Do you want to insert a video to your article, making it more attractive? Or, do you want to convert a GIF to a video and share it on popular platforms featuring YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and etc? If so, ask for a GIf to AVI converter for help. Adding music to a GIF and outputting the file in mainstream video format is so terrific. There are so many people who have succeeded in converting GIF to AVI, MP4, MKV and other formats. Would you like to be a member of the “Convert GIF to AVI” club?

Considering the needs and habits of GIF to AVI conversion, I guess that some will choose to convert GIF to AVI on Windows, some may like to make it on Mac, and others consider GIF to AVI conversion online. No matter what device you will use to convert GIF to AVI, there are free GIF to AVI converters fit for Windows, Mac and online. Let’s look at them one by one.

1. Convert GIF to AVI on Windows

Here, we start from how to convert GIF to AVI on windows. The first animated GIF to AVI freeware I am going to introduce is DVDFab Toolkit. With a great number of functions, it is the first choice for Windows users.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI in DVDFab Toolkit:

• Download and install DVDFab Tookit, a free GIF to AVI converter  

• Click “GIF to Video” under “Image Tools”

• Click on “+” button to lad a file or drag/drop GIF there

• Set output format and edit your video

• Insert an audio to your video

• Set Output Directory and start the conversion

Alternative: Free GIF to AVI Converter (Windows)

Note: DVDFab Toolkit is often used to edit all types of videos, audios and images. Among the multiple services this free GIF to AVI converter provides, there are so many regular customers for its video conversion function. With DVDFab toolkit, you can convert one video to any other mainstream video or audio format, making your file playable on any device like iPhone and iPad.

2. Convert GIF to AVI on Mac

In addition to converting GIF to AVI on Windows, you can also convert GIF to AVI free on Mac using UniConverter or Avdshare Video Converter. Both of them are powerful and easy to use.

(1) UniConverter

Let’s start from UniConverter to change GIF to AVI. This animated GIF to AVI freeware can convert GIF to many video formats featuring AVI, MOV and etc.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI with UniConverter:

• Get UniConverter launched on your Mac

• Click “Toolbox” > “GIF Maker” on the main interface

• Input AVI video and customize your video

• Decide where to save it

• Click “Convert” to turn the AVi video to GIF

UniConverter acts as more than a GIF to AVI video converter. It is able to extract an audio from a video, and burn MP4 and AVI videos to DVDs as well as Blu-ray diss.

(2) Avdshare Video Converter

Avdshare Video Converter is compatible with Windows and Mac, similar to UniConverter. This free GIF to AVI converter supports multiple video formats and resolution such as AVI, H.265 and 4k videos.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI with Avdshare Video Converter:

• Get Avdshare Video Converter launched on your Mac

• Click “Add File” in the toolbar to load your GIF

• Use the options like “Trim”, “Crop”, “Effect” to edit your video

• Click “Save As” at the bottom and choose “AVI” format

• Start to convert GIF to AVI video

Avdshare Video Converter is very easy to use, even for beginners. You can come by this free GIF to AVI converter within several seconds. Then follow the instructions and your AVI video out of GIF will be produced fast.

3. Convert GIF to AVI Online

Without downloading any apps to Windows or Mac, online websites are also helpful to finish GIF to AVI conversion. And you have more choices to convert GIF to AVI with the assistance of online GIF to AVI converters.


This online GIF to AVI converter offers free and fast conversion service. Besides as an Images Converter, it is also a Documents Converter, an Audio Converter, a books converter, as well as an Archive Converter.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI online:

• Visit “”

• Click “Images Converter” under the option of “Convert to” on the top

• Scroll down and click “Choose File” > “Import your GIF” no more than 500 MB

• Click “Convert All to” and choose “avi”

• Click Convert” to start

• Continue to scroll down and Download your AVI file

Note: You can import more than one file to this online GIF to AVI converter from “Add More Files”. But, only two files at a time are supported. To remove this restriction, you need to pay $7 for 24 hours with no automatic renewal, $6 monthly or $11 for Pro.


This is also an online website for GIF to AVI conversion. For image conversion, it supports PNG, JPG, GIF, WEBP and HEIC. With the help of this animated GIF to AVI freeware, you are enabled to to adjust image resolution and file size based on your preference.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI online:

• Clilck “Tools” > “Image Converter” and set the option as “Convert GIF to AVI”

• Click “Select File” and import your GIF from PC, URL, Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive

• Customize your video using the Edit Tool

• Click “Convert” 

Note: You can use the Edit Tool in this GIF to AVI converter to adjust such options as "Video Codec", "Crf", "Preset", "Tune", "Profile", "Level", "Width", "Height" , "Fps", "Audio Codec", "Audio Bitrate", "Volume", and trim your video.

(3) Filezigzag

Filezigzag is another free GIF to AVI converter online. It supports documents, archives, ebooks, images, audio and video formats conversion.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI with Filezigzag:

• Click "Browse for Files" to input your GIF

• Click "Target Format" and select "AVI"

• Scroll down and Download your converted file

Note: You can import 10 files a day and each one don't exceed 50 MB.


Here, we come to one more animated GIF to AVI online website. It supports 3G2 to GIF, 3GP to GIF, STC to GIF, VOR to GIF and vice versa.

Steps on how to convert GIF to AVI online:

• Visit ""

• Click "Select a File" to add your GIF

• Choose "AVI" output format under the option of "Convert to GIF"

• Set your video quality and video size

• Click "Convert"

Note: How long you will get your AVI video made from GIF depends on how many people are using this website.

Note: Apart from such online animated GIF to AVI converters, you can also turn to its alternatives: ezGIF, Convertio, Online Convert and etc.


The above-mentioned online and offline apps are top GIF to AVI converters favored by users. All of them provide convenient service of "Convert GIF to AVI free". If you want to convert a GIF to AVI video simply, choose any of them. But, if you expect to add music to your video besides changing GIF to AVI, it is the responsibility of DVDFab Toolkit. For more information on how to convert AVI to GIF, read another article, please.