A lot of people consider Adobe Premiere to be among the best video editing software currently available and they may have a point. However, no software is perfect and Adobe Premiere is no exception. Although the software rarely disappoints when it comes to the quality of the videos you can create with it, the Premiere Pro monthly subscription model implemented by Adobe is enough to force a lot of people to look for other options. If you’re one of those people you’re in luck because today we’re taking a look at the best Adobe Premiere alternatives available on the market right now.

Part 1:  The Most Recommended Adobe Premiere Alternativeto Convert and Edit Videos

If you’re looking for an Adobe Premiere alternative that can not only edit videos but also convert them to pretty much any format once you’re done, we recommend DVDFab Video Converter. Although mainly designed with video conversion in mind, the software also doubles as a very solid and affordable video editor. DVDFab Video Converter is a perfect fit for beginners thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive interface but can also provide value to professionals thanks to its powerful tools.

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Some of the highlights of DVDFab Video Converter, as far as editing is concerned, including very precise trimming and cropping tools, subtitle editing, file merging, easy video rotating, the ability to change color proprieties on the fly, and more. DVDFab Video Converter also offers a quick and easy way to add custom text and image watermarks to your videos and includes a wide range of other customization options that let you change the video quality, resolution, frame rate, aspect ratio, audio proprieties, and more.

Part 2: Other Top 10BestAdobe Premiere Alternatives

Avid Media Composer

Avid Media Composer is one of the top Adobe Premiere alternatives for professionals and amateurs alike. The best part about this one is its flexibility as it offers both a free version intended for beginners as well as an expensive premium option for those working on big projects like full-length movies.

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iMovie may not be the best replacement for Adobe Premiere but it will definitely cost you less to use it. In fact, it won’t cost you a thing because the software is available for free with all recent versions of MacOS.

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Final Cut Pro X

An excellent Adobe Premiere alternative for Mac users who are not too impressed with what iMovie has to offer. Final Cut Pro X is another product developed by Apple but this one is very much intended for professionals and is therefore a bit more on the expensive side. That said, if you’re looking for software that you can still use a few years from now, it’s actually cheaper to go with Final Cut Pro X as you’ll eventually end up spending more on an ongoing subscription with Adobe Premiere.

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HitFilm Express

Speaking of professional Adobe Premiere alternatives, HitFilm Express is another good option that’s worth looking into. It’s also a bit more flexible as the base version is free and you’re only required to pay for add-ons. The only issue with this one is that HitFilm Express is primarily intended for veteran editors so prepare for a steep learning curve if you have no prior experience with video editing.

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CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector strikes a pretty good balance between price and functionality. The software isn’t quite as advanced as Adobe Premiere but it is a lot cheaper and offers plenty of good tools to justify the one-time investment.

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A very well-known Adobe Premiere alternative that has been around for 25 years at this point. As a result, you can expect Lightworks to be on par, if not better, than Adobe Premiere in a lot of situations. The software is available for free but it does come with some drawbacks, such as the inability to export videos with resolutions better than 720p.

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Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is the go-to software for a lot of professional video editors out there and with good reason. The software is extremely powerful and more than capable of handling any sort of editing task regardless of its difficulty. Unfortunately, that type of performance comes with a high price tag, which means that Sony Vegas Pro isn’t for everybody.

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Adobe Premiere Elements

If you enjoy the products offered by Adobe but aren’t too happy with Premiere Pro’s monthly subscription model, you may want to check out Adobe Premiere Elements. Although the software isn’t quite as powerful as its sibling, Premiere Elements does come pretty close and only requires a one-time purchase to boot.

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VideoPad is a solid Adobe Premiere alternative for those who enjoy simplicity and ease of use. The software comes with a very minimalistic interface that resembles old school video editors and all the basic tools you’re going to need for simple editing work. The software is free but also features a couple of premium versions that add a variety of extra features and tools.

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Last but not least, we have a free Adobe Premiere alternative without any strings attached. The software was built from the very beginning as a free open-source video editor that will always remain free according to its developers. OpenShot isn’t as easy to work with as some of the other entries on our list but it does have a lot to offer to those patient enough to learn all its intricacies.

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As more and more Adobe Premiere alternatives pop up, it’s getting harder to find the perfect product for your specific needs. Ideally, you want software that won’t cost you an arm and a leg but is still powerful enough to handle anything you throw at it. And if the software is easy to understand and work with, even better. For those reasons and more we recommend trying out DVDFab Video Converter to see what it has to offer. Although this is a premium product, it also offers a free trial with the option to upgrade later to the premium version so you literally have nothing to lose by checking it out.

All the above are professional video editing software to be used on computer, but if you want to edit short videos made by your smartphone, you can try these video editing apps.