no time. Furthermore, they can confidently trust that the generated paintings will be high quality as every design is created using sophisticated algorithms that are constantly refined. As a result of this combination of features, Jasper has become one of the leading platforms for creating virtual artwork – making it easier than ever for anyone interested in creating digital designs.


  • Unlimited Usage
  • Beginner-Friendly Resources
  • High-Quality Results
  • 65,000 members in the Facebook community group for support


  • Some potential copyright issues should be taken into consideration.
  • Currently, the output limits of Jasper paintings are only at 512x512 resolution.
  • In some cases, the faces appear distorted, and the body's extremities could be refined.

DALL-E-2 AI Painting Generator - Runner Up

DALL-E-2 is a powerful AI painting generator that makes it easy for users to create beautiful works of art from their own imaginations. The platform can respond to even the most complex sentences and phrases, allowing users to express their artistic vision easily. By entering a natural language description of an object or scene they want to create, the AI will automatically generate a painting with remarkable accuracy and realism.

With its intuitive design and user-friendly interface, even those without any artistic background or special knowledge about digital art can easily use DALL-E-2 for all creative projects. From producing detailed abstracts to generating creative landscapes, DALL-E-2 makes it possible for anyone, regardless of background or experience level, to create stunning paintings quickly and effortlessly.

Users can customize their artwork by adding subtle details like highlights and shadows using this AI painting generator's paintbrush feature. This is especially useful for experienced artists who want to take their paintings further by adding finer details and shading. Furthermore, this tool also helps beginners familiarize themselves with digital painting since it enables them to practice manipulating colors and shades without needing any prior experience or technical skills.

Overall, DALL-E-2 is a great AI painting generator for experienced and novice artists, allowing them to create beautiful paintings with minimal effort.


  • Highly Customizable Outputs
  • Intuitive Interface
  • Tutorials Available
  • Easy To Use For Beginners
  • Free Software Downloadable
  • Support the "My Collection" Feature To Save Your Painting
  • Highly Affordable


  • Still Developing, hence a Few Bugs Left
  • Sometimes, Irrelevant Results for Complex Details
  • Lack of diversity in some output painting styles.

Stable Diffusion AI Painting Generator Free - Highly Affordable Option

A stable Diffusion is a great painting AI tool for creative professionals looking to create AI-generated paintings with minimal effort. The platform can produce multiple paintings that reflect your desired outcome with just a few words or phrases. This is an ideal solution for those who want to quickly generate unique pieces of artwork without spending hours or days doing it manually.

In addition to its text-to-art capabilities, Stable Diffusion offers a range of customization options to get your painting exactly how you want it. You can make adjustments such as size, background color and opacity, brush type, filter type, and line weight, and even add text or logo overlays.

The best part is if you have an image you would like to use as a reference point for the AI generator to work from; you can easily upload it directly into the platform. This allows the software to create a painting using the same aesthetic characteristics as your source material.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of this platform is its prompt guide – designed specifically for users who are stuck and don’t know what to write in the text box. Whenever you feel uninspired or lack ideas on what type of art you would like to generate, turn on this feature. It will automatically provide inspiration based on several categories, such as nature, abstracts, animals, etc.

Overall, Stable Diffusion is an effective AI painting generator free that allows users to quickly and easily generate stunning AI-generated artwork without requiring any prior experience. The intuitive interface, affordability, and customization options make this software great for those looking to create beautiful paintings with minimal effort.


  • Easy To Use Interface
  • Highly Customizable Output
  • Free Software Downloadable
  • Affordable Price Range
  • Prompt Guide Feature For Those Who Lack Inspiration
  • Can Upload Images As Reference Point


  • Some issues with paintings dimensions
  • Must have a powerful GPU to run the software smoothly

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is an AI Painting Generator?

An AI painting generator is a computer program that creates paintings that mimic the style of a particular artist by using artificial intelligence.

2. What Are Some of the Benefits Of Using an AI Painting Generator Free?

There are several benefits to using an AI painting generator. First, creating new works of art can save you time and effort. Second, it can help you generate ideas you might not have thought of. Finally, painting AI can give you a unique way to express creativity.

Q3: Can I Sell Paintings Generated By an AI Painting Generator?

Yes, you can sell paintings generated by an AI painting generator. However, it's important to note that you should always credit the painting AI software for its work and retain all copyrights to the work. Also, check any applicable laws in your jurisdiction before selling your artwork. Doing so will ensure that you are compliant with all pertinent regulations.

The Bottom Line

Considering all this, we can conclude that each platform offers its own set of advantages depending on the kind of visual content users need. For instance, if users are looking for high-quality content with great artistic quality, then they should go with either Jasper or Stable Diffusion platforms; however, if they need more control over their output, then perhaps DALL-E 2 would be their best bet due to its wide range of features and manipulation options.

Overall, these three AI painting generators are powerful tools to help users create stunning artwork with minimal effort. Whether an experienced artist or a novice, these platforms offer intuitive interfaces and affordable pricing options to make your artistic dreams come true. So why wait? Get started today, and let the power of AI bring life into your paintings.