1.    Create GIF From Images Online

GIPHY, as a powerful online GIF maker, can help you to create GIF from images or videos easily, which is also the world’s largest library of animated GIFs. You can search and share your creative GIFs on this platform online or on your mobile phone easily, making it an easy task to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and more! If you would like to create a GIF from images, GIPHY is a good choice. Now let’s look at how to create GIF from images on GIPHY.

Create gif from images online

GIPHY supports 3 ways of creating GIFs, which are respectively to create gif from images, create GIF out of a video as well as create GIF out of a YouTube or Vimeo online videos. Here we would take the first one as an example to show you how to create a GIF from images online.

Simple Guide to Create GIF out of Images:

Step 1: Upload the images that you want to turn to a GIF

Step 2: Adjust the image duration as well as sequence of the images

You would notice there is an Image Duration adjustment bar for the photos you upload, you can move the bar to adjust the duration to your desired effect, and meanwhile, you can preview the GIF in the above window to make better adjustment.

create gif from images online with giphy

Step 3: Continue to Decorate your GIF

The 3rd step would let you to decorate your own GIF and customize it as you wish, which includes adding text, caption, animation, filter to it.

create gif from images online and decorate it


Step 4: Then Enter Source and Tag to Upload the GIF

After you finish the decorations with the GIF, you can enter some basic information related to the source of the GIF as well as your desired tags for it, then just click the button Continue to Upload, the process of creating gif from images shall start.

Upload gif online after creation


Step 5: Share with Your Friends

After you upload the GIF onto GIPHY, you can share with your friends at the right section with your preferable way on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumble, etc.

Share your created gif with friends

As you’ve grasped a good way to create gif online from images, next we would look into how to create gif out of images with powerful software like Photoshop.

2.    Create GIF from Images in Photoshop

Photoshop is a powerful image processing software for expert level users, which can also be used to create GIF from images, next let's take a look at how to create GIF out of images in Photoshop.

Step 1: Import the images into Photoshop

.The first step to create GIF from images is to import those images you would like to turn into a GIF by clicking File > Scripts > Load Files Into Stack, then the images shall be loaded into Photoshop.

Import the images into Photoshop

Then, use the Browser to load the photos you want to create a GIF from into Photoshop, and click OK.

Note: for the convenience of easy management later, you have to be sure to name your layers in sequence to keep track of them when you create GIF from images. You can go to the Layer panel on the right bottom of the interface to rename them.

Step 2: Open the Timeline widow 

Find Timeline at the top menu, choose Window > Timeline, then you can make different settings to each layers as well as their duration, thus making your static images into a GIF.

Step 3: Create Frame Animation

The Timeline window would appear at the bottom, then choose Create Frame Animation from the drop down menu. After it is selected, your GIF layers would appear on the Timeline. 

Create Frame Animation


Step 4: Create layer for each new frame.

To create layers, you have to select them all firstly by clicking Select > All Layers on the top navigation menu. Then, click the menu icon on the right of the Timeline screen, after that you should choose Create New Layer for Each New Frame.

Create layer for each new frame


Step 5:  Make Frames From Layers and customize settings for each frame

Then you should click the menu button on again to choose Make Frames From Layers, which would turn each layer into a frame of your GIF. After that, you can customize the time you want each fram to last, from 0.1 seconds to 10 seconds. All you need is just to click the time settings beneath each frame and choose the desired duration before you move to the next frame. 

Make Frames From Layers and customize settings for each frame


Step 6: Set the Loop Time and then Export your GIF 

You can choose the loop time at the bottom of the toolbar, either by the default Once, 3 times, forever, or a number you customized.

After all the settings have been finished, you can preview the GIF by clicking the play button. And then export it by clicking File> Export > Save for Web on the top menu. 

Well, the above all is what you need to learn about how to create gif using images in Photoshop, a real expert in the field of image compared to the online method. Next, we are going to talk about how to create GIF out of a video, whic is also the case for many people.

3.    Extended Knowledge: How to Create GIF from a Video? 

As we’ve spent large proportion of paragraphs talking about how to create a GIF from images, I’m sure you also would like to know how to create GIF from a video as it is also the case for so many people when they watch a movie or an interesting video clip. For converting a video into GIF, we recommend a simple-to-use yet professional software, DVDFab Toolkit.

Steps on How to Make a GIF out of a Video:

Step 1: Install the best video to GIF Converter——DVDFab Toolkit

Install DVDFab Toolkit by clicking the below Download Now button, and please be sure to follow relevant instructions to install this best video to GIF maker.

 Download Now  

Step 2: Start up this program and choose the right tool

After successful installation, double click the software icon on the desktop to get this video to GIF converter started, then you would see a toolbox composed of various media tools, covering video, audio and image ones. To learn how to make a GIF out of videos, here we would use Image Tools> Video to GIF.

Choose the right tool to create gif


Step 3: Import the video that you want to turn into GIF

To learn how to create GIF out of a video, you need to import the video into this program. There are two ways, either by clicking + button in the center of the UI or simply dragging the video and drop it into this converter.

Import the video that you want to turn into GIF


Step 4: Set the Start time and End time

Now comes the most crucial step of how to make a GIF out of a video. After successful loading of this video, you should adjust two vertical bars at the timeline to set Start Time and End Time precisely. After you set the time, just click the Start button to kick off the conversion process.

Set the Start time and End time

Small Tip: if you’d like to batch convert video into GIFs, you could use the Add from Local function to load in more videos to edit them separately.

Step 5: Find the GIF files

You can notice the progress bar to keep track of the conversion, upon completion you can click the grey icon located to the status Finished to find the target GIF files.

Find the GIF files

Well, the above has covered every step on how to make a GIF out of a video, hope you’ve grasped the key information.


As of now, we have presented you 3 different solutions to create GIF from images as well as out of a video, and it is up to you to choose from. Can’t wait to create a GIF from images carrying your own characteristics? Try it now to see which method suits you best. For further information that might be helpful to know, check out how to make a GIF out of a Facebook video.