When you google image editor, there will be many image editors you can capitalize on to edit your photo. Some are simple and easy-to-use but with limited functions, while some are advanced and versatile but need you to have enough knowledge and skills on image editing. Which one do you prefer or you expect another image editor, both powerful and user-friendly? Here in this post, I have illustrated all the widely-used image editors starting with advanced and easy-to-use image editing software, helping you edit image on desktop free and easily.

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI

Table of Contents:

1. DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI (Windows)

The first photo editor I am going to introduce is the best way to get super resolution images with AI.

Want to perfect photos to make them as good as shot by a pro with DSLR camera?

Want to enlarge images up to 40x and see more details?

Want to sharpen blurry images by removing motion blur and out-of-focus blur?

Want to denoise photos by reducing background noise, luminance noise and chroma noise?

All your aspiration can be achieved with the help of DVDFab image editor. It is totally free to allow you edit 5 images without watermark and gives you a free trial to all the functions this image editing software provides. Most importantly, it has the support of artificial intelligence, so the output file will be clearer than any photos processed by other image editors.

Image Editor

Now, let me show you how to do that. First get this image editing software launched on Windows.

 i  Free Download  

Option 1: If you want to narrow big image files stored in your mobile devices and upgrade their quality as shot by DSLR cameras,click the button of “PhotoPerfect”and open images. With just one click, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI image editor will start photo enhancement based on machine learning and output images of high quality if the format of “PNG”, “JPG”, “JPEG”, “TIF” or “TIFF”.

Option 2: If you want to upscale image to 40x, click the button of “Enlarge” on the main interface of this image editor. And you can also suppress noise, remove blur and adjust brightness, saturation and contrast on the same panel.

Option 3: If you are dedicated to removing blur to make image clearer, click the button of “Sharpen” and adjust the value of “Suppress” and “Suppress Noise”.

Option 4: If you have special demands on noise reduction and want to eliminate all the background noise, chroma noise and muminance noise, click the button of “Denoise” and load your file to suppress or sharpen it further.

After all the image editing, preview the effects and save your file in high quality. There is no watermark on your exported file with this image editor.

Image Editing Software

DVDFab image editor is professional to upscale image with AI technology. Compared with other ordinary image editing software, it wins in photo enhancement but loses in other aspects like splitting, cropping images and add other effects. If you want a Windows image editor, Video Editor is the best free choice,

2. Online-Image-Editor (online image editor)

This is a simple-to-use image editing software online. Upload an image to this online image editor and you will be able to resize, crop, add text, rotate/flip, change color, border, round corners, photo frame, as well as add image in text using this photo editor. Apart from these basic image editing tools, you can also try the advanced and animation functions embedded in this image editor. Here I have listed different options under different modules of photo editing. Have a review of the chart below.


Resize, Crop, Add Text, Rotate/Flip, Color Change, Border, Round Corners, Photo Frame, Image in Text


Vignette, Transparency, Overlay Image, Cut Shapes, Speech Bubble, Expand Canvas, Convert


Floaties, Add Glitters, Add Stars, Glitter Text, Flags, Rain, GIF Only

Notes: You can add one or multiple effects to your image and then click the button of “Apply” and “Save”. I have checked that image editing with this free image editor will not bear any watermark.

Edit Image

3. PIXLR (online)

This is a moderately powerful image editor widely-used online. All the functions embedded in this free image editor include “split”, “crop”, “rotate”, “filters”, “overlays”, “texts”, “shape”, “color”, “background removal” and among others. PIXLR editor is a little similar to Photoshop I think. After coming to the website of this image editing software, you will be asked to open your image. Then on the left all the buttons in accordance with different versions of this photo editor will appear. You can choose free version, premium ($7.99/month) or creative pack ($29.99/month) to edit an image and save it in the format of PXD, JPG, PNG (transparent), WEBP or PXD and in your preferred video quality like “Low”, “Moderate” and “High”. There is no watermark left on your exported file.

Notes: Ad will be found in the free version of PIXLR image editor online. If you don’t want this, choose Premium or Creative Pack version to edit an image.

Image Editing

4. BeFunky (online)

The most outstanding feature of this image editing software is the number of photo editing tools. Click the button of “Get Started” on the main interface of this online image editor. Drop your project or image to this software, and you will be amazed by the tens of image editing options embedded in “Edit”, “Touch Up”, “Effects”, “Artsy”, “Frames”, “Graphics”, “Overlays”, “Text”, “Textures”. But don’t count your chickens before they hatch, since most functions in this image editor are paid. And the price is $6.99 per month and $69.48 per year. You can only try few image editing tools for free. But if you like it, money is deserved to upgrade, especially for batch image editing.

How to Edit an Image

5. Fotor (online)

This image editor helps you edit a photo, make a collage and create a design. You can edit an image in the cloud or add your own artwork or logo, and upload to social media like Vimeo. Fotor supports HD PDF files for printing. But most functions I have talked about are paid, you need to log in with an e-mail and password and upgrade this image editing software for more exciting services. Then let’s move to how to edit an image with Fotor. Click “Edit a Photo” on the main interface of this online image editor and click the “+” icon to add your photo. Then a series of options will pop out. You can enhance your photo with 1 tap, magic clipper, crop, rotate, basic, fine-tune, color, vignette, curves and resize your image based on your needs. Finally, compare the effects before and after and save it in the format of jpg or png.

Edit an Image

6. Adobe Spark (online image editor)

What can you do with Abode Spark? Scale, rotate, tilt, resize and flip images, add filters, texts, adjust contrast, brightness, saturation, warmth and sharpness with a few taps. You can start a free trial without spending any money to edit image with this image editing software. Just find it and import your image and use the options available in this online image editor free to edit your photo.

7. Lunapic (online)

With the help of this image editor, you can crop, scale, rotate, transparent, scale and resize your file, as well as add frame, change file type like jpg or png and image quality based on your preference. Upload a photo to this image editing software and use the options provided on the main interface to edit your file. At last, save or share it to FaceBook, Imgur, Pinterest, Twitter and Google Photos.

Online Image Editor

8. PicMoney (image online editor)

Head to the official website of this image editing software. Click the button of “Edit a Photo”, start a 7-day free trial, or purchase it at $7.99/month for basic functions, $12.99/month for pro functions and $33.99/year for full functions offered by this image editor. When you choose to edit image free with this online image editor, sign up with your Goggle or FaceBook account or with your E-mail. There are multiple filters, text, graphic, etc. for you to edit your file. Then export images in JPG, PNG or PDF formats or share it with the world.

9. Canva (online)

Options available in this image editor features filter, text, shapes and image resizer. There is no watermarks or plugins left on your exported file. But there is a need for you to sign up with your account. You can enjoy a free trial, spend $9.95 or $30 for more customization tools. This image editing software is very easy to use and very suitable for beginners to use.

10. GIMP Image Editor (Mac)

GIMP, short for GNU Image Manipulation Program, is an open source image editing software. You can get GIMP download on Linux, Mac and Windows. It is newly updated on October 7, 2020. You can use it to edit the background color, saturation using many technique skills and zoom in or zoom out your pictures at will. Click “File” > “New”to add your photo and set image size. There is “Transparency” option targeted at your png file under the “Advanced Options” in this image transparency editor. After that using the options under the toolbar on the left to edit your images. At last, click “File” > “Export As”> “Desktop” > “Images” >  name your file, and choose an output format among “png”, “jpeg”, “pdf”, etc. to export your image in this image editor.

Image Editor Online


With the assistance of a good image editor, you can speed up your work, make graphic design easy and perfect. So why not start to learn how to edit PNG image using any of the image editing software I have introduced. In pursuit of high resolution and largest extent to scale image together with removing blur and noise, DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI is your best tool on Windows. If you simply want to edit your file by cropping or add some effects, Video Editor or some online image image editor in this article is recommended.

FAQs about image editor

(1) What is the best simple lightweight image editor for Mac OS X?

PhotoScape: one image editor Mac, supports batch image editing worth $39.99
Refocus: dedicated to applying focus or blur to where you want

Free Image Editor

Pixelmator: user-friendly, not free image editor online, $59, similar to Photoshop in UIl
Adobe Photoshop Elements: can do everything Photoshop is competent for, such as adding layers, filters and brushes. You can get it at $100 with $20 mail in rebate.
Luminar: allow you to adjust the complexity of its UI based on your needs. You can apply the colorful layers, masks, blending modes and stuff to your image as well.
Image Crop: support batch crop and conversion of thousands of image files.
Seashore: an open source image editor with multiple layers, alpha channel editing and gradients, textures, text, brushes. It is a free image editor.
Super Vectorizer: image editor software, accept images in JPEG, BMP, PNG and edit photo with just a few clicks. Able to vectorize images to crisp, clean and scalable fine line art, and create high-quality lens effect, depth of field to any photo.

Mac Image Editor

(2) What image editor should I recommend for beginners?

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI: create super resolution images by machine learning
Video Editor: split, crop, rotate, mosaic, add filters, overlays, elements, transitions, etc. ; output files in high quality without watermark
Lightroom 4: worth $150 or more, easily accessible to PS plug-ins, allow users to share images on Flickr and Facebook.
Picasa: Windows version works better than Mac. Provide options like contrast, saturation, crop, horizon straightening, red-eye removal.
Aviary image editor: very suitable for novices, not as powerful as GIMP. There is no zooming and no support for big files.

(3) What is the best image editor for iOS and Android?

Snapseed: open source and free image editor Mac and it is also an image editor Android, enabling you to crop images but unable to help you resize image.

(4) What is the best iOS image editor to use with Dropbox?

Photogene: support photo resizing and cropping, allowing you to upload files to Dropbox natively. But there are some bugs on iOS7 update. And it costs $0.99.