From high-end security to A16 Bionic Chip in iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone is getting popular with its advanced features and functions. After instant capturing photos, people are getting very fond of filming videos of their favorite moments or events to share them with their friends, families, or social platforms. Here, the high-end iPhone Video Editors have come forward to give professional perfection with personal customization to any of your casually captured videos. So, let's see the top 10 video editors for iPhone to make the right choice.

Top 10 Video Editors for iPhone with Pros & Cons

Before selecting any iPhone video editor for your specific video editing purpose, you must look at the top 10 iPhone Video Editors list to pick the right one.


To get professional video editing experience on your iPhone platform, LumaFusion is one of the most advanced iPhone video editors. Without having any prior professional experience, you can use the smart video editing technology of this Pinnacle Studio App development software. This is the best tool for aspiring journalists or filmmakers.


  • 35 fascinating video transitions, including blurs, lights, colors, soft wipes, etc., are available.
  • You can take a backup of your work in iCloud Drive.
  • The linked folder renaming option is available.
  • It has 12 tracks & supports up to 6 tracks with 4k videos having effects, color, etc.


  • There is no motion tracking feature.
  • Users face difficulties in multitasking & handling large projects.

2. iMovie

iMovie is an in-built video editor for iPhone, iPad & Mac platforms. This application offers customizable features like color correction, image stabilization, etc. The mobile version of this app includes all the basic features of its Mac version.


  • It supports 4K resolution.
  • It offers metal graphic API, external display & green screen effects.
  • The pre-made templates known as Storyboard are available to make the movie creation process simple.
  • Magic Movie feature is there to add transitions automatically to clips.


  • It consumes huge storage space on your device.
  • Importing & editing Mp4 files is complicated.

3. Quik for Mobile

GoPro developed Quik for Mobile is one of the best versatile iPhone video editors with a professional approach. This tool offers 26 themes for the IOS platform with transitions and graphics. In addition, you will get 100 free songs to customize the background music of your edited videos.


  • It offers slo-mo & auto audio detection options.
  • It is best suited for action photography.
  • GPS Sticker is there to track your video editing speed.
  • Multiple customizable video editing options exist, like trimming, zooming, recording, rotating, etc.


  • You must have a GoPro account to use the app.
  • It is difficult to edit DSLR or Smartphone footage.

4. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is another most effective video editor for the iPhone that handles complex projects while adding effects. It gives you an exclusive color editing option. With this tool, you can also be-squeezed any ultra-wide footage to make it suitable for normal letterbox frames.


  • It offers a cinematic mode to adjust the focus point & field depth of the video clip.
  • The object tracker is there to add dynamic text & correct colors of the moving clips.
  • With the power of Metal Engine, you can edit larger frames, higher frame rate & add more effects at high speed.
  • It offers multiple features like Audio-editing, Motion-Graphics, and 360° VR editing.


  • It provides a very simple workflow without any third-party plug-in option.
  • Comparatively expensive tool & not affordable for everyone.

5. Kinemaster Video Editor

To talk about the best video editor for iPhone, Kinemaster Video Editor is the one to provide professional video edition quality to any random moving clips. You can enjoy asset stores with graphics, stickers, fonts, transitions, etc. You can also explore audio ducking, keyframe animation, speed control, etc.


  • It offers landscape, square video & portrait formats.
  • Enjoy this platform without ads in its free & paid version.
  • You can work with multiple videos & audio tracks with multi-track timeline options.
  • It offers in-app voice recording & background music-adding options.


  • The free version comes with a watermark.
  • There is no template option to create social content.

6. Videoshop

Videoshop is a very advanced and powerful iPhone video editor with multiple features. You can directly record the video clip within the app with a voiceover recording option. It also offers tilt-shift & narration options.


  • It comes with essential editing of trimming, merging, rotating, etc., with advanced filters, color correction options, etc.
  • You can enjoy easy social media exporting options while exploring special effects and adding features.
  • You can edit sound with the content curation option.
  • Try the transition adding option between multiple video clips.


  • The transitions are not impressive.
  • There should be more flexible features.

7. Splice

Splice is a very simple but high-end video editor for the iPhone. With this tool, all you have to do is to import your video file and select your desired "Highlights" the rest will be done automatically by this tool. You can also save your edited video to the camera roll.


  • With a simple video importing option, you can edit it with the "Highlights" option.
  • It offers music-adding options.
  • Cropping, adding text, & effects options are available.
  • Transitions changing option is available between two Highlights.
  • Easy & direct video-sharing option to any social media platform.


  • It can't handle complex video editing.
  • The software crashes sometimes.

8. Adobe Premiere Rush

Talking about video editors for iPhone, Adobe Premiere Rush has to be on the list with its incredible functionality. With its intuitive interface, you can shoot, edit and share high-quality videos on any platform.


  • It offers a tailor transition option.
  • You can customize the title with the widest option of the built-in template.
  • Enjoy manual color correction with preset options.
  • There are audio-ducking, audio-adjustment, & voiceover options available.


  • There are very limited export file & codec options.
  • Green screen & freeze frame features are missing.

9. InShot Video Editor

If you want to explore multiple advanced video editing features in one platform, InShot is the best iPhone video editor with many flexible features.


  • Enjoy trimming, cropping, cutting, splitting, etc., in multiple videos.
  • Add filters & effects of your choice from various options.
  • Several songs are available for audio customization.
  • Stickers & text adding options are there to make your video attractive.


  • This tool is not suitable for high-end editing.
  • Multiple video or audio track editing options are not there.

10. FilmoraGo

With an easy interface and without a watermark, FilmoraGo is a very popular iPhone video editor. With ample customizable features, you can share your edited video to any platform fastest.


  • It offers filters, overlays, transitions & custom titles.
  • It helps you to rotate video clips to your desired degree.
  • You can reverse your video clip.
  • It has maximum composition tools of layering clips, blending modes, etc.
  • It provides 4k support with action camera tools.


  • You can't edit effects with this tool.
  • There are limited additional features.

After editing your video with your preferred iPhone video editor, if you want to enhance its quality with AI technology, the DVDFab Enlarger AI is all set to give your professional perfection with your specifications.

How to Enhance Video with DVDFab Enlarger AI

UniFab Video Upscaler AI has resolution upscaling options to add clarity and elegance to your video. In addition, you can transform the video resolution per your requirements while sharpening your video clips and eliminating digital noise.


  • Enlarge images 300% from their original size without losing their original quality.
  • Explore color connection algorithms while adjusting saturation, brightness & contrast.
  • This tool does multitasking as a DVD ripper, BluRay ripper, Video converter, etc.
  • Get four output video quality of Premium, Ultra, Deblock & Ultra+Deblock.
  • It supports deep learning with GPU acceleration.

Video Enlarging Steps

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Step 1: While starting the software on your system, you should head to the "Copy/Ripper/Converter" module from the module panel, then move to the "Backup Mode" panel to select the Blu-ray option.

Step 2: Start uploading the video as a DVD, IOS file, or folder. Next, head to the Enlarger AI box next to the wrench icon.

Step 3: Hit the "Start" option to initiate the video upscaling process.


Why do you need a video editor?

  • To eliminate your imperfection.
  • To give professional appeal.
  • To promote the video for business purposes.
  • To gain popularity in social media.

What are the most common video editing terms?

  • Aspect Ratio
  • B-roll
  • Close up
  • Bite Rate
  • Crop Factor

What challenges may you face in video editing?

  • Inconsistent audio
  • Incomplete transitions
  • Inconsistent Graphics
  • Adjusting frames

Last Word

When you know the most important aspects of the best 10 video editors for iPhone, you must choose the most appropriate one. While selecting a video editor, you must not forget to explore the video-enlarging facilities of DVDFab Enlarger AI.