Video cropping is an essential skill for any video editor. Whether you're removing unwanted elements from your footage, adjusting the aspect ratio, or creating a custom composition, knowing how to crop a video can help you achieve your creative vision. In this article, we'll show you how to crop a video in Adobe Premiere Pro, one of the most popular video editing software on the market.

Part 1: How to Crop Video in Premiere Pro

Using Adobe Premiere Pro to finish tasks like stabilizing video and cropping video may initially seem daunting, but with an understanding of the fundamental steps, it morphs into a manageable task. Here’s a video tutorial on how to achieve this:

Import Your Video: Start by launching Adobe Premiere Pro. Create a new project and import the video clip you want to crop. Navigate to the "Effects" panel located at the left side of your Premiere Pro interface. Type in "Crop" and the crop effect should appear. 


 How to Crop Video in Premiere Pro

Apply the Crop Effect: Drag the crop effect to your video in the timeline. Once applied, go the Effect Controls panel, where you will see the crop effect settings. You're able to adjust the values of "Top," "Bottom," "Left," and "Right" to crop the video as needed. 

How to Crop Video in Premiere Pro 

Export the Cropped Video: After adjusting the crop to your satisfaction, you can save your project and export your video through File > Export > Media.

Part2: Simpler Ways to Crop Video: UniFab Video Converter 

While Adobe Premiere Pro offers an array of professional editing features, its complex interface and broad range of options can be overwhelming for beginners. If you want to crop your video but find Adobe Premiere Pro too challenging to use, the UniFab Video Converter is a more straightforward alternative.

How to Crop Video without Premiere Pro

UniFab Video Converter

With this converter, not only can you convert any video into another format without losing quality, but also you can trim, crop, edit videos with ease.
  • Crop and trim your videos without losing quality.
  • Convert and compress any video while retaining the original quality.
  • Over 1000+ formats are supported to be converted and edited.
  • Flexible customization to edit your video codec, resolution, audio track, etc.

Operation steps

Step 1

Install and launch the UniFab Video Converter on your device first.

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Step 2

Select the video/file you want to crop and add it to UniFab Video Converter.

How to Crop Video without Premiere Pro

Step 3

Choose 'Crop' as customize the crop according to your needs. UniFab also provide the available size on different social media, you can adopt it directly. 

How to Crop Video without Premiere Pro

This user-friendly software simplifies the cropping process down to just a few easy steps. Open the program and add your video. Click on the "Edit" button, choose "Crop", adjust the cropping frame as you want it on your video, and then save it. Yes, it’s that simple.

UniFab Video Converter does not only allow you to crop your videos but it also enables you to convert video to over 1000 types of formats, and even offers basic video editing features such as trimming, rotating, enhancing video quality, and more. It surely is a powerful tool that is not to be overlooked.


When it comes to cropping a video, understanding how to utilize Adobe Premiere Pro can be of great benefit. The tool offers an expansive range of professional editing options that can help you create high-quality video content. However, if you're looking for something more straightforward, UniFab Video Converter offers a simple and user-friendly alternative. 

Regardless of the tool you choose, the main objective is to produce visually engaging content that will captivate your audience. So pick the tool that best suits your level of expertise and creative needs. Happy editing!