Got some videos on your iPad and wishes to edit them professionally? Well, there are many iPad video editors out there on iTunes and/or similar iOS app stores. However, these are the best iPad video editing apps for iPad.

Video editing is one of the most common and highly demanding tasks people do almost every day. There are many reasons why people edit their videos. After recording/shooting a crystal clear HD video with your iPad, you may want to edit it before sharing to other people or before uploading them to another platform.

Part 1: Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps for iPad

Whatever the reason for wanting to edit video on iPad might be, these apps are the top best iPad video editing tools for modern users. Come along with me as I take you through the list.

1. iMovie

ipad video editing

The iMovie video editor app is almost the best iPad video editor for use at this moment. It is a video editing software app sold by Apple Inc. for Mac and iOS devices. Featuring a well-run and intuitive multi-touch gesture interface, this video editor lets you play around with your videos to make them appear stunning.

2. Adobe Premiere Clip

ipad video editing tool

Premiere Clip lets you edit videos seamlessly on iPad. It is among the top-rated video clip editors on iTunes. Using this iPad pro video editing app exposes you to a lot of interesting features, not to exclude the user-friendly interface especially.

You can save the edited videos to your iPad camera roll or instantly share them with different social media or platforms. Even so, you can also send the new video to Premiere Pro CC for further editing.

3. MovieSpirit

ipad video editor

This is a 4.7/5 star iPad movie maker. It is also among our top 10 best iPad video editors. MovieSpirit is a professional application that allows iPad users to turn their videos into stunning movies to watch or share with other people.

There are so many things you could do with this iPad video editor such as adding multi-layer video effect, slow/fast motion, texts/icons, record voice, add music, add Gif, scene switching effects, paint directly on a video, etc.

However, the size of this app is quite much; it will consume up to 203MB space on your storage.

4. Splice

best video editing app for ipad

If you’re looking for how to edit videos on iPad, then, you should download the Splice iPad video editor. This tool is specifically made for iPad users to edit excellent videos. The app doesn’t slag at any instance and it has an intuitive interface.

Splice video editor comes with powerful inbuilt tools that allow for seamless editing of the videos on an iPad. Also, as a pro tool, it lets you save the edited video(s) to your iPad or share instantly to various platforms. The features of Splice are such you would see on a premium iPad video editor app.

5. Magisto Video Editor and Maker

video editing app for ipad

Here comes a smart, intuitive tool for editing videos on iPad. With this tool, you’ll be able to create or edit outstanding videos within a few minutes and share them on social media. This is outwardly the best iPad video editing app for users on the go.

6. Clips

video editing app for ipad

Clips is just a free app that allows you to do quite a lot of interesting things on your iPad videos. It is a free, yet powerful iPad video editor with which you can create and send short video clips either as video messages or add to social media stories.

This application has a bunch of useful inbuilt tools/features to make your existing videos look attractive to other people.

7. Perfect Video Editor

ipad video editor

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use iPad video editor, this may just be the best you need. With this app, you would be able to add so many effects to any video on your iPad. Interestingly, it is totally free. So, you won’t have to pay any fee to explore all the features.

The perfectvideo editor is among our list for the top 10 iPad video editing tools because of its intuitive interface coupled with the tons of inbuilt features.

8. LumaFusion

ipad video editing tool

This is a 4.8/5 star, powerful multi-track video editor readily available for iPad users. It is a great tool for editing videos and it packs quite a lot of useful features. LumaFusion will also allow you to directly share the edited videos to various platforms or save them to your local phone storage.

Things you could do with this app includes video editing, adding effects, create slow/fast motion scenes, and other related actions. In short, it is a premium/full-featured video editor app for iPad.

9. Quik

ipad video editing tool

With the Quik iPad video app, you’ll edit videos quickly. Lol, but the name gives some kind of impressions that it is fast/responsive video editor to check out. Well, Quik is one of the best iPad apps to tackle video editing tasks on mobile.

There are lots of preset themes, effects, and other sets of useful inbuilt tools to use and make outstanding videos with this iPad video editing tool.

10. VideoGrade

ipad video editor

A universal app, optimized for all the retina displays. Also a flexible, powerful, and easy-to-use color grading video editor for iPad. VideoGrade features high-quality filters so you can freely adjust the image on your videos to suit your imagination.

The app is really important for iPad videographers. After recording/capturing moments with your iPad, VideoGrade helps you make the appealing to viewers.

Part 2: The Best Tool to Convert and Edit Videos for iPad

So far, all the apps we have listed on this article only work when you’ve got the videos on your iPad already. How do you then convert and edit the videos on your PC or other devices to play seamlessly on an iPad?

Well, here is the best video editing software app for iPad – it is the DVDFab Video Converter. This is a distinctive Windows/Mac PC software with endless features to help you edit videos flawlessly for iPad.

How to use DVDFab Video Converter to edit/convert videos for iPad

First things first, you’ll have to download DVDFab Video Converter and install on your PC. After that, proceed to start converting and editing videos immediately.

Launch the software

how to edit videos for ipad

After installing the software on your PC, look for the DVDFab icon and double-click to launch. Toggle to the converter module to begin.

Add your videos

how to edit videos for ipad

There are several ways to add your videos to DVDFab Video Converter; you could drag and drop the video(s) right on the interface or click the big “+” sign to add the prospective video(s) from where you saved them.

Also, you can add videos from a mobile device. However, this requires you have the DVDFab Mobile app installed on the compatible device.

Set the output profile to iPad

how to edit videos for ipad

To do this, click on the MP4 button which is the first button on the menu bar. Toggle to the device tab, further click on the “Apple” row and choose your specific iPad model from the variable options.

Convert or edit your video(s)

After you have set the output format/profile to iPad, now, you can go on to edit and convert the video. Options to perform certain actions are available as icons; they are located at the right-end side, on the same row with your video.

how to edit videos for ipad

Click on the settings icon to access the advanced video settings such as codex, bitrates, and the likes. Also, if you click on the play icon, you’ll see the preview of your video(s). Finally, the last icon on this same row triggers DVDFab Video Editor where you can edit the selected videos.

how to edit videos for ipad

You may choose to edit the video(s) before converting them. Or, convert them first and then continue with the editing on your iPad using any of the apps we mentioned above.

Set output folder and click “Start”

Before you click the start button, first, you’ll have to choose/pick a specific where the converted video(s) will be saved on PC. Move your mouse to the folder icon and click on it, then, select an existing folder or create a new one to save the videos there.

ipad video editing

If you don’t choose your own specific folder, the converted video(s) will store on the default software folder; …\DVDFab11\.

Finally, click on the “start” button to trigger the conversion process. Also, you’ll get to see the real-time progress information of how fast/slow DVDFab Video Converter processes your conversion.

What more?

Apparently, there is nothing more to do. Simply wait for DVDFab Video Converter to finish processing your videos after which you can transfer them to your iPad and start watching/sharing them.