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[Updated!] 6 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners


   Posted by Starry

2020-10-13 21:53:39


Summary: If you aim to seek the best video editing software for beginners, you are in luck. This post mainly recommends top 6 best video editing for beginners to suit your personal needs. Read on to take your best pick.


VideoCruise is the best video editor to combine ideas with everything one shoots. Equipped with bountiful video and audio effects, it is dedicated to presenting the most fantastic visual feast and making its users' masterpieces stand out.

What is the easiest video editing software for beginners? With the advent of video marketing and increasing popularity of short video apps spreading widely on social platforms, you might want to follow the trend to make the most out of your shot videos. In this case, it’s imperative that you should make further edits towards your captured or made video footage for the ultimate goal of increasing sales volume or followers on your social media sites. For marketing, professional-level video editing software will be preferred, while for personal use, simple video editing software for beginners will be just perfect.


However, choosing from countless video editing software on the market is rather bewildering and troublesome, especially if you are not an expert at video editing. Hence, to hunt for easy video editing for beginners is a must for non-professionals. Here is a ready list of top 6 best video editing software for beginners for your option.


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PART 1: How to Select the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners?

PART 2: Top 6 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners with Distinctive Features

            ⚬ VideoCruise

            ⚬ iMovie

            ⚬ Toolkit

            ⚬ Blender

            ⚬ Climpchamp

            ⚬ Video Converter

Best Pick and Final Thought


PART 1: How to Select the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners?


When you Google ‘best video editing software for beginners’, there will pop up numerous search results, meaning you have to look for a needle in a haystack. Nevertheless, most video editing software is the same in essentials while differing in minor points like bells and whistles. Anyway, you need to consider some key features before making the final choice of video editing software for beginners.

⚬ Simple and intuitive operating interface

⚬ Necessary features but at reasonable price

⚬ Free Download, pure installation, and regular update

⚬ Applicable to cross operating systems

⚬ Direct sharing options for social platforms

⚬ Advanced features for specific use [optional]

For a video buff, these features shall be taken into consideration when it comes to the best video editing software for beginners who are eager to edit video footage just for entertainment or sharing between close friends. Once you look for advanced features, you can resort to the upgrade version of your chosen video editing program.



PART 2: Top 6 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners with Distinctive Features


What is the easiest video editing software for beginners? What is the best free video editing software for beginners? Every man has his hobbyhorse. Likewise, you might need different video editing software for different situations such as marketing promotion, classroom teaching, skills training, publicity film, or personal preference. But it never hurts to know more about diverse video editing for beginners if professional video edit is your short slab at present. Now get a quick glance over below best video editing software for beginners.



VideoCruise | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for Cross-platform Use

VideoCruise makes it possible for novice users to create desired video clips for professional use or entertainment via a basket of amazing features that meet diverse situations.

Available on: Windows and Mac

Basic edit: trim, crop, merge, split, rotate, flip, video speed adjustment

Additional effects: filters, transitions, mosaic, watermark, music, fonts, color

⚬ Export completed video to different formats that suit diverse supported devices

Share edited video on social sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter...

Clean and simple user interface

This best video editing software for beginners can basically suit all your personal needs by allowing you to load media files from computers, camcorders, DV cameras, webcams, and smartphones for second processing with given options like text animations so as to retain your fantastic and unforgettable moments via compelling  annotation. One more word, with this video editing software for beginners, no need to convert video formats for playback on multiple devices or upload on different social networks. Note that for detailed how-to guide on this best professional but easy-to-use video editor, click here.


iMovie | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for macOS FREE

iMovie is universally recognized as the top priority for macOS or iOS users since it abounds with astounding features such as trimming, playback speed change, filters, PIP, split screen, animated credits and titles, music, effects, and voiceover recording.  For macOS users, just feel free to customize the font, format, size, and color of the text, and choose from 10+ stylish video filters to create a cinematic touch. With these editing options got at a stroke, you can browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies. Above all, as the one of the best video editing software for beginners, iMovie is easy-to-use and FREE, a great boon for video buffs.


Toolkit | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for Windows Only

Toolkit is a feature-packed (with 20+ independent modules) multimedia edit toolbox designed for those who are keen to edit video, audio, image, and subtitles. This powerful and versatile toolbox covers nearly all the features essential to making your video and audio clips to the point, image and watermarks well applied to specific use. Besides, you can add external subtitles to or extract them from the loaded video. What is the easiest video editing software for beginners? Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface, this easiest and best video editing software for beginners has no learning curve.  But it merely applies to Windows OS users currently.


Blender | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for FREE 3D Creation

What is the best free video editing software for beginners? Right here! As a FREE and open source 3D creation suite, Blender comes with a popular video editor known as the best free video editing software for beginners due to its customized options including live preview, luma waveform, audio mixing, syncing, speed control, layer adjustment, transitions, filters, and adding video, image, audio, and special effects. More importantly, this free video editing software for beginners excels in its 3D pipeline including modeling, rigging, animation, simulation, rendering, compositing, motion tracking, video editing, and 2D animation. Thus, for beginners, it might be a bit steeper to apply its 3D animation or modeling side.


Clipchamp | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for Online Use

As a free video editor, compressor, converter, and webcam recorder, Clipchamp is dedicated to creating stunning videos and facilitating fast and quality video editing. In terms of video editing, you can trim and crop, spit and merge, flip and mirror, rotate video footage. Meanwhile, audio, images, text, titles, and supers can be added to the clips. Transitions and filters will add further spice to your footage. To create balanced colors, you can add backgrounds and adjust opacity. Above all, you can feel free to edit clips of all size directly in browser easy uploads without installing bundled software. However, you have to sign up (with Google, Facebook, and email) before using this free online video editing software for beginners.


Video Converter | Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for Video Upscaling

This AI-compatible video editing software for beginners enables you to edit videos via trimming, cropping, adding watermarks (text & image), subtitles, background music, adjusting brightness, contrast, and saturation while converting video between all mainstream formats for diverse purposes. You can treat this video editing software as a video converter and compressor as well. Besides, it can work seamlessly with AI-driven video enhancer named Enlarger AI aiming to upscale video from low-res (360p) to higher one (1080p).

Note that the embedded AI video upscaler is sold separately if you want to upscale video as needed.



Best Pick and Final Thought


Based on the brief introduction of above-listed best video editing software for beginners, it is understood that you have got your wanted answers to the questions ‘what is the easiest video editing software for beginners?’ and ‘what is the best free video editing software for beginners?’. To save investment in the long run, Video Cruise might be your best option for it has ample editing features and can be used on cross platforms. If you have no use for software installation, turn to its online video editor which will achieve the same results. After becoming skilled in video edit, you can seek other professional-level video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Rush and Lightworks.

Edit videos, audios, and images with perfect tools and effects

As a peerless, versatile, and professional video editor for both beginners and experts, VideoCruise is dedicated to providing video enthusiasts with diverse editing tools including trimming, cropping, speed change, volume adjustment, color correction, and other remarkable filters, transitions, and elements, so as to export quality video and audio files with various formats for marketing purpose, teaching and training, home entertainment, or upload on YouTube, Facebook, and other social platforms.

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