If you are looking for how to edit videos on android, this article will put an end to your search. This is because we are going to list out the best Android video editor tools. Also, we are including a comprehensive guide on how to make video edits on any Android devices you own.

This post would come in handy to anyone that interested in making video edits on Android phones and/or tablet devices.


Part 1: How to Edit Videos on Android Devices?

A good percentage of people choose to edit videos on their mobile phones. However, to edit videos on your Android device without using the right video editor will be time-tasking, boring, and not enjoyable.

On the other hand, when you use a professional/premium Android video editing app, the outcome is mostly lossless, enticing and really comforting.

Come along with me as I take you through the top 10 best Android video editors for 2019 and beyond.


1. Adobe Premiere Clip

:1. Adobe Premiere Clip

If you are looking for how to edit vide

 on compatible Android devices. Also, this app allows you to share the edited videos instantly to socos on Android, try out Adobe’s Premiere Clip. This is an intuitive, full-featured Android video editor which is compatible with smartphones/tablet devices running on Android OS 5.0 or later.

Premiere clip comes with powerful inbuilt tools for seamless editing of videosial media.

How to make video edits on Android using Adobe Premiere Clip

Before you could access and use this powerful video editor, you have to install it on your Android device. While it is not compatible with old Android OS versions (4.4 or former), it is totally compatible with all recent Android OS (5.0 or later).

Add your videos

Load your video clips or photos to the workspace from your device storage. Chose a project type (preferably, “automatic”).

Start editing videos

After you have chosen a project type, then, start editing your videos immediately. There are lots of useful tools to perform different editing tasks.

Even so, you can make slow-motion scenes using this app. If you wish, you could choose the background music from your device media library or use the stock soundtracks.

Save and share

Once you’re done editing, click on the share icon (at the top-right edge) to save video or share to various platforms.


You can easily transfer the video to Premiere CC and edit further using your personal computer.


2. FilmoraGo

:2. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo is a quick and amazing Android video editor app. It is an open source application that allows Android users to perform quite a lot of actions on the videos the capture with their device. This Android video editor is full-featured, premium, and will not imprint a watermark on your videos. Also, there is no time limit when you use FilmoraGo.

How to edit videos on Android with FilmoraGo

It takes only three steps to complete a professional video edit on FilmoraGo app.

Launch the app and select photos or clips

Once you have this app on your Android device; select the prospective media files (clips/photos) from either your local gallery or social media (Facebook or Instagram).

Edit the clip(s) or photos

From the available options, pick a nice theme for your video, add filters, effects, titles, and transitions. Also, add your favorite music if you don’t want the preset ones.

Save and share

You can either save the edited video to your gallery or share on I.G, Facebook, Vimeo, WhatsApp, YouTube, or Email.


3. KineMaster

:3. KineMaster

The KineMaster video editor is a superb tool for every Android user to use. It is very easy to use; its intuitiveness is second to none. KineMaster has support for multiple layers of video, images, text, precise cutting/trimming, multi-track audio, envelope volume control, color LUT filters, 3D transitions, and lots more.

Both professionals and amateurs can handle this Android video editor efficiently. Also, it allows for instant sharing to social media platforms.


4.  VivaVideo

:4.  VivaVideo

This is a legendary Android video editing app. Over 10 million Android users have tried and prove this app to be among the best video editing apps for Android devices. VivaVideo is a full-featured app that lets you turn your ordinary videos into classical ones.

So, if you’re still looking for how to edit videos on Android, this is a great app to try out. Even so, it is quite compatible with almost all Android smartphones and tablet.


5. VideoShow-Video Editor

:5. VideoShow-Video Editor

Here is another superb video editor for Android. It is actually free to use and packs tons of useful video edit tools. Also, it has an intuitive interface which makes it one of the easiest video editors you can find on G.Playstore.

Asides being an all-in-one video editor, VideoShow-Video Editor supports HD video export and lossless videos quality.


6. PowerDirector

:6. PowerDirector

With an average of 4.5/5 star rating from over 800,000 users, PowerDirector is arguably one of the best tools for editing videos on Android devices. Also supporting a powerful multiple track timeline video editing, free video effects, slow-motion effects, reverse video, background edit, etc, this should be your next-to-try Android video editor.


7. Funimate

:7. Funimate

Funimateis fun to use! Understood that phrase? Well, Funimate Android video editor app is quite interesting to use. It allows one to create stunning music video clips, lip-sync videos, slow-motion videos, etc.

Also, it has some inbuilt tools that will help to make your videos amazing. With Funimate, you can add cool effects, text or emoji, music, and more to your local videos.


8. Quik

:8. Quik

If you wouldn’t want to spend much time editing the video clips on your Android device, then, use Quik. This video editor is fast and intuitive. Amazingly, you could add up 75 photos and clips from your phone gallery. Still, you can personalize the video clips using the inbuilt text overlay tool or title slides.

The Quik Video Editor is among the top-rated apps on Playstore for editing Android videos. Even so, you can share the clips instantly or save to your phone.


9. Movie Maker

:9. Movie Maker

Take your mobile video editing experience to another level with the Alive’s Movie Maker app. This app is a simple, full-featured video editing app. It comes with a lot of options, features, and inbuilt tools. Most especially, it is totally free to use and lightweight.


10. Magisto Video Editor

:10. Magisto Video Editor

Here is an imperial tool for editing videos on Android and maintain lossless quality. You could create a mini-movie with Magisto in just a few minutes. Every aspect of this app is premium but you won’t pay a dime to use it.

Magistofilmmaker is the best answer to anyone seeking to know how to edit videos on Android devices. The features are insurmountable and the interface is quite majestic.


Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

How about getting a limitless software app to convert any type of video to play on your Android device? Yeah, while your Android device OEM may claim your device plays all media files, we all know that most times some videos must be converted to a specific format before they could play on all/any media player.

The best tool to convert and edit any video for Android is the DVDFab Video Converter. This is a premium utility tool that lets you convert videos from one format to another losslessly. Also, it comes with an inbuilt editor so you can add effects, trim, or perform other tweaks to your video(s).

Below are the steps to use DVDFab Video Converter.

Download and install on PC

:Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

You’ll have to install DVDFab Video Converter. Then, launch the app after installation and toggle to the “Converter” module to start converting/editing videos for Android.

Add your video(s)                                

:Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

You can drag and drop the video(s) right on DVDFab Video Converter interface or use the various other methods to add your clips/full videos.

Choose an output format

:Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

Generally, an MP4 video file is playable on all media players. Therefore, set MP4 as your output video format (profile).You can also go to the Device category to choose an Android device as the output.

Customize the video

:Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

Click on the “Video Edit Icon” and move on to edit your video. DVDFab Video Converter comes with a standard inbuilt video editor that allows you to tweak your video as you wish.

After editing the video, click “Ok” to save changes and return to the converter window. You can also click the “wrench” icon before the “Editor” icon to customize your settings.

Convert your video(s)

:Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for Android (DVDFab Video Converter)

After editing the videos, move one to convert them by hitting the “Start” button. But, it is preferable to set a unique output folder where the edited/converted video(s) will be stored on your PC. By default, the videos save to C:\\...\\DVDFab11 folder.

To change the default storage location, click on the folder icon at the bottom of the software window and choose your own preferred folder.

What more?

Apparently, there is nothing more to do, simply sit back and watch the real-time progress of your video(s) conversion and how they’re being convertedwith the video converter.