Adobe AI audio enhancer is a friendly online tool developed by Adobe to make your audio sound more professional. But it is hard for us to deny how high the price it is! Let us get a comprehensive review of the tool's features, pros, and cons before purchasing, seek and try more reliable alternatives if possible.

Adobe Audio AI Enhancer: A Quick Overview

Adobe Audio AI Enhancer is an AI voice enhancer developed by Adobe Podcast a piece of software that uses AI to make your audio sound professional. *But please note that as a speech enhancer tool, it works on voice only and does not support music and MIDI.

This Adobe sound enhancer adjusts the sound to refine the frequencies and remove any background noise detected by AI to give the recording a professional and studio-quality sound. The software is designed simply, conveniently, and quickly, so you need not be an audio professional or studio producer to achieve great results. 

Adobe AI audio enhancer review

Adobe AI Audio Enhancer: Tech Functions

At its core, Adobe's AI vocie enhancer leverages machine learning algorithms trained on a vast dataset of audio files. This training enables the AI to identify various sound elements, from background noise to vocal inflections, with remarkable accuracy.

As one of the best AI audio enhancers, Adobe can automatically adjust levels, reduce noise, and clarify speech. By taking the technical grunt work out of audio corrections, it opens the doors for creative professionals and enthusiasts alike to focus more on the content and storytelling aspects without being bogged down by complex audio issues.

Adobe AI audio enhancer review

Furthermore, Adobe's commitment to ongoing updates means that the Adobe AI voice enhancer is constantly learning and improving. Its adaptive nature ensures that it stays ahead of the curve, providing content creators with a tool that evolves to meet the demands of an industry where clear and impactful audio is paramount.

As the AI continues to refine its capabilities, we are witnessing a shift where high-fidelity audio is no longer the exclusive domain of large studios but a feature readily accessible to all, empowering podcasters, YouTubers, and audio engineers to produce top-tier sound with just a few clicks.

Adobe AI Audio Enhancer: Pros and Cons 

For those weighing their options, Adobe's AI Audio Enhancer shines brightly against traditional tools thanks to its ability to learn and adapt. Instead of relying solely on preset profiles, it analyses the unique characteristics of each audio file and applies tailored enhancements, demonstrating its edge in delivering personalized outcomes. However, it is not perfect or suitable for all users. 

Pros of Adobe AI Audio Enhancer

Efficiency: Adobe's AI-driven technology streamlines complex editing tasks, allowing creators to improve sound quality with less manual intervention. 

Innovative Precision: With machine learning, the enhancer accurately pinpoints audio issues, offering solutions with a level of precision that is hard to achieve manually. 

User-Friendly Interface: Adobe AI sound enhancer is known for its intuitive interfaces, and this AI enhancer is no exception. Even those new to audio editing can navigate the tool with ease.

❌Cons of Adobe AI Audio Enhancer

Initial Investment: As part of Adobe's suite, access to the AI Audio Enhancer could be part of a larger investment if you're not already in the Adobe ecosystem. This might be a hurdle for indie creators on a tight budget.

Creative Limitations: As a sound or voice enhancer, Adobe is easy to use but not powerful to suit all advanced needs. You can enhance the sound strength and remove noise, but if you want to enhance the sound in a TV or movie for a better experience, Adobe is not your choice. 

Amount limited: During your trial, you can only use Adobe ai voice enhancer to enhance 1GB audio file. 

Adobe AI Audio Enhancer stands out as a powerful ally for audio engineers and podcast producers alike. Itis a boon for novices and podcasters for its web-based simplicity. However, its limitations make it difficult to use the Adobe AI Voice Enhancer, so you may seek a reliable and versatile alternative. 

Best Alternative to Adobe AI Enhancer: UniFab Audio Upmix AI

Taking the drawbacks of Adobe AI audio enhancer into consideration, you may step out to look for a reliable tool to improve your sound quality and enhance your overall content. Hands down, UniFab Audio Upmix AI is a comprehensive video and audio editing solution. 

Alternative to Adobe AI Enhancer: UniFab Audio Upmix AI

UniFab Audio Upmix AI

As a supplement alternative to Adobe AI Audio Enhancer, UniFab Audio Upmix AI can upmix your audio tracks from videos to EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 with ease.
  • Use AI to enhance audio by upmixing into premium EAC3 5.1/DTS 7.1 surroud sound. 
  • Separate and position audio tracks while maintaining their clarity.
  • Very simple and clear interface for beginners to enhance audio.
  • Customize the audio length, bitrate, frame rate, quality, format, etc.
  • Get CPU acceleration during video enhancing procedure.

Operation steps

Step 1

Launch UniFab and choose the mode you need

Double-click UniFab and choose the 'Enlarger' mode.

Step 2

Load the source and enhance the output audio.

Add the file you want to upmix or enhance, choose the output audio track, and customize the quality, resolution, etc.

Alternative to Adobe AI Enhancer: UniFab Audio Upmix AI

Step 3

Start to enhance the audio.

Click the start button to edit your video file. UniFab will complete the video editing task at lightening speed.


Q1. Is Adobe AI enhancer free to use? 

Not really. Adobe AI audio enhancer provide free trial for 30 days with limited function, but you have to pay to get full access. 

Q2. Is Adobe AI compatible with Mac?

Yes. Fortunately, Adobe AI voice enhancer is a web-based tool. So, there are no compatibility issues, and the software can be used across any OS or browser, including Mac's Safari. 


Adobe AI audio enhancer does improve audio quality for poorly recorded audio, but ideally, it is not a one-size-fits-all solution for all your audio recordings. If you are looking for a tool with complete control, detail, and fine-tuning while restoring your audio, Adobe AI voice enhancer could be a solution.

However, it is more like a voice enhancer for basic needs. If you want to get advanced AI audio enhance, it is better to enjoy more alternatives, such as UniFab Audio Upmix AI. Read more reviews about Adobe AI audio enhancer before you purchase it and make every coin count.