To express creativity, you need color, texture, vibration, emotion, and, most importantly, passion. Yet, despite displaying all of your creative craft on one canvas, sometimes you fail to achieve the artistic aesthetics of your imagination. So, when you wish for more options of solid vision, Deam By Wombo has brought you the dynasty of abstract art with exotic execution of dreamy dimension. And if you want to go a few miles extra, try DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI to enhance the pixelated photos with a profound convolutional neural network professionally. With DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI and UniFab Video Enlarger AI, you can upscale an image to another perfection level with sharpening, denoising, enlargement, and many other effects.

With this platform's advanced and automated AI technology, you can create the most random yet ravishing frame to treat your visual versatility. So, it's time to see how this AI-powered tool works to meet your aesthetic aspirations.

What is Dream by Wombo?

Wombo is a Canadian company that gained popularity through its AI-powered lip-syncing app. Now, it has developed advanced and instant text-to-image AI-art-generating technology in the app Dream by Wombo. This AI art generator gives you a 100% original frame of unique and abstract artwork, depending on what type of text you are using.

This tool supports the algorithm of the CLIP-guided method. This open-source neural network is a downloadable algorithm to uncover specific data patterns. It provides the best possible image-caption pairing option through the internet for any photo-related user-fed caption.

How does Dream by Wombo Work?

This AI art-generating tool is typically trained to produce the most unrealistic and abstract frame of artwork out of the user's realistic feed. So, in simple words, when a user gives any caption or image on this tool, this AI-generator starts to correspond your request to a vast collection of photograph databases that refer to various objects and landscapes as a form of vision datasets.

While using this dataset algorithm, this AI tool gives you various visual output images of patterns and themes like video games, cartoon characters, etc. So, you can choose your preferred one with your specification. It is the ultimate opportunity to extract abstractions from any realistic realm.

Purpose of Dream by Wombo

Even though you are surrounded by the day-to-day evolving multiple AI tools and technologies, they must meet specific purposes in your life. So, before introducing anything in your personal or professional periphery, you must know the purpose or reason behind it.


  • This open-source tool is entirely free for creating any frame.
  • You have to pay only to buy the design for printing.
  • Doesn't require creating an account.
  • This website is accessible through the web on Android, iOS & PC.
  • It supports the "Mint as NFT" option to create something new while remixing your existing NFTs.
  • You can save your created artwork in a gallery for later watch and share it with your family & friends while making an account on this platform.
  • You can access Wombo's social networks like discord with an account.
  • You can create a copyright-free personalized playlist for freelancing.

Exclusive features

You must know what makes this platform exclusive, distinct and demanding to its users. No matter how advanced any technology is, until it is easily usable and accessible to its users, it will not stay for long in the competition. So, let's see the fascinating features of this AI art generator.

  • It has 42 art-style options like flora, meme, realistic, HDR, etc.
  • Putting input images is optional, as your input image will be used as a reference for the final output artwork.
  • There are six prompt text options: sunset clips, never-ending flowers, groovy time, etc.
  • Apart from the given prompt options, you can use any of your customizable prompts to create unique art out of that prompt.
  • On the home page, there is a sun & moon option to change the background color to black & white, respectively, to get a prominent vision of the page.
  • It never repeats its design.

Subscription Plans

Even though this tool is free to use on any platform, you can try the premium version while selecting any of the following subscription plans.

Premium Monthly: $4.99/ $6.99

Premium Yearly: $59.99/ $89.99

Printing Cost: $20- $100 ( price varies depending on the size & style of your artwork)

Advantages of Dream by Wombo

Once you know how far you can go with this AI art generator to satisfy your creative craving, it's time to understand what advantages you will get using this tool. There are multiple benefits to using this tool for your personal or professional field. So, let's have a look.

  • There is no need for a pen, paper, pencil, color, or brush to create art with this tool.
  • Get unlimited options of various art styles, themes, designs, patterns, etc., out of any text prompt.
  • It gives revolutionary results in wall art, fashion designing, graphic design, video game, interior design, and many other creative fields.
  • You can easily install this app on your Android or iPhone through the Google play store or App store respectively.
  • You don't need professional assistance decorating any website, book, wallpaper, T-shirt, or other.

How to use Dream by Wombo?

So, when you know almost every theoretical aspect of this AI art generator, you must try your hand at its practical application. With this website's well-organized and adequately designed user interface, you can easily make your abstract creative world with a few clicks. So let's see how to do that.

Step 1: Get Started With or Without An Account


As it is not compulsory to create an account on this website to access this platform, you first launch this app on your mobile or computer. Then, select the "Get Started" option to enter the homepage of this AI art generator.

Alternatively, you can create an official account to proceed with the additional advantage of saving your artwork on your profile while tapping the "Plus" icon.

Step 2: Input Prompt While Writing or Selecting

You'll get multiple options to select, where you can write customizable text prompts using simple words or select any prompt from the available suggestions. The AI tool starts to interpret your request with the best possible combinations. However, if you do not like the results, you can try the same combination repeatedly to get your desired outcome.

Step 3: Select Art Style

It's time to choose "Art Style" from the available option depending on your choice and requirement. You can also opt for the "No Style" option to allow this tool to create its vision. After clicking on your desired "Style," the style icon will activate. Next, you must click on the "Create" option to initiate the art-creating process.

Step 4: Evaluation & Identification With Name

If you are not satisfied with the output of the artwork generated by this AI tool, you can keep on changing the results while using the same prompt & art style. Once satisfied with the output, you can name your artwork. You can also enable the original prompt visible option.

Step 5: Saving, Sharing & Buying Options

When you have your final artwork, you can save it offline while clicking on the "Download" option and keep it in the JPG file format on your device. You can also set it as your device's background.

To add the new artwork to the gallery, you must select the "Publish" option. From the gallery, you can share your work on any other platform. Alternatively, you can instantly share your creation while selecting the "Share" option. Finally, you must visit the "Buy Print" option to purchase the physical copy of your artwork.

Pros & Cons of Dream by Wombo

To summarize the whole review, you must take a final look at the pros & cons of this AI tool.


  • Smart design with a hassle-free interface.
  • Get instant abstract artwork with multiple combinations & unlimited options.
  • This free tool is bug-free & fully secure to use.
  • It is constantly updated with new features & functions.


  • Numerous advertisements.
  • Time-taking process.
  • Features some downloading restrictions for your artwork.

Users' Experiences with Ratings

Average Star Ratings: 4.5/5

While going through the star ratings, it is pretty comprehensive that this AI art generator is desirable, valuable, and demanding to its users. Some users are delighted with its output that generates amazing abstract art of any face or animal without creating any distortion to the image. On the contrary, some look for more perfection with required adjustments in aspect ratio except 6:13 or the style-showing option in the font list, etc. However, users are satisfied with this platform's speed, user-friendly interface, and limited silent ads.


What are the Dream by Wombo alternatives?

  • Craiyon
  • Artbreeder
  • Midjourney
  • DALL-E 2

What is the downloadable size of Dream by Wombo?

The downloadable size of this AI art generator is 25,148.00 KB.

How does Dream by Wombo make money?

This website earns money from ads appearing on its platform and selling printed copies of your created artwork.

Final Feed

So, when you know everything about the fantastic AI art generator Dream by Wombo, it's your turn to start your creative journey with this platform while evaluating every aspect. Nothing would be better than this platform with a perfect professional approach to cultivate your creative aspirations freely.