Are you in plans to give a party on the occasion of Halloween? Well, we don’t think you are going to end up with some song that will no doubt ruin your party after playing it! You clearly need some amazing “Halloween songs for adults” playlist, which the both good and festive at the same time. And hence, to help solve the problem in finding Halloween party songs for adults, we are here for you. We have got the best Halloween songs adults playlist below.

Part 1: Top 20 Best Halloween Songs Adults

1. Suspirium—By Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke of Radiohead no doubt takes the score to the next level for a horror film—Luca Guadagnino. Don’t you think anything else can replace this for the best ever gift for Halloween?

2. Falling—Julee Cruise

“Falling” is on our list just for the reason that some of the songs invoke paranoia and fear in better way as compared to the Twin Peaks’ theme (David Lynch).

3. Hip To Be Square—Huey Lewis & The News

This song deserves to be in the Halloween songs for adults list as it best represents the band’s personal statement in a unique way.

4.Who Made Who—AC/DC

Who Made Who has proven to be the best and amazing part of Maximum Overdrive by Stephen King. And hence seen in the list.

5. Goodbye Horses—Q Lazzarus

It is just not possible to listen to this song without thinking about the scene of Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs. Can you do that?

6. Silent Shout—The Knife

Well, sometimes the club is way too creepy. Best solution for this—Silent Shout.

7. Yonkers—Tyler, the Creator

Some people are able to come up with hip-hop looming as the one by Tyler, the Creator. In case you are in plans to throw an astonishing music video in the party, no doubt you will be freaking out your guests with Yonkers.

8.Pet Sematary—Ramones

Though the music seems to be from the 80s guitars, nothing can beat the line from the song—"I don't want to be buried/in a Pet Sematary/I don't want to live my life again."

9. Henry Lee—Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Feat. PJ Harvey

Nothing can put together Halloween as the feeling of pen-knife stabbing can! Well, an exception can be the voice of PJ Harvey, which can be experienced in this song too.

10.Psycho Killer—Talking Heads

The extra-large suit of David Byrne is seriously an undervalued costume for Halloween. Don’t you think so?

11. Halloweenhead—Ryan Adams

Unquestionably, Halloween best explains the meaning of horrors and the addiction of it. And Halloweenhead can be the exact song about trick-or-treating thing.

12. Thriller—Michael Jackson

Thriller is one of the finest pop songs of Halloween. In case there exists a genre called horror-pop, we surely can say it got its existence from Michael Jackson. In addition, the '80s wasn’t that cool before Michael Jackson. Right?

13. Witchcraft—Robert Smith

Halloween can’t be more scarier without jazz-scatting Sinatra classic by Robert Smith! Moreover, when he sings actually, each blown up syllable suitably sounds creepy. And hence Witchcraft is here on the best Halloween songs for adults list.

14. Ghost In This House—Alison Krauss

No matter if you are literally reading it or just considering it as some lovelorn correspondence, Ghost In This House has the most marvelous heartbreaking story of ghost ever particularly in the history of country-music.

15. Werewolves In London—Warren Zevon

We know it is way too tempting to consider the Grateful Dead crying live on the occasion of Halloween regarding this Chow Mein-eating, hairy man, but nothing can be good as the way Warren Zevon unfolds the tad of the Queen walking with Lon Chaney, Jr.

Other Halloween songs for adults you may be interested in:

16. Gravedigger—Willie Nelson

17. Werewolf—Fiona Apple

18. Halloween On The Barbary Coast—The Flaming Lips

19. Friend Of The Devil—Lyle Lovett

20. Hellhound On My Trail—Robert Johnson

Part 2: How To Download These Halloween Songs For Adults From YouTube

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In the above article, we have got for you the best Halloween songs adults playlist helping you get out of the dilemma. All you need to do is add that extra essence to your Halloween party and rock your party to the fullest with the above songs’ list. Moreover, the downloading of all the above songs has got better with the amazing YouTube MP3 converter tool. Funny and scary Halloween songs for adults can be enjoyed at their best with the wonderful converter tool.