Have you ever experienced the awkwardness that after spending half an hour polishing a photo of yours and when you are finally going to upload it to your social platform, you are told the size of your photo exceeds the maximum limitation? Or when you want to print your photo, the owner of the print shop told you that your photo cannot meet the print standard? Things like this always happen in our daily life. But what can we do when it really happens on us? The answer cannot be easier — a photo size editor, or photo resizer you may want to call, is all that we need. Here in this article, we will go over 20 most widely used photo size editors, free or paid, online or offline, to help you resize your photos for different purposes.

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Section 1. Factors affecting the size of a photo

Before we can resize our photos, it is very necessary for us to have a general idea of what factors can affect the size of a photo. Generally speaking, the physical file size of a photo depends on two primary factors: the photo size and the photo resolution.

Photo size refers to the number of pixels it holds, and is measured by the number of pixels along the horizontal and vertical sides of that photo, e.g. 600 x 400 pixels. So, the number of pixels a photo contains is the easiest and also most accurate way to describe the size of that photo.

Photo resolution refers to the density at which pixels are displayed, that is, how many pixels are displayed per inch of screen or paper. This is often referred to as dots per inch, or DPI, but a more accurate term is pixels per inch, or PPI.

Now that we understand the two main factors that can influence the final physical size of a photo file, to increase or reduce photo size, we can either increase/decrease the photo size (don’t confuse this with the file size) or increase/reduce the photo resolution.

Section 2. Top 5 photo size editors to increase photo file size

In this section, we’ll list the most widely used photo size editors to increase photo file size, which can be helpful when you want to print your photos but they are of low resolution and need to be enlarged.

2.1 Photo Enlarger AI

Photo Enhancer AI from DVDFab Software is an all-new AI-powered image enhancement solution package that contains three separate working modules to help you significantly enhance your photo quality for print purpose. Among the three modules, the Enlarge module does the job of increasing photo resolution by up to 40 times. With the help of the cutting-edge machine learning technology, this photo size editor can accurately identify every single pixel and its adjacent pixels, and then intelligently fill in tons more similar pixels to exponentially enhance the details, so that they will look super clear and crisp.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Of course, Photo Enhancer AI (available for purchase at DVDFab Online Store) doesn’t just stop at increasing photo resolution, the other two modules, namely the Donise module and the Sharpen module, can respectively reduce all types of noise without losing details, and remove motion and out-of-focus blurs to improve the photo sharpness.

Availability: only on Windows platform as of now

2.2 Adobe Photoshop

To increase photo file size of printing purpose, Photoshop is a better option. As the most powerful image editing tool, the latest Photoshop CC offers various types of image editing tools along with the photo resizing option, with which, you can increase photo resolution to achieve the goal of increasing photo file size.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Availability: on Windows platform and macOS environment

2.3 Adobe Lightroom

As a photo management and editing software combined, Adobe Lightroom is a simpler version of Photoshop that only features a subset of Photoshop’s functions. That said, it still is powerful enough for the most users. Increasing photo resolution is just one of the many functions you can perform.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Availability: on Windows platform and macOS environment

2.4 Fotophire Maximizer

The Fotophire Maximizer from Wondershare is an easy-to-use photo editing tool that can also enhance the resolution of photos to make them more attractive. The developers claim that this photo resolution enhancer is able to enlarge your photos by 1000% without affecting the quality. Besides, it also allows you to add various types of filters, background, grains and frames to decorate your photos.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Availability: on Windows platform and macOS environment

2.5 PhotoZoom

Based on the S-Spline Max, a unique, award-winning image resize technology which excels at preserving clean edges, sharpness and fine details, PhotoZoom not only can create photos with larger file size (up to 1 million by 1 million pixels), but can also produce higher quality results.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Availability: on Windows platform and macOS environment

Section 3. Top 5 photo size editors to reduce photo file size

There are times when we need to increase photo file size, there also times when have to reduce photo file size. This is more likely to happen when we share photos to social media websites, like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc., or when we need to attach some photos to email, PPT slides. There always will be a size limitation, because the bigger the photo size, the slower the webpage will load the photos. To reduce photo file size, we usually reduce its number of pixels.    

3.1 Photos App (Windows built-in App)

Reducing photo file size is comparatively easy, compared to increasing it. As a matter of fact, we don’t even need a 3rd party software to that. If you are a Windows 10 user, the native Photos app can do the right job for you. It might not the most advanced tool, it does get the job done is an easy manner.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

3.2 Paint Tool (Windows built-in App)

The Photos app is only available on newer versions of Windows operating system. However, if you are still on an earlier version, such as Windows 7, you might be able to find the Photos app. Instead, you will have the Paint utility tool, which can be seen as the predecessor of the Photos app. With the Paint tool, it is also extremely easy to reduce photo file size using the Resize feature.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

3.3 Preview App (macOS built-in App)

Similar to Windows Operating System, macOS also has its own built-in App capable of reducing photo file size by reducing its overall pixels. It is the Preview App, the default application on Mac designed for you to view and edit photos. With it, you can do various types of photo editing jobs, such as cropping, color extraction, shape extraction, rotation, and of course, resizing the resolution as well.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

3.4 Fotosizer (Windows)

As a Windows based 3rd party photo resizer software, Fotosizer is designed to ensure a fast and effective image resizing process. It offers multiple resizing modes, such as Fit, Stretch, Side, Pad and Crop, allowing you to change photo size in various ways — by customizing the width and height in pixels or percentage, by selecting from a multitude of preset sizes, by choosing only one side of the picture or perhaps by adding padding. And it also support batch processing, which can be really helpful if you have a mountain of photos to be handled.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

3.5 PhotoBulk (macOS)

As an easy-to-use photo editor designed for macOS, PhotoBulk is capable of processing loads of photo editing tasks with ease. Among the many features it provides, the image resizer feature is the one that can reduce photo file size for you. It allows you to change the width and height of many photos at a time proportionally, by percentage, by maximum size or according to your custom dimensions.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Section 4. Top 5 photo size editors to reduce photo file size on mobiles

Photo size editors do not always run on a Windows PC, or a Mac, they can run on smartphones, too. Resizing your photos directly from a smartphone makes is much easier for you to share the resized photos to your social platforms, or send to other via an instant chatting app.

4.1 Photos App (Native iOS & iPadOS App)

Each and every iPhone and iPad model comes with its own photo size editor right built into the iOS or iPadOS operating system, the Photos App. This native app allows you to crop your photos with multiple presets, such as Square, 9:16, 8:10, 5:7, 3:4, 3:5 and 2:3. However, there is a negative point — although it can reduce your photo file to a smaller size, it does not allow you to freely customize the dimensions according to your own specific need.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

4.2 Image Size (iOS and iPadOS App)

Image Size is one of the best iPhone & iPad photo size editor apps. It comes with very neat and clean user interface which is easy for even beginners to use. One of the most delightful features is that it allows you to decide the size on your own, just enter in an exact size in pixels, mm, cm or inches, and your photo is instantly resized.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

4.3 Instasize Photo Editor (iOS and iPadOS App)

Instasize Photo Editor is another widely used photo size editor app on iPhone and iPad. It also very easy and user-friendly to use. With multiple preset crop sizes optimized for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter, it makes it a breeze to reduce a large sized photo to a proper size for instant sharing on those social media platforms.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

4.4 Photo Resizer (Android App)

Photo Resizer is probably the simplest Android photo size editor app. It only offers the very basic resizing options but they do work pretty well as designed to be. Simply select a photo, select a preset size or customize your own size, small or big, and then the app will redo the photo as you command. Sometimes it does feel wonderful to get the things done with the least steps.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

4.5 Resize Me (Android App)

In terms of photo resizing, Resize Me is an excellent Android photo resizer app. Not only does it allow you to compress and resize photos as needed, but also it can batch resize multiple images at one go. Additionally, this app can keep the EXIF data of your photos as well.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Section 5. Top 5 online photo size editors to reduce photo file size

Apart from reducing photo file size on Mac computers, Windows PCs or smartphones, if you prefer neither of them, you certainly have another option — doing it right from your browser. There are many online photo size editors for you to choose from.

5.1 resizing.app

Resizing.app is the most popular online photo resizer. Whether it's for your social media profile, or product photos for your online store, resizing with resizing.app is blazing fast as a rocket but isn't complicated rocket science.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

5.2 Reduce Images

Reduce images is an online tool that allows you to apply both compression and size reduction online to any image, and save the resulting images in different image formats like JPG, PNG, GIF or BMP.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

5.3 IMG2GO

IMG2GO is a free online image resizing tool that is completely for free and allows you to reduce your photos of big size to a smaller size from anywhere, quickly and efficiently.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

5.4 ResizeImage.net

ResizeImage.net is another free online image resizer and compressor. It allows you to crop and resize any photo to the exact pixels or proportion you specified and reduce the file size significantly without losing quality.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

5.5 ResizePixel

With ResizePixel, a free service for reducing an image to a specific size in KB or MB, you can reduce oversized JPG and PNG photos to 100KB, 1MB or any size you need in a matter of seconds.

Top 20 Best Photo Size Editor

Section 6. Final Thought

Resizing a photo is a very commonly seen task that every one of us will come across in our everyday life. You may have to increase a photo’s file size and resolution for printing purpose, you may have to reduce your photo file size in order to upload it to a website, insert it to a PPT slide, or attach it to an email, where there always will be a maximum file size limitation.

Photo size editors can be easily found on the internet to help you with photo size reduction, whether you are a Windows user, running a Mac computer, or you simply want to do it on your smartphone, or even get the job done right from your favorite browser. There is always the right one waiting for you to pick up.