Needless to say, GIFs have been a popular element on the web. The best part of these moving images is that they can express people’s feelings in ways words just cannot sometimes. But what if you are unable to find your idealist GIFs for your feelings on the web? That’s when we need a qualified GIF maker online to use for quickly creating a GIF and share it with our best friends to have fun. There are many animated GIF makers online out there, yet not all of them are qualified. Out of this reason, we list the Top 5 best GIF makers online for your reference. Let’s check it out.


Part One: Top 5 Best GIF Makers Online


This online gif maker features many functions related to creating and editing GIFs. It is a simple-to-use toolset. Most importantly, it is a free GIF maker online.

Main Features:

1. To create GIFs online, you can select and upload images as frames, up to 2000 in total, in JPG, PNG, and other popular image formats. Alternatively, you can upload your video to make GIFs. It is noted that you can even upload a “.zip” archive with images.

2. As a toolset, you are not using a GIF maker only. You can also resize your GIFs, crop them, add effects on them, etc.

However, you may need to pay a little more patience while creating GIFs, because this process takes a while, especially for gifs with the high frame rate. This is the biggest drawback of this online GIF maker.


This online GIF maker is designed to help you do a lot of things, including but not limited to creating animated GIFs. The best part of this GIF maker online is no registration is required and you can use it on the Windows system, Mac system, or Linux system, as long as you have a Web browser with flash player installed.

Main Features:

1. This free online GIF maker makes it possible to play a GIF online with sound and share your life moments with your friends on Facebook.

2. While your GIFs are made, you can also resize them, reverse them, or merge two or more GIFs into one GIF online. Pretty cool, right?

3. This online GIF maker is pretty easy to use. Its interface is made for people with little experience with computers or graphics.

Despite all these features, only supports 300 image files, which is less compared with

3. is a good place to search for GIFs as well as create GIFs. Once you open this website, you will notice it classifies GIFs into different categories. As a free online GIF maker, it offers multiple ways to create high-quality GIFs.

Main Features:

1. you can create GIFs from images, a video from your computer, or a video from Facebook or YouTube. And you can still process webcam recordings under the help of it.

2. You are able to add text on the top of GIFs with a captioning tool offered.

3. You have the right to choose at what point in the video to start creating GIFs.

The only thing may disappoint you is that you can not preview GIFs before making them


This online GIF maker offers simple yet powerful customization options for you while making high-quality GIFs. However, before putting it in use, you may need to log in first.

Main Features:

1. It is available to create GIFs from images or videos. To make GIFs from videos, you can upload videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and many other video websites. Copy and paste its URL on this web.

2. The coolest thing is you are supported to preview your GIFs before saving them. You can even save these GIFs as your private. And no need to worry your GIFs will be deleted someday.


Different from other online GIF makers, this one doesn’t offer many tools. So it will be hard for you to have an opportunity to add text to GIFs, rotate them, or do other operations.

Main Features:

1. You can size up GIF image to 450 pixels wide at the top and adjust the animation speed. You can get rid of its watermarks.

2. You are allowed to grab some pictures from some image websites, such as Flickr, make animations, and post them to Facebook. If you are both a GIF lover and a Facebook lover, then this is a good choice.

Unfortunately, while loading images from the computer, you have to upload a single file at a time because this free online GIF maker doesn’t support uploading images in bulk. But it still works well in general.

All these GIF creators mentioned above are trustworthy. Interestingly enough, people even put GIFs in use on their wedding invitation cards to make their wedding special. And there is even a GIF invitation online maker. So you can tell how much people love GIFs.

Part Two: The best GIF-making software

These five aforementioned online GIF makers share many similarities. Most importantly, they all good enough to satisfy your need to create animated GIFs online. Despite all these best GIF makers online, are you wondering how to make GIFs on software?

Good news! There is one well-working software we highly recommended – DVDFab Toolkit.

Overview of DVDFab Toolkit?

DVDFab Toolkit is a must-have toolbox for editing lovers, no matter video, audio, image, or watermarks. It is categorized into four sections. Each section includes multiple modules designed to do a special thing. We will explain it to you bit by bit.

Video Tools

Converter: convert your videos to MP4 and MKV formats; change video resolution and video quality, etc.

Trim: cut off your less preferred video clips.

Speed Up/Down: faster/lower your video speed per your needs.

Mirror/Flip: rotate your video horizontally or vertically.

Rotate: rotate your video 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise.

Crop: change the video aspect ration

Sharpen/Unsharpen: make your video image clearer.

Deshake (GoPro): stable your video.

De-Interlace: improve your video quality.

Audio Tools

Converter: convert your audio into other formats, such as AAC, AC3, FLAC, M4A, and MP3.

Trim: cut off the audio to get your desired part only.

Volume Adjust: higher or lower your audio volume

Denoise (GoPro): remove noise in the video.

Normalization: make your audio consistently loud.

Image Tools

Video to GIF: create GIFs from a video

Video to PIC: extract pictures from a video

Watermark Tools

Text: add text on your video

Time: put a time on your video

Image: add an image to your video

We are probably preaching to the choir since you already read here. Now, let’s see how this GIF maker works. Only a few steps are needed to do this.

Step 1: Installation of DVDFab Toolkit

Click the downloading button below to get this software on your computer with the Windows system. Don’t worry. This software is safe and is completely free of viruses.

 i  Free Download   

Step 2: Start this software

Double click its desktop icon after successful installation. Then scroll down to the Image Tools and locate the “Video to GIF” module. Click its icon once to enter it.

Step 3: Upload your video

Please click the + icon to load a video file. Or, you can open your video file first, drag and drop it to the middle of the interface.

Step 4: Preset your video

Sliding those two sliders to opt for a video clip you want to make GIFs from. Alternatively, you can set start time and end time manually. What’s more, you can also choose looping times of a GIF, its playing speed as well as its image size. As you can tell, this software gives you full rights to make GIFs in your mind.

Step 5: Save your GIFs

Before saving your GIFs, please remember to select a location for them by clicking that folder icon on the bottom. After that, you can click the “Start” button.

In the End

It is very likely that you will see an animated GIF on the internet if you spend any time on it. GIFs are short animations that move and they are quite catchy. Rather than searching for GIFs on the web, it will be more interesting to create your own GIFs. We hope that you can grab some information about the best GIF makers online in this article and use a GIF maker online whenever you have a need. In terms of software helping you make GIFs, we humbly recommended DVDFab Toolkit. It allows you to instantly create your own GIFs from a video. To learn more about this software, such as how to convert twitter video to GIF, you can click here.