YouTube is the world's second most-watched website because of its user-friendly interface and diverse entertainment content. A large audience watches their favorite YouTuber and the content they create, from tutorials, gaming, and vlogs to unboxing, product reviews, and fashion videos. According to stats, 2240.03 million people were using YouTube in 2022, and that number will increase to 2854.14 million by 2025.

Download YouTube Videos to Computer

However, it requires an Internet connection to stream your favorite YouTube videos. And if you are wondering, how do you download a YouTube video to your computer so that you can stream them anytime? We are here for your rescue. This article will talk about how you can download YouTube videos to computer using free software, i.e., StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro.

What is YouTube, and Why is it so Popular?

YouTube is an American video streaming and sharing platform created in 2005. The first video that someone uploaded on YouTube was a mini vlog titled 'me at the zoo' in 2005, and since then, it has gotten the attention of almost every other person. However, it took YouTube nearly a decade to gain 1 billion active users, but the journey has been marvelous.

Do you know that at least 2.5 billion users at least log in to their YouTube account at least once a month? That is only because of the simplicity that YouTube offers to its users. How long does it take youtube to process a video? Just a few seconds. The success of YouTube has allowed and opened doors for both new and mainstream content creators to reach larger audiences using the platform. People now consider YouTube a booming career option.

Another reason that YouTube is popular is the ease that it offers its users, whether it's educational/ informational videos or episodes of a show; people can access all of it anytime for free on their smartphones, computers, tablets, and laptops. The only thing YouTube requires you to have is a steady Internet connection.

There is no point in getting bored using YouTube because of the diversity of content and content creators; you can switch specific videos if you do not like them and move to something more interesting. Last but not least, a significant reason for YouTube's success is that it can spot copyright content and keep reinventing its brand.

What is YouTube Premium, and How to Use It to Download YouTube Videos?

YouTube started its premium membership/ subscription in 2014 to offer its users an amplified experience. There are so many benefits that YouTube premium offers its users; however, it requires a monthly payment of $12. If you are interested in YouTube premium, you can look at the benefits of this subscription given below.

Benefits of using YouTube Premium

  • A major benefit of having a YouTube premium subscription is that you don't have to deal with annoying ads. Even though they run for 5 seconds, you can skip them when you're watching videos on YouTube without a subscription, although with YouTube premium, you don't even have to see advertisements even for five seconds.
  • Another benefit of using YouTube premium is that you can access YouTube original content that includes shows, music, and so much more.
  • YouTube premium allows you to play YouTube videos in the background while you are doing something else on your phone or busy with any other app.
  • The most significant advantage of using YouTube premium is that you can download YouTube videos for an unlimited period; however, the download feature is only available to use on mobile devices (iPhone/ Android) or tablets.

YouTube Videos Downloading Using YouTube Premium

Even if you have a YouTube Premium subscription, you cannot download YouTube videos to computer. However, if you're interested in knowing the method of downloading YouTube videos on your phone or tablet using the premium subscription, let us tell you how you can do that.

Firstly, you will have to open the YouTube app, and then you will head to the video you want to download to your device. Once you click on that video, you will see an option to download under the play icon. You will click on the download button, and YouTube will show you video quality options you want to download your video; you will click on whatever quality you want, and that's it.

How to Download a YouTube Video to Computer?

Now you must be wondering how to download a YouTube video to your computer, and we are flattered to tell you that there are several ways you can do that. However, the best way to download YouTube videos to your computer is by using free software, i.e., StreamFab YouTuber Downloader Pro.

download youtube video to computer

People also prefer to download YouTube videos to their computer instead of their mobile devices due to the space issue. Nobody wants to clutter and fill their mobile storage with random YouTube videos. So, they prefer downloading them to their computer in a designated folder to keep things organized.

Even though YouTube offers its users an option to play offline videos when they do not have a stable Internet connection, hundreds and thousands of videos do not have that option. Let's say that you want to watch a video of an old football match on YouTube, but you want to play it offline when you are free.

You can click to download it and then watch it later, but what if it doesn't give you the option to download it. You might get frustrated and annoyed, but you can resolve that issue by finding the right software to download all your favorite YouTube videos whenever you want.

Top Free Software to Download YouTube Videos to Computer

Even though so many online and offline software and websites allow you to download streaming video from YouTube to your computer, StreamFab YouTuber Downloader Pro is the best one. You can download the software on your Windows or Mac for free, and it has a very simple user interface.

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download youtube video to computer

The best part about using this specific software is getting the original format of anything you download from YouTube. If you are downloading audio, you will get the MP3 format, and if you're downloading the video, you will get to MP4 format, which is not the case with many tools.

The software has three versions, i.e., free, standard, and Pro; one is free, and the other two are paid ($19.99 and $39.99). The features you get in the free version of StreamFab are enough for you unless you want to download YouTube videos in 8k. Below is the complete set of features that you get with the free version of StreamFab.

  • You get to download unlimited YouTube videos up to 720p.
  • You get the option to download a playlist, but that’s just for trial.
  • The free version also allows you to download metadata.
  • Lastly, you can download up to 5 files for the trial of the software's turbo-speed and multi-task download.

The standard and pro versions of StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro offer you additional features like auto-download videos up to 8k, YouTube to mp3, and mp3 downloads up to 320kbps. So, download the software today and enjoy offline YouTube videos without any limitation.

The software also has an excellent app version for mobile devices and tablets to download YouTube videos. You also get to play and download YouTube videos in the background in the app version of this software.

Final Words

Here you want to conclude our article about downloading YouTube videos to computers without any complex procedure. We suggest you install StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro to download YouTube videos to computer in their original format and enjoy unlimited hours of entertainment.


How do I download a YouTube video to my computer?

Most people have the same question in mind: how to download streaming video to my computer. Well, you can easily download YouTube videos to computer using a free instant YouTube downloader, like StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro, which is free software that allows you to download videos without limitations.

Can I download a YouTube video to my computer using YouTube Premium?

Even though YouTube premium is excellent for downloading YouTube videos to your mobile phone and tablets, it still does not allow you to download videos to your computer. Also, it asks you to pay $12 a month, and if your monthly subscription is over, you can’t even download YouTube videos to your mobile device.

What is the best way to download YouTube videos to computer?

The best way to download YouTube videos to the computer is by using software that is entirely free and easy to use. However, before anything, you need to know if it is legal to download YouTube videos with software in the area you live. Once you figure that out, you can use StreamFab YouTube Downloader Pro to download unlimited YouTube videos to your computer and enjoy watching them with your friends and family.