As user demands on a video clip editor software vary from one to another, finding the competent one for everyone is nearly impossible. If you are trying hard to pick one up from tens of hundreds of competitors available on the internet, you’ve come to the right place. Here in this article, we will review a dozen of best video clip editors still available in 2020, compare their pros and cons respectively, so that you can easily decide which one you want to go with, without spending hours yourself on each one only to find it not right for you. 

Part 1. Video Clip Editors for Desktops & Laptops

Put the words video clip editor into Google’s search box and hit the search button, hundreds of entries will be displayed right under your nose in a blink. Some work on Windows PCs, some solely designed for macOS platform, still others for Linux, only a rare few are available on all the three major operating systems.

1.1 VideoCruise

VideoCruise is an all-powerful professional video clip editor software with an emphasis on the creative process. With this versatile video editor at hand, you can freely edit your videos with imaginations, experiment your innovative ideas with many of its handy features and tools. On the other hand, if you’re someone who just starts your video editing journey, this software also can serve as a video clip editor for beginners. Just leave those advanced features alone for a while, and start first with those easy functions.

Feature Highlights

Customize videos with filters, overlays, transitions, and more

Customization is another way of delivering your imaginations. As a capable video clip editor, VideoCruise offers hundreds of filters, overlays, transitions and other elements for you to give your videos a unique visual experience, to fit into every scenario, or to demonstrate your resourceful ideas. 

Add video intros and outros from tons of templates

In many cases, like educational presentations, marketing materials, software how-tos or video tutorials, an eye-catching intro with a proper title might be able to save you half effort capturing the attention from your target audience. VideoCruise, when this is concerned, provides you with tons of beautifully designed intro and outro templates, so that you can choose whichever one fits your circumstance right.  

Built-in Speech & Text converter and extract subtitles

Subtitles can be really helpful, especially when your videos are delivered to the audience who do not speak your mother tongue quite natively as you do. In this regard, VideoCruise offers its built-in speech to text converter, which shall smartly transcript your voices into texts and then extract them as subtitles, meaning you don’t have to manually type the words one by one which can be time consuming. 

Record computer screens, online classes and voiceovers

With the help of a handy plugin, VideoCruise also arms you with the capability to record everything happening on your computer screen, together with the voiceovers from a microphone. So if you want to video an online program or class which cannot be downloaded for later study, feel free to try and you won’t be disappointed.


• Simple enough for beginners to start with yet professional enough for most demanding filmmakers.

• Smooth and intuitive interface design and full featured functions


• Currently only works on Windows systems, macOS users will have to wait longer

• Does not burn the output results directly to blank DVDs or Blu-rays

1.2 VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is a full-featured video editing program for individuals or businesses to produce quality videos quickly yet professionally. This video editor tool comes with more than 50 visual effects and transition elements for you to add a professional touch to your home videos.

Feature Highlights

• Create videos for DVD, HD, 360, YouTube and more

• Supports all popular video formats seamlessly

• Breathtaking transitions and visual effects


• Available on both Windows and macOS systems

• Support to burn videos to blank DVDs and Blu-rays

• A free version is available if you’re on the look for a free video clip editor


• Speech to text conversion sometimes is not accurate

• Audio editing sometimes can be a bit confusing

• The free version even does not output MP4 videos

1.3 OpenShot Video Editor

OpenShot Video Editor, as its name indicates, is an open-source and 100% free video clip editor software that is easy to use, quick to learn, and surprisingly powerful.

Feature Highlights

• Support for many video, audio, and image formats

• Video transitions with real-time previews

• Clip resizing, scaling, trimming, snapping, rotation, and cutting

• Title templates, title creation, subtitles


• Available on both Windows, macOS and Linux systems

• A powerful video clip editor free for everyone to use


• As a freeware, update is not timely scheduled

Part 2. Online Video Clip Editors

The video clip editors mentioned above all require a user to download the installer program and install it on a computer, desktop or laptop, Windows, macOS or Linux, before he/she can use. However, there are still some online video clip editors allowing people to upload their videos to a website, and then directly edit the videos online. After they finish with the editing, they can download the final videos back to their computers. And a notably thing worth a mentioning is that, this sort of video editors generally feature very basic functions, meaning they may not be able to offer some in-depth editing features.

2.1 Clideo

Clideo allows users to upload videos of any formats to their website, and then gives users some very basic editing functions. Moreover, if you do not want to pay a subscription fee, the number of video files you can process in a specified period is limited. Well, one has to get used to this, right? After all, it’s just a free video clip editor you don’t need to pay for! Also, Clideo has a YouTube video clip editor as well, with which, you can edit your videos and audios with YouTube required specifications.


• Works with any browser, no matter on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android

• Has a free version if you’re not a heavy user


• Features are extremely limited especially to the non-paid version

2.2 Kapwing

Kapwing offers a free video clip editor online, which works the similar way by asking users to upload videos to their website, edit directly from there, and then after the editing, download the final creation back to users’ devices. Unlike others, Kapwing offers more tools and features for users to edit their videos that many online video editors refuse to offer in the free version, such as editing visuals, audio, timing, tempo, and more.    


• Simple video clip editor online for beginners

• Allows users to use more advanced features in the free version

• Allows users to use a URL as the input source or import from YouTube, etc.


• To remove the watermark requires a user to sign in with Google or Facebook account

2.3 Clipchamp

Clipchamp is an all-inclusive online video clip editor that covers all your video editing needs. Not only does it offer a free video editor, but also comes with a video compressor, a video converter and a webcam recorder as well. Though designed with a simple user interface, it still provides users with many editing features that are considered essential to an up-to-date video editor software, such as trimming, cutting, speed control, adding titleblocks, filters and more.


• Much easier to use than industry standard video editing tools

• Offers more advanced features essential to a professional-looking video

• Audio library and video stock are well, and outputs no watermark after signup 


• One has to sign up to enjoy the free offer online

• Because it’s free, the output video resolution is limited to 480p only

• The processing suffers slow speed under certain circumstances

Part 3. YouTube Video Clip Editors

Almost all the YouTubers share one simple concept — editing is one of the most important parts of post-production. This is to say, a quality YouTube video clip editor is a must to creating eye-catching YouTube videos. So the question here is, where to find such kind of video clip editors, and how do we decide which one is better than another? Well, there is not a definite answer to that. It all depends on the projects you are working on, the OS platform that your projects are running on, whether you need a simple video clip editor for basic edits or a complex one featuring much advanced functions, and last but certainly not least, how much you are willing to invest on such kind of video clip editor application. Anyway, here are some of the best competitions you can choose from.

3.1 iMovie

Whenever editing videos for YouTube is concerned, it would be unwise not to mention Apple’s iMovie, the classic free YouTube video clip editor that allows you to make Hollywood-style videos with studio-level trailers and stunning videos at up to 4K resolution. Moreover, this YouTube video clip editor is also a good choice for YouTube beginners who are new to intros, transitions, overlays, filters, etc.


• Easy to use, output videos of up to 4K resolution

• Features extended collection of animated titles and credits

• Features creative video filters, transitions and overlays


• Only available for macOS, iPadOS and iOS

• Limited editing features and interface is not customizable

3.2 Final Cut Pro X

If we say iMovie is perfect for YouTube beginners or novice video editors, then the Final Cut Pro X, which also comes from Apple, is a professional YouTube video clip editor designed for those pro people with much higher demands in terms of video editing. That being said, being complicated enough for pro people doesn’t stop it being intuitive for less pro people either. Graduating from a novice to become a seasoned hand needs a process, but if you’re ready to go pro, then this software can be your next choice of video assistance.


• Features 360° editing, 4K HDR support and many other advanced editing features

• Offers creative magnetic timeline for faster, easier editing

• Provides high-quality built-in templates, professional lighting and color correction


• Only available for Mac computers

• No dedicated save function, only autosave

3.3 Animoto

Animoto is an easy-to-use and social media friendly video editor. It has some great themed backgrounds for seasonal or holiday-based promotions or events, which can be greatly useful for businesses to get their brands noticed. This video clip editor app is especially good at slideshows, recipes, tutorials, promos, marketing and square videos. To those non-Apple fans and those who don’t have much appetite for complex video editors like Adobe Premiere, then this software might be a good option to go.


• Features great stock and music library and pre-built storyboard templates

• Allows for quickly customization in terms of colors, text, aspect ratio, styles

• Features a very handy one-click voiceover tool

• Features easy social media integration that makes instant share on social media


• Lack of some high-demanding video editing features

• Most of the music for its videos get ads placed on

Part 4. Final Thought

Thanks to the convenience internet brought to us, it’s does not take a genius head to search for a video clip editor software nowadays. The hard thing is, when faced with so many choices, how we decide which one can serve our purpose best. Given the facts that everyone has his/her own specific standards regarding what qualifications that a best video editor should deliver, it’s next to impossible to name one out from the crowd that suits everyone’s goal. Therefore, it would be wise to make clear which editing features you really need, which functions matter most to fulfilling your objectives, and what is not so badly needed, then you would be able to find the most competent one that can serve your purpose better than the rest.