Do you anticipate converting AVI to GIF for entertainment or marketing purposes? How do you make a GIF from a video? GIFs are so common nowadays that you can’t browse the internet for more than a few minutes without running into at least one of them. GIFs appear in various forms. Someone changes an AVI to GIF, others may turn an Mp4 to GIF. Each person makes a GIF for a certain purpose. That shouldn’t be too surprising though, as there’s no better way to succinctly express yourself on social media than a good GIF. But what do you do when you can’t find the right GIF for a specific occasion? Well, you could either keep searching and hope that you’ll eventually find it or you can create one yourself. Here, Choosing the Convert AVI to GIF solution is the first step to expressing yourself at will and creatively.

When it comes video to GIF creation, you can make it out of a whole video, such as from AVI to GIF. Alternatively, you can turn portions of a video into a GIF, and it is actually pretty easy if you have the right piece of software. With that in mind, today we’re going to take a look at a few tools that can convert AVI to GIF fast and easily.

DVDFab Toolkit [DVDFab Video Converter Pro]

In order to provide users a free and pleasant experience to convert AVI to GIF, making creative ideas come into being, DVDFab Toolkit turns up. This free and versatile software is becoming increasingly perfect with more functions added after a series of upgrades. Besides converting AVI to GIF DVDFab Toolkit is also a video editor to convert Video to PIC and vice versa. Now, let’s get down to how to convert AVI to GIF with this exceptional software.

(1) Download and install DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is the quickest AVI to GIF converter. It only takes you three clicks to download and install the DVDFab Toolkit. Click Free Download > install > Start following the instructions, and you will come to the main interface of this free tool. During this process, no additional apps will disturb you.

 i  Free Download   

Note that Toolkit, together with Video Converter and Video Editor, is integrated into DVDFab Video Converter Pro, a 3-in-1 bundled software package that enables users to convert video/ audio formats, edit video, audio, and image from all possible aspects. Once you have this package in hand, all of the needs of creating masterpieces will be satisfied completely. Feel at ease to free download this all-purpose video converter to polish your video, audio, or photo to perfection.

(2) Click the Video to GIF under the Image Tools option

AVI to GIF:DVDFab Toolkit [DVDFab Video Converter Pro]

(3) Import your AVI video by clicking the + icon

AVI to GIF:DVDFab Toolkit [DVDFab Video Converter Pro]

(4) Extract part of a video to create AVI to GIF, and decide the looping time & play speed

AVI to GIF:DVDFab Toolkit [DVDFab Video Converter Pro]

(5) Set the output directory and click the Start button

This is how to convert AVI to GIF with the assistance of the DVDFab Toolkit. Are you interested in trying this exceptional AVI to GIF Converter? DVDFab Toolkit cannot just be used to convert videos to GIFs. When you have videos unable to be played back due to format incompatibility, you can also ask DVDFab Toolkit for help. When you have shaky and unclear GoPro videos, this software is always your first choice. When you want to make a video out of pictures, remember that the DVDFab toolkit assists you in adding music and create that video. All in all, this AVI to GIF converter saves you from any trouble with video, audio, and image.

To convert AVI to GIF free and easily, you can also turn to Video Editor. This professional video editor not only allows you to edit video with handy tools and creative effects but also enables you to turn AVI to animated GIF. How to use Video Editor to turn AVI to GIF?

  • Launch DVDFab Video Converter Pro and choose Video Editor
  • Load AVI video file and edit video as needed
  • Export AVI to GIF and save it for other uses

AVI to GIF:DVDFab Toolkit [DVDFab Video Converter Pro]

Thus, once you subscribe to DVDFab Video Converter Pro, you can convert AVI to GIF files with two modules.

Free Easy Video to GIF Converter

The second assistant to convert AVI to GIF is called AVI to GIF Converter. True to its name, this tool is very easy to use and was designed with just one purpose in mind. It’s not exactly the fastest tool out but it gets the job done and can be used to convert AVI to GIF on Windows by even the most inexperienced users. The tool supports a variety of other video formats as well in addition to AVI and comes with a couple of handy options like the ability to change the frame size or to preview the output while the file is being processed. Now, let’s learn how to use this software compatible with Windows to convert AVI to GIF.

(1) Open the AVI to GIF converter and click the Input button load the video you want to convert.

AVI to GIF:Free Easy Video to GIF Converter

(2) Use the Set Start and Set End sliders to select the portion of the video you want to convert into a GIF.

AVI to GIF:Free Easy Video to GIF Converter

(3) Use the drop-down menu labeled Frame Size to change the resolution of the output. Check the box next to Preview While Encoding if you want to look at each frame while the file is being processed. Click Start to begin the conversion.

AVI to GIF:Free Easy Video to GIF Converter

(4) The GIF will automatically be placed in the same folder as the original video once the process is complete so go to that folder to check out your new GIF.

AVI to GIF:Free Easy Video to GIF Converter

These are the steps on how to change AVI to GIF using this AVI to GIF converter. It is easy to use and makes it easy to express your mind.


Besides AVI to GIF converters on Windows, users also need to convert AVI to GIF on Mac. Is there a tool compatible with Mac? Yes. UniConverter can be used on both Windows and Mac. Now, let’s see how to convert AVI to GIF using UniConverter.

(1) Get UniConverter launched on your Windows or Mac

(2) Click Toolbox> GIF Maker on the main interface of this AVI to GIF converter

AVI to GIF:UniConverter

(3) Input AVI video to this AVI to GIF converter, customize your video, and decide where to save it.

AVI to GIF:UniConverter

(4) Click the Convert button to turn the AVi video to GIF

UniConverter helps users to convert video to GIF, including but not limited to converting AVI to GIF. There are multiple video formats supported for conversion by this AVI to GIF converters such as MP4, MKV, and MOV. When you want to download videos from a popular platform featuring YouTube, this software also helps.


The alternative UniConverter is VLC. If you feel the last AVI to GIF converter is not fit for your taste, maybe this one deserves your attention. Now, follow me to know how to use it.

(1) Get the VLC media player launched on your machine, and click Media > Open File to import your AVI video.

(2) Focus on Video Frame and save the AVI video as an animation. Then, pay attention to the Video menu, click Take Snapshot and the video frame will take in the form of PNG in My Pictures folder.

(3) Open MSPaint on PC, and click File Menu > My Pictures > Snapshot, and save it as GIF picture.


This is how to convert AVI to GIF with VLC. VLC is widely known as a good media player. Similar to DVDFab Toolkit, it plays more than one role. And DVDFab Toolkit has its brothers as well, such as DVDFab Player 6 and DVDFab Video Converter. In addition to playing back videos, the VLC media player is dedicated to converting AVI to GIF, too.


As is known to us, PhotoShop is a powerful tool to deal with pictures and videos. Users who have used it all think highly of this software. Here, your desire to turn AVI to GIF is just easy, since PhotoShop can produce a GIF from both videos featuring AVI and static pictures. Now, it is time for us to learn steps on how to convert AVI to GIF in PhotoShop.

(1) Download and install PhotoShop

(2) Load your AVI video to PhotoShop by clicking File > Import > Video Frames to Layers, choose a portion of your video to make GIF.

AVI to GIF:PhotoShop

(3) Click Window > Timeline in the toolbar, set the looping time of your video and the duration time of each frame.

(4) Export your GIF by clicking File > Export > Save for Web (Legacy); set the output format as GIF; preview your GIF and click Save at the bottom.

This is how to change AVI to GIF in PhotoShop. This AVI to GIF Photoshop converter is very versatile and deserves your attempt.

AVI to GIF:PhotoShop


This is an AVI to GIF online converter that you can use without having to download anything. The online tool allows you to create GIFs using videos, images, or even directly from the web via URL. ezGIF can also be used to crop and resize GIFs or to add text and various other effects. But since we’re talking about AVI to GIF conversion, it’s worth mentioning that you can only upload files of up to 100 MB. Since this is an online tool, you can use it to convert AVI to GIF on Mac as well as Windows. Following are the steps on how to convert AVI to GIF on the ezGIF website.

(1) Visit the ezGIF website and select the Video to GIF option from the top menu to begin.


(2) Click the Choose File option to load the source and then hit the Upload Video button.


(3) Choose the start and end times for the GIF you want to create. If necessary, you can also change the size, frame rate or encoding method using the menus found below the video.


(4) Once everything looks good, hit the Convert to GIF button and wait a few seconds until the tool finishes processing the file. You can now further modify the GIF if needed using one of the many available options such as Rotate, Cut, or Overlay. Click the Save button to download the GIF to your computer.


Online Converter AVI to GIF

This option is sort of a mix between the two previous tools. It’s very basic like Free Easy Video to GIF Converter but you can use it online just like ezGIF. Online Converter is a website dedicated to various types of conversion processes, including video, audio, images, and even units of temperature or speed. The downside is that you may need to look around a bit until you can find the exact converter you want. Also, this AVI to GIF online converter doesn’t offer a preview option so it might be a bit harder to use for some people.

(1) Visit the official Online Converter website and go to Image Converter. Select Convert to GIF from the menu and then pick the AVI to GIF option on the next page.

AVI to GIF:Online Converter AVI to GIF

(2) Click the Choose File to upload the video you want to convert.

AVI to GIF:Online Converter AVI to GIF

(3) Check the box next to Options and set the start and end time to cut the portion of the video you want to turn into a GIF. Also, type in a specific frame size if needed.

AVI to GIF:Online Converter AVI to GIF

(4) Click the Convert button to convert your AVI file to GIF and the tool will take you to a new page. Once the conversion process is complete, the file will automatically be downloaded to your computer. Converting AVI to GIF online requires no software installation. How convenient!

AVI to GIF:Online Converter AVI to GIF


Zamzar is another online website used to convert AVI to GIF free. To use this AVI to GIF converter, place yourself on > Import your AVI video from your computer > Choose GIF output format under the Convert to option > Input your e-mail address > Click Converter and wait for your GIF. You will come by this file via your e-mail.

AVI to GIF:ZamZar


Another online AVI to animated GIF converter is Convertio. You can import videos of more than 200 formats to this website, with AVI video included. To use this AVI to GIF converter to convert AVI video to GIF, search > Load AVI video from PC or via its URL > Choose GIF output format” > Save the GIF to Google Drive or Dropbox > Start the conversion process.

AVI to GIF:Convertio

Online Convert

The last AVI to GIF converter to be introduced is Online Convert. This website provides convenient service and enables users to edit their videos. Visit > Load AVI file > Select video size, color under Optional settings > Convert.

AVI to GIF:Online Convert


There are plenty of tools out there that let you convert AVI to GIF on Windows, Mac, and online. No matter which one you choose to create a GIF, it’s crucial to set the correct start and end times so keep practicing until you get it just right. Once you’ve finished creating your GIFs and want to convert AVI videos to other video or audio formats consider trying DVDFab Video Converter. The tool is fast, easy to use, and comes with plenty of nice options that allow you to create perfect videos.

By the way, when you use DVDFab Video Converter to convert video or audio between popular formats, you can edit video with simple tools including trimming, cropping, rotating, adding watermarks, and adjusting brightness and contrast. Above all, you can ai upscale video from 480p to 1080p with the Enlarger AI option. With the upscaled 1080p video, you play on a home Blu-ray player for better image quality. How fabulous!