In today's social media age, everyone wants to shine online. Video filters enhance video' effects while keeping a natural look. These apps act as digital artists, turning videos into captivating art. Choosing the perfect filter is critical whether you like vintage or futuristic styles. Powered by AI, these apps refine skin, enhance smiles, and boost selfie video quality. Join us as we explore the market to help you choose the best video filter app for your videos.

Understanding The Significance Of Face Filters for Video

Discovering the best video filter app involves exploring various filters and templates for users to test before committing. Face filters, like makeup and retouching features, are also valuable additions. A video face filter app also allows users to apply creative and entertaining visual effects to faces within video clips, enhancing the overall appearance and customization of video content. 

Brief View Of Our Top 3 Video Filter App

Let's take a look at the basis on which we ranked our top 3 video filter app:


Vivid Cut

Power Director

YouCam Video

OS Compatibility


iOS & Android

iOS & Android

Perfect For

Photo & video editing with numerous face filters

Professional video editing

Adding makeup to your videos

Skin smoothen

Skin smoothing technology helps attain flawless skin

Offers touch-up and skin smoothening features

Can remove blackheads, pimples, dark spots, etc.

Body proportion adjustments

Yes, you can achieve your dream body instantly

Not supported

Offers body reshaping features

Changing Hair Colors

Not supported

Not supported


Elevate Your Selfie Game With The Top 12 AI Face Filter Apps 

Vivid Cut

Vivid Cut

Vivid Cut is an innovative AI video filter app that transforms storytelling with its diverse range of video filters. It offers precise color correction, one-tap background removal, and eye-catching effects to push creative boundaries. In addition to its facial editing features, Vivid Cut allows you to reshape your body and increase your height in just a few taps. 


Price: Free with basic features & yearly subscription starting at $29.99 for a more extensive feature pack.


  • Its leg tool can create a naturally taller appearance that lengthens the lower body.
  • Use a face smoothening tool to remove blemishes and even out skin tone.
  • Color AI tool to adjust saturation and hues for a vibrant look. 


  • The app performance falls when you try editing Ultra HD files. 
  • AI Denoise might make your voice sound robotic.

 2) PowerDirector


PowerDirector is a highly acclaimed video editor renowned for its user-friendly interface and powerful features. It offers a diverse filter library with regular updates, including recent additions like Retro, Cyberpunk, Color Pop, and Beauty. One standout feature is its anime art tool, allowing users to apply unique anime styles to videos with a tap, either to the entire clip or specific sections. 

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & monthly subscription starting at $5.99 for a more extensive feature pack.


  • Requires minimal effort to apply adjustments for video improvement automatically.
  • Frame interpolation features render a better refresh rate for slow-motion effects.
  • Offers 18K+ customizable video templates to help add music, photos, sound effects, and more.


  • Users have complained of lags when playing edits in the app.
  • The stabilization effect is suitable only for slightly shaken videos. 

3) YouCam Video

YouCam Video

YouCam Video is a user-friendly tool ideal for those seeking an easy way to enhance videos with filters and effects without requiring professional editing skills or knowledge. Additionally, YouCam Video is the best app for adding makeup to your videos. You can apply makeup looks and add lip color, eyelashes, contour, and more to enhance your videos effortlessly.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & monthly subscription starting at $5.99 for a more extensive feature pack.


  • Videos created can be quickly posted on social media channels like YouTube, TikTok, Tumblr, and Snapchat.
  • 100+ built-in video and makeup effects for easy editing.
  • You can apply realistic hair color to selfie videos.


  • The resource-intensive tool is not compatible with all devices.
  • Watermarks can only be removed by subscribing to the premium version. 

4) Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor

Facetune AI Photo/Video Editor

Facetune is a video face filter app powered by AI, allowing users to enhance their photos with filters, one-tap edits, and precise manual adjustments. It enables individuals to express their unique style and personality through creative editing. Moreover, Facetune extends its capabilities to video editing, offering simple yet powerful tools to retouch and enhance selfie videos. 

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & unlimited access starting at $5.99.


  • Explore exciting eye colors for a fresh look.
  • Smooth your skin or airbrush your tan from the recent beach trip.
  • Offers easy-to-use tools to create AI headshots.


  • The app cannot be accessed from a PC.
  • Users have often complained of long loading times. 

5) BeautyPlus – AI Photo Editor

BeautyPlus – AI Photo Editor

BeautyPlus is a personal beauty and style companion with AI Auto-Beautification, makeup tools, and body editing options. It allows you to explore various filters, templates, stickers, and editing tools to unleash creativity and elevate your photos. 

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & monthly premium plan starting at $5.99.


  • It offers 50+ editing tools for fast results.
  • AI auto beautification tool renders the perfect image and video selfies.
  • You can remove backgrounds for a professional look. 


  • You might face difficulty locating specific files on your device.
  • Pic restoration feature tends to distort your natural look.

6) Promeo


Promeo is an all-in-one tool designed to elevate social media content creation without requiring design skills. With over 10,000 customizable templates featuring vivid colors, fonts, and effects, users can easily craft stunning posts, invitations, and reels.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & monthly subscription starting at $6.99.


  • It offers a rich library of royalty-free music to jazz up your videos.
  • You can customize your final output with 100+ font styles.
  • Magic cutouts help separate an object from its background.


  • It doesn't offer custom movement of photos.
  • The selection of text background graphics needs improvement. 

7) CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut – Video Editor

CapCut is a comprehensive and free video editing tool offering everything needed to create high-quality videos and graphics. Beyond basic editing and styling, CapCut includes advanced features like keyframe animation, smooth slow motion, smart stabilization, cloud storage, and collaborative multi-member editing. Standout features of CapCut include trending styles, auto-captions, text-to-speech, motion tracking, and background removal, making it ideal for creating shareable content on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. 

OS: iOS & Android

Price: 7 days free trial followed by a monthly subscription starting at $5.99.


  • Offers a variety of video editing features like speed control, applying templates, and more.
  • Background removal helps remove unwanted objects from your frame.
  • Choose from trending effects like 3D, Glitch, and more for your videos.


  • You cannot remove the filter from a specific part of your face.
  • The app might feel confusing for novice users.

8) InShot – Video Editor 

InShot – Video Editor 

InShot simplifies video and photo editing with easy-to-use features and advanced AI tools. It offers professional capabilities like adding music, text, transitions, slow-motion effects, video collages, and background blurring. Additionally, it functions as a photo editor and collage maker, allowing users to edit photos, remove backgrounds, apply filters, and make adjustments to enhance their images. With its versatility and intuitive interface, InShot is a go-to app for effortlessly improving and customizing videos and photos.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & a monthly subscription to Pro at $3.99.


  • Videos can be saved in 4K resolution & 60fps.
  • AI Blend helps create a seamless collage.
  • Create a fun story for your social media by adding stickers and text to images.


  • Sticker GIFs aren't up to the mark.
  • Auto captions malfunction now and then.

9) VidTrim


VidTrim is a versatile video editor and organizer offering essential features like trimming, merging, frame grabbing, applying video effects, extracting audio to MP3, and transcoding to compress or convert videos to MP4 format. Additionally, users can easily share their edited videos directly from the app. VidTrim provides basic editing functionalities such as cropping videos and applying filters like black and white, vignette, and vintage to enhance video quality. 

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free ad-supported platform


  • Available in different languages.
  • Choose between effects like Vintage, Sharpen, Blur, etc.
  • The transcoding feature helps add music tracks to your videos. 


  • It may not help with advanced video manipulation.
  • It doesn't allow users to select the time for video editing automatically. 

10) Spark Camera & Video Editor

Spark Camera & Video Editor

Are you looking for a video editor that complements your spontaneous shooting style? Consider Spark Camera, a highly recommended choice for influencers and social media enthusiasts creating short, engaging videos. Unlike traditional video editors, Spark Camera prioritizes the camera experience—you shoot clips directly within the app, and your video is automatically edited together. After shooting, you can apply one of 30 beautiful filters and add music from a popular library of license-free tracks, enhancing your video effortlessly.

OS: iOS 

Price: Free with basic features & a Pro subscription starting at $6.99.


  • Available in multiple languages like Japanese, Spanish, Russian, etc.
  • One-touch voiceovers help narrate videos.
  • Spark Camera lets you capture moments using the built-in camera in up to 4K resolution.


  • The interface may seem outdated.
  • Not available for Android users.

11) BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions

BIGVU Teleprompter & Captions

BIGVU is a popular teleprompter app that over 10 million users use to create professional videos for social media, education, and corporate communication. It offers script prompting, subtitle editing, automatic captions, branded themes, and visual enhancements to elevate video presentations. Users can also apply filters when using a webcam, making BIGVU versatile across web and mobile platforms for creating engaging video content.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free with basic features & monthly subscription starting at $14.99.


  • Captions AI generator can automatically add video subtitles.
  • Auto-generated closed captioning can be translated into 70+ languages.
  • Video clips can be resized to various formats for social media platforms. 


  • The resulting audio could be sharper.
  • Users have complained about not being able to upload any HD video to cloud storage.

12) LightCut – AI Video Editor

LightCut – AI Video Editor

LightCut is an AI-powered video editing app designed to make creating stylish videos and vlogs easy and enjoyable. You can achieve unique and professional-looking results with various templates and effects with just a tap. The app features an Inspire Cam mode for high-quality video capture. It includes essential editing tools like trimming, merging, and adding text, music, stickers, effects, and transitions to enhance your videos.

OS: iOS & Android

Price: Free 


  • LightCut is suitable for users of all skill levels.
  • Allows splitting videos into multiple clips.
  • Nail a unique look with Tilt-Shift effects.


  • It doesn't offer any option for changing the aspect ratio.
  • You might need help sorting files once you open multiple videos.

Additional Tip: UniFab AI Video Enhancer For High-Resolution Video Output

If you're unsatisfied with the video quality after using the video filter app mentioned above, consider trying UniFab. 

UniFab AI Video Enhancer

This intuitive tool utilizes AI technology to upscale low-resolution videos to stunning 4K quality, significantly boosting clarity and detail. 


  • Super-Resolution Technology: Predict missing pixels through neural networks to upscale videos from 720P/1080P to up to 4K resolution.
  • General Enhancement Model: This model enhances all video types, including low-resolution TV shows, black-and-white movies, homemade videos, and animations, without selecting specific models.
  • HDR10 and Dolby Vision Conversion: Convert videos from SDR to HDR10 for a wider color gamut and higher bit depth. Generate dynamic metadata up to Dolby Vision standard for superior video quality.
  • Video Noise Reduction: Use deep learning algorithms to automatically identify and remove noise caused by low-light conditions, high ISO settings, or compression.
  • Frame Interpolation: Employ AI-powered technology to reduce judder and shake in videos for a more natural motion effect.
  • Deinterlacing Algorithm: Convert interlaced video signals into progressive scan signals intelligently to enhance overall video quality and viewing experience.

OS Compatibility: Windows & Mac

Price: The lifetime cost of UniFab is $299.99

Steps To Enhance Videos With UniFab AI video upscaler

Step 1
Open UniFab and Select Your Mode

Launch UniFab and select your preferred mode from the Video AI dropdown menu. Choose Enlarger, HDR Upscaler, Smoother, Denoiser, and Deinterlacer options.

Step 2
Import and Customize Your Video

Next, import the video you wish to enhance. Customize the output format, quality, audio settings, subtitles, and more to suit your preferences.

unifab video enlarger

Click the start button to begin the editing process. UniFab will leverage GPU acceleration to complete the task and enhance your video efficiently.



Explore a range of captivating video filter apps to enhance your content and elevate your creations. We've highlighted the top 12 video filter app options that promise to add magic to your videos and captivate viewers. If you're looking for superior video quality enhancements beyond standard filters, consider UniFab AI Video Enhancer. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, UniFab has become a favorite among users seeking to effortlessly take their videos to the next level. Experience the difference with UniFab and unlock the full potential of your content!


How do I apply a filter to a video?

To add a filter to your video, open your favorite video filter app and select the 'filter' option. Then, choose from the variety of filters available and apply the one you prefer to your video.

What is a teeth whitening app?

A teeth whitening app is powered by AI technology that analyzes your teeth in videos and enhances their brightness and shine. This feature is available in various video filter apps mentioned earlier.

Which app can make my face look good?

You can choose from any of the video filter apps mentioned above. They offer face enhancement and makeup features to help you achieve a polished look in your videos.