When do you want to fast forward video? In general, I attribute this need to two occasions related to time and space. By “time”, I mean you want to fast forward video in order to see the following plots or know its ending straight. By “space”, I mean a video has to be fast forward, so that its size can be allowed to be uploaded to popular platforms such as YouTube and Facebook. Which situation do you stay in? No matter you are going to fast forward video for what kind of purpose, there are always tools or methods helping you to fix the problem of how to fast forward video.

Now, follow me to unveil the secret of how to fast forward video with the help of several effective assistants.


1. DVDFab Toolkit

2. iMovie

3. Filmora

4. Ezgif

5. Fast Forward Video Apps for Android

1. DVDFab Toolkit

The first tool to fast forward video I am going to introduce is DVDFab Toolkit. This fast forward video app is compatible with Windows and easy to use. User-friendly interface in collaboration powerful functions makes DVDFab Toolkit extremely excellent, which has won consistent praise from its users. Subsequently, let’s get to the point: how to fast forward video with DVDFab Toolkit, a fast forward video app.

(1) How to Fast Forward Video with DVDFab Toolkit


The key button to help fast forward video is “Speed Up/Down”. Click the button of “Speed Up/Down” under the option of “Video Tools” and load your targeted video by clicking the “+” icon at the center. Then immediately DVDFab Toolkit will present you with your video on the interface, showing you the title, resolution, duration of your video. At the same time, you can click the button of “Add from Local” on the left of the new panel to load more video to DVDFab Toolkit, which supports batch fast forward more than 10 videos.

Under the video screen, there is an option of “Adjust Speed”, which enables you to fast forward  video up to 16 times by adjusting the value provided. Also, you can slow down your video by adjusting the value to “0.5”. For example, if your source video lasts for 32 seconds, DVDFab Toolkit can fast forward video to 2 seconds without losing any content of your source video through enhancing the playback speed only. In the meantime, you can also watch it carefully within 64 seconds by slowing down the video instead of fast forward video.  

Before clicking the button of “Start” at the bottom to fast forward video, you are expected to decide where to save your fast forward video by clicking the folder at the bottom, or use the default output directory offered. You can always click the “Little Triangle” in the upper right corner and “Settings” to see where your video is. On the same panel, you can set the interface language as well.


(2) Other Functions of DVDFab Toolkit

• Convert video/audio formats to mainstream video/audio formats featuring MP4 and MP3

• Trim videos and audios easily and fast

• Bring out-of-position images back to the right direction

• Customize video aspect ratio to provide the best display effect

• Sharpen and unsharpen video images to make them more crystal or blur

• Adjust the volume of videos and audios

• Deshake and denoise GoPro videos to make them more stable and clear

• Change videos from interlaced scanning to progressive scanning

• Convert videos to Gif

• Convert videos to Pictures

(3) Where to Download and Install DVDFab Toolkit

Use the link I have given you at the very beginning in Part 1. Alternatively, you can go to the official website of DVDFab Toolkit and click the button of “Free Download”. I promise that no more than three clicks will be needed in downloading and installing this free but powerful software. DVDFab community has working hard to upgrade DVDFab Toolkit to make it more exceptional. In a near future, you will witness a more powerful fast forward video tool.

2. iMovie

As a fast forward video app developed by Apple Inc, for macOS as well as iOS devices, iMovie is dedicated to fast forward video. No matter you are using iMovie 9/10/11, the steps to speed up a video will not beyond the descriptions below.

• Steps to Fast Forward Video with iMovie:

(1) Download and install iMovie

(2) Start iMovie and import video from camera or other devices by clicking “File” > “Import”

(3) Drag video clips from “Event Browser” to “Project”

(4) If you want to start a new project, click “File” > “New Project”

(5) Fast forward video by adjusting the speed slider

(6) Save the video and start accelerating the video

Note: To fast forward video based on part of a clip, select the video range in the timeline, hold down “R” key and drag across the clip. Click “Speedometer” to access the speed controls window. Then begin to fast forward video. To fast forward video based on the whole clip, drag video clips to timeline, select the targeted clip and repeat the same steps in changing part clip.

Using iMovie to change the video clip speed will influence the audio pitch. So you are expected to save the source audio and check the “Preserve Pitch” checkbox.


3. Filmora

Another tool working to fast forward video or slow down a video is called “Filmora” compatible with Mac. It allows users to upload videos to social media featuring YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. With the help of Filmora, the problem of how to fast forward video on iPhone will be fixed. Follow the steps below to see how to fast forward a video with Filmora, a Mac users’ choice.

• Steps to Fast Forward Video with Filmora:

(1) Download and install Filmora compatible with Mac

(2) Add your targeted video to Filmora by clicking “File” > “Import Media”

(3) Double-click the input video to come to a video editing panel

(4) Locate the “Speed” option, choose preferred value to fast forward video

(5) Export your video to a disc, mobile phone, PC or YouTube

Compared with DVDFab Toolkit, the ability of Filmora to fast forward video is put in the shade.


4. Ezgif

Apart from tools compatible with Windows and Mac, an online video speed adjuster also helps to answer how to fast forward a video. The next assistant I am going to introduce is “Ezgif”, a fast forward video editor online. How does this online website works to speed up a video? Let’s see the steps followed.

• Steps to Fast Forward Video with Ezgif

(1) Locate this online website “Ezgif” first

(2) Upload your targeted video using its URL or click the button of “Upload Video”

(3) Fast forward video by increasing the speed value provided

(4) Set the output directory

(5) Click the ‘Three Dots” icon on video before downloading it

Limits: Possible drawbacks for choosing “Ezgif” as your assistant to fast forward video is manifested in two aspects. First, online websites have a high demand for Wi-Fi than software. So, you need to have a stable network if you want to speed up a video smoothly. Second, when using “Ezgif” to fast forward a video, your video is supposed not to exceed 100MB. So, you need to be careful to choose an assistant to answer how to make fast forward video.

5. Fast Forward Video Apps for Android

Besides the above four methods to fast forward video, there are also users looking forward to fast forward video apps for Android. Here, there are some useful information for you. The available apps for Android users to fast forward video encompass VivaVideo, Quik as well as KineMaster. Just choose any of them to speed up your video.


How to fast forward a video? This article gives the most comprehensive solutions to you. No matter you are going to fast forward video on Windows, Mac, iPhone or Android, head to the assistants I have introduced to learn its working method. Then use your preferred tool or method ranging from DVDFab Toolkit, iMovie, Filmora, Ezgif, Vicavideo and others to fast forward video easily and fast. Among these products, DVDFab Toolkit is highly recommended, which is free to tell you how to make a video fast motion.