Speeding up video is absolutely an effective way to get as much information as possible in a limited time. Sometimes, you can speed up a video to meet your curiosity to a large extent. For example, it is easy to know whether a film is of a happy ending or a sad ending through speeding up it. Another case making “video speeding up” badly in need is the moment you want to stream a video to your frequently visited platform such as Instagram. Due to a time limit, a long video has to been compressed until it can be uploaded in size. Have you found an easy way to do that? Now, let’s learn about How to Speed Up Video on Instagram Efficiently with no loss of video quality.


Hold Instagram Videos in Hand

How to Speed up Video for Instagram

   (1)DVDFab Toolkit

     (2)  Hyperlapse from Instagram

     (3)  BeCut

     (4)  Lapse it

     (5)  Kapwing

1. Hold Instagram Videos in Hand

To speed up an Instagram video, you must have such a video in hand. Then, how to download an Instagram video in advance? Let DVDFab Video Downloader help you. Download and install this free software with three clicks. Then locate your Instagram video through its URL or directly find the Instagram video using the built-in Instagram browser. When the “Download” button appears on your playing Instagram video, click “Download” > “Video” to hold this video in hand.

2. How to Speed up Video for Instagram

To find the answer to “how to speed up video for Instagram”, you need the assistance of an instagram video speed up app. Have you had any suitable candidate? Considering there are so many tools with such a function, which one should you choose to get the best service? You might as well make a wise decision after comparing several apps to speed up video for instagram listed below.

(1) DVDFab Toolkit

The first app to speed up video for Instagram I am going to introduce is DVDFab Toolkit. This is a free tool compatible with Windows and Mac. As the latest generation of software targeted at speeding up a Instagram video, it has been equipped with the most advanced technology, so that users can enjoy the fastest speed and the best quality. Follow me to learn more details about this Instagram video speed up app.

Use DVDFab Toolkit to Learn how to Speed up Video on Instagram

Underneath the clean exterior of DVDFab Toolkit hides multiple functions helpful for users. Choosing this app to speed up video for Instagram only takes you three clicks to download and install it, and no other extra app will be followed in the meantime. After starting DVDFab Toolkit, click “Speed Up/Down” under “Video Tools” and load your Instagram video by clicking the “+” icon. Then on the new interface, you are supposed to choose how many times you are going to speed up your Instagram video. Available values range from 1 to 16. After that, set your output directory and click the button of “Start” in the lower-right corner. How easy it is to use DVDFab Toolkit to speed up an Instagram video. With the help of this Instagram video speed up app, you can stream any video on Instagram.

Besides acting as a qualified video accelerator or retarder for Instagram videos, DVDFab Toolkit also plays other roles like video converter, video trimmer, audio converter, audio trimmer, volume adjuster, as well as image rotator. It is also widely used to sharpen and unsharpen videos, deal with GoPro videos to make the images more stable and clear. For those who want to convert an Instagram video to Gif or Picture, DVDFab Toolkit, more than an app to speed up video for instagram, is your best assistant as well. Till now, many people has witnessed the miracles this free software creates, you are promised to be the next. Go ahead, speed up your video with DVDFab Toolkit and upload it to Instagram.

How to Speed up Video for Instagram Story

(2) Hyperlapse from Instagram

The second app to speed up video for instagram is called “Hyperlapse from Instagram”, a longer name than DVDFab Toolkit, the last Instagram video speed up app I have mentioned above. Will “Hyperlapse from Instagram” be more powerful than DVDFab Toolkit? Let’s continue to explore.

As a special tool to speed up Instagram videos, “Hyperlapse from Instagram” is only compatible with iOS 7 and up. You can download and install this tool to your iPhone, and then shoot a video, speed up it and upload the video to Instagram. Different from DVDFab Toolkit, “Hyperlapse from Instagram” doesn’t support Windows. In terms of the function of “Hyperlapse from Instagram”, it has an ability to speed up an Instagram video up to 12 times. Compared with DVDFab Toolkit, “Hyperlapse from Instagram” is put in the shade, since DVDFab Toolkit can speed up an Instagram video up to 16 times. For instance, if your Instagram video lasts for 48 seconds, using “Hyperlapse from Instagram” to speed up it can finish playing it within in 4 seconds. While if you choose DVDFab Toolkit to speed up your Instagram video, it only takes 3 seconds to play back it. If you still want to try “Hyperlapse from Instagram” to speed up your video, go to the App Store to install it. Use the Circle at the bottom to record your video, speed up it and upload it to Instagram.

This Is An Instagram Video Speed up App

(3) BeCut

Let’s unveil the third app to speed up video for instagram - "BeCut", compatible with Windows and Mac, able to speed up videos to 5 times. Considering this software only supports 1:1 aspect ratio for Instagram video, you need to start it and choose “1:1 (Instagram)” first as illustrated below. Then, import your video to "BeCut", speed up it and click “OK” before exporting the video to Instagram. Unlike “"BeCut"”, DVDFab Toolkit supports any aspect ratio ranging from “4:3” to “16:9”, “2.35:1” and “2.39:1”. Or, you can customize the value of aspect ratio based on your needs. Click “Crop” under “Video Tools” under DVDFab Toolkit and define your own aspect ration.

This Is An App to Speed up Video for Instagram

(4) Lapse it

“Lapse it” is also an answer to how to speed up Instagram video. You can get it from Google Play Store and enable the “Speed Up” function by clicking “Settings” after starting this software. This software cooperates well with Android, so for those who are looking for an app to speed up video for Instagram android, your target has been located. As is said, this software can also output Full-HD quality, the same as DVDFab Toolkit. The ability of “Lapse it” to speed up a video is described as 240× and it can help users to upload a video directly to Instagram. But, its other functions are limited considering DVDFab Toolkit can also be used to deshake GoPro Videos, convert video to Gif, and among others.

(5) Kapwing

At last, the Instagram video speed up tool to show up is “Kapwing”. Different from DVDFab Toolkit, this assistant is an online website. With the help of this Instagram video speed up website, you can speed up a video to 0.25×, 0.5×, 0.75×, 1×, 1.5×, 2× and 4×. But the limit of this method is the accelerated video can only be saved in the format of MP4. Contrary to “Kapwing”, DVDFab Toolkit supports all types of video format. Most importantly, it has an absolute advantage in speeding up a video compared with “Kapwing”. For those who have unstable Wi-Fi, it is doomed to waste a lot of time to speed up a video. So why not try a tool beyond the limit of network featuring DVDFab Toolkit?


In this article, there are five assistants to speed up video for Instagram introduced, encompassing four kinds of software and one online website. In the meantime, I have analyzed both strength and weakness of each assistant. Which one do you prefer among “DVDFab Toolkit”, “Hyperlapse from Instagram”, “BeCut”, “Lapse it” and “Kapwing”? Can you speed up a video on Instagram after reading through this whole passage. I hope DVDFab Toolkit can be your strong support on how to make speed up videos on Instagram. If you want to learn about other functions of DVDFab Toolkit, please read More than an Audio Volume Increaser - DVDFab Toolkit.