Free MP3 Finder – an excellent online service

How do you know which is the best YouTube to MP3 converter? This question’s a bit ambiguous as it differs from person to person. Each YouTube to MP3 converter offers similar functions. However, there’s differences between online and desktop YouTube to MP3 converters. These differences may be enough for you to distinguish which best suits your needs.

Online YouTube converters focus on getting the job done. More often than not, they are efficient and fast. For example, YTMP3 is a simple copy and paste with limited ads. And more are including basic functions that used to be limited to desktop YouTube to MP3 converters. For example, MP3hub lets users search videos directly on the browser. By entering a key search term, it presents a list of the most popular videos. You can pick and choose which to download. Others like OnlineVideoConverter are providing more options. You can convert to numerous audio formats. Unlike YTMP3 which only has two options (MP3 and MP4), OnlineVideoConverter has 14 options (7 audio formats and 7 video formats) and support popular video streaming websites like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and more. It also gives you options on audio quality and lets you control which part of the video you want.

However, there are limitations to online YouTube to MP3 converters. First, they may contain ads that can sneak malware into your computer. Some contain more ads than others. However, Free MP3 Finder or Amoyshare MP3 downloader has successfully broken these barriers and stood out among its peers. Among all my music downloader reviews including Freemake Free YouTube to MP3 review, Free MP3 Finder is a special one. Though this Amoyshare downloader is an online service, it provides music download service the quality of which could even match those programs. Also, it has a string of useful features that can address your questions you may meet when using it to download online music. In the following part, let’s find out what this online service can offer to us, and make a comprehensive review of its pros and cons.


This Amoyshare downloader has a lot of advantages and many of them can come in handy when you use this service to download music.

  • More than 1000 websites approachable

The number of websites a music downloader is compatible with is highly relevant as to what makes a good music downloader. Normally, it is in proportion to your chances of finding what you want. The larger the number is, the higher your chances are. Although this is a generally acknowledged fact, very few of programs have actually made it. This may be partly due to the large quantity of resources it requires as well as long duration research and development work requires of.

Currently, this tool is compatible with more than one thousand websites which not only consist of the most popular ones such as YouTube, Facebook, Ted, Instagram, Vimeo, but also a number of less popular ones. This arrangement will certainly increase its user base and make it become more popular among global users. For users, it will shorten your time spent in searching music among different websites, and make the whole process easier than before. If you still can’t find a piece of music using this tool, you probably won’t find it either using other tools.

  • Easy to search

No other downloaders can be easier than this one when it comes to searching music. All you need to do is to paste the URL of your targeted music in the searching frame, and click “Enter” on your keyboard, then the result will come out. So, basically, it only takes two clicks to finish this work. You will appreciate it very much, if you often complain the complexity of operating programs. A shorter and simpler process will not only make your work more efficient, but also make your mood brighten up. Nothing is more important than a great mood, an argument, which I doubt you will disagree with. Also, you can type in the name of your favorites song or its author, and click “Enter” on your keyboard. In this way, you will find your resource too.

  • It’s for free

One of its selling points is that this Amoyshare downloader is for free. It doesn’t require you to become a membership, although you are advised to, or subscribe to download music. If you are not too particular about a downloader, or if you just want to do a one-time job, this program is absolutely competent.

Besides, this free feature also saves you a lot of money. Depending on my observation, a common similar product can cost you more than 100 dollars for an annual membership. Some may cost you even more. If you are a student who doesn’t have economic capability or you are in a bad financial position, a hundred dollars can mean a lot. You can use it to do more important and pressing things, instead of buying a membership.

  • Clear and clean interface

When we evaluate a program, a friendly interface is always valued. If the program is designed with a clear and clean interface, then it is likely to be friendly. This design could significantly decrease your difficulties understanding and using it. Imagine the software has a cluttered interface, or the buttons are lined up in a poor-organized way, will you still have the mood to operate it? The answer is probably not.

This downloader, as far as I am concerned, has realized it, and develops a satisfying result. Because it is an online service, there are much fewer elements on its webpage than common programs, thus making it more clean and simpler. Actually, there are only a few options that you may have in use, when you try to download music off certain websites. As a result, your operations are also fewer, and the whole download process is thus very short.

Besides, it doesn’t need you to download any installers, or plug-ins, which many other programs require of, so you don’t have to worry about your personal information can be stolen or abused by this Amoyshare MP3 download service.

  • Preview function

When you want to download a piece of music from YouTube or other websites, you probably want to review it first before you decide to download it. That’s because the search results are sometimes so many and similar that you can’t ascertain which one your target really is. What makes it worse is that when you type in only a part of the song’s title or the author, the results will cause more confusions.

This downloader has overcome this problem by adding a preview function. You are allowed to play every music listed in the search results, and accordingly determine which one of them you want to download. It’s very simple to use. Just click the preview option listed on the search results, and it will start playing.

In particular, this preview function is very powerful. It’s not just a humble design. On the contrary, it’s very delicate and has a lot functions for you to explore. For example, you can adjust the playback speed, choose a quality options among a couple of ones, control volumes and turn to a full-screen mode. So, you can consider it as a player, which has almost every necessary element an ordinary player requires of.


This downloader is not perfect. It also has its weaknesses and shortcomings that prevent it from becoming a better tool for its users.

  • Slow download speed

According to my usage experience, the download speed of this Amoyshare MP3 download service is incredibly low. Compared with similar products, it takes a lot more time to do the same workload, even if your Internet connection is good, and your equipment is qualified. I personally adjusted my internet connection settings and changed better equipment, but the situation is still the same. That may be the cost of a free service, so maybe I shouldn’t complain about it. But if you have pressing download work to do, please do not take your chance with this downloader, it will certainly let you down.

  • No batch download

Batch download means a lot especially when your download work is so heavy and there are no possible ways to download them one by one. Sadly, this is the situation with this online Amoyshare MP3 download service. When you come across a playlist of songs you want to download, this service will be of no use. If you type in the URL of a playlist of songs, they will be lined up one by one in the search results. There is not a batch download button to download them all simultaneously. That is to say, you have to click “Download” button near these songs one by one. If the number of them are very large, your work will also be very heavy.

  • Limited options for quality and format

Audio formats are an important part of the whole music download work. To make the music you are going to download fully compatible with your devices, a better suggestion should be that you choose a downloader that supports as many audio formats as possible. Don’t ignore this issue, or you will regret. I have seen people get frustrated and grumpy because they can’t make their downloaded music compatible with their devices. As a result, their work was negatively influenced, their capability got questioned and consequently, they missed an opportunity for promotion. See? How important it is to choose a right downloader that is compatible with different formats.

Unfortunately, this downloader doesn’t realize this feature, and thus fails to addresses this problem perfectly. Users have only two options for audio formats – Mp3, M4A, and both of them are common formats, which, I believe, will scarce satisfy your common needs. In terms of quality, this downloader now provides only two options for users – 128k and 192k, of which the latter is only open to membership.

Alternatives for this program

For a free service, Free MP3 Finder or Amoyshare MP3 has done a good work. You can use it to do a couple of things and don’t have to pay for that. Doesn’t it sound exciting? Of course, if you want to do more professional work or have more requirements for a music download tool, this service may be not a good match.

Fortunately, there are a lot of alternatives that outperform this service on many fronts. Among them, I’d like to recommend to you DVDFab YouTube to MP3. It is a YouTube to MP3 download software which has good track records in terms of sales and capabilities. Besides download YouTube to MP3 files, you can also use it to do more challenging jobs, and it will not let you down.

           i Free Download    i  Free Download   


  • Turbo-speed function

As download speed is almost concerned by all users, DVDFab YouTube to MP3 has addressed it by adding a Turbo-speed function. Its main purpose is to boost your download speed and quicken your download process. At its top capacity, your download speed can be 10 times faster than when it is turned off. That is to say, suppose your Internet connection is good and your equipment is qualified, a heavy download task could be finished in a couple of minutes, while a light one a couple of seconds!

This is a great advancement compared with Free MP3 Finder, whose performance, even at its best state, is less half as good as DVDFab YouTube to MP3. With its help, you probably won’t complain about the download speed anymore, and gone are the days that you have to wait such an enduring download time that you have to quit and take your trouble to look for other qualified alternatives. In a word, for users who are much particular about download speed, this program is the right tool you have been looking for. 

  • Playlist management

When your download work is finished, your downloaded files are probably in a state of chaos. To manage them in a well-organized way, you need a handy tool. DVDFab YouTube to MP3 is such a tool whose playlist management feature allows you to categorize these downloaded files according to their styles, characteristics or authors. As a result, you will see an orderly display of them, which makes it easier to locate certain songs or albums.

Its operation is also very simple. Click “Downloads” section in the left column, then in the “Music” category, you will see all the songs that have been downloaded by this program. On the right end of each song’s title is a list of buttons, which you can use to operate them. To play one of them, click the triangle-shape button, and it will be played by the in-built player, which is at the bottom of the main interface of this player. To add it to somewhere, click the plus-shape button, next to the play button, and choose the place where you want to add it.

Besides, you can also create your own playlists and collect online playlists with this feature. To do the first, click the plus-shape button in the “Created Playlists” section, then give it a new name, and a personal playlist is created.

To do the second, open a YouTube playlist with program, and a suspending bar with three buttons will come up. Hover your mouse over the “Add to” button, then click “Save Playlist” option on the drop-down list, and it will be saved. You can check it in the left “Saved Playlists”.

  • Batch download

This feature can help you finish tasks that involve multiple songs in a more efficient way. At its top capacity, five songs can be downloaded simultaneously. As far as a playlist download in involved, that equals five times greater download capacity than when only one song is being downloaded at a time, and only one fifth the download time of those downloaders which don’t support this feature. Or, let me put it in this way, if an ordinary downloader takes one hour to finish a playlist download task, then DVDFab YouTube to MP3, for the same task, only costs you twelve minutes. You see the distinctive difference between them? This difference can be translated into a huge upgrade with regard to work efficiency as well as the usage experience it presents to you. You will find this particularly useful when you download playlists with this program. It will shorten you waiting time, and save you a lot of time.

  • Inbuilt player

This feature makes this program become both a player as well as a downloader. With this player, you don’t have to worry about that your downloaded files can’t be played in your device. And you don’t have to turn to a third-party player to do the playback work. Unlike Free MP3 Finder whose playback function is functional only when you stay on its webpage, this player is integrated in this program, so you can use it whenever you like without staying on any webpage. Also, this player has very comprehensive functions. It has almost every element required by a qualified player, and certainly are able to do what you required of it.


As a free online service, Free MP3 Finder has done a good work. It is able to solve the common needs of users. But when it comes to more delicate and professional work, as is often the case in our daily lives, this downloader is barely qualified. In comparison, DVDFab YouTube to MP3, a great YouTubetoMp3 downloader, outperforms Free MP3 Finder in many aspects, and certainly is able to fill the gap. That’s why it is highly recommended to you.