According to different videos formats, there may be a wide range of video editors you need like MKV editor, MOV editor, MP4 editor and others. Then when it comes to the main topic of this post, .MOV editor is taken for granted to be used to edit MOV files. Do you know "what is MOV"? MOV is a multimedia container format like MKV, which is developed by Apple Inc. to support Apple QuickTime movie player. For its particularity, it is not that easy to edit MOV files as you have imagined. So here I am coming to introduce considerable MOV video editors, helping you with editing MOV.

There are 24 MOV editors listed in this article. You can edit MOV files online or offline. Choose the best free MOV video editor you like to do your job well.

1. DVDFab Video Converter (best MOV editor) - Windows/Mac

How to edit mov files? Is there software to edit mov files? Here is your best solution!

  • Free MOV editor on PC (Windows/Mac MOV editor)
  • Accept 27 video formats like MOV, MP4, AVI, M2TS, MPEG, MKV, OGM, etc.
  • Support batch editing of MOV files
  • Allow you to adjust MOV videos, audios, subtitles
  • Crop, trim, merge MOV videos using this MOV file editor
  • Convert video format like MKV to MP4
  • Add text, music and image to your file
  • Adjust the playback speed of movies with this free .MOV editor
  • Output files to YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook in formats of MP4, AVI, etc.
  • Free to use in 30 days

MOV Editor Mac

 i  Free Download     i  Free  Download  

2. Movavi (Windows/Mac)

  • A powerful and simple MOV editor
  • Start it and select the mode of Full-feature
  • Click “Add media files” to import your file to this .mov editor
  • Tap the icon of “Audio Properties”
  • Use the “Normalize” checkbox or “Volume” parameter
  • Export the MOV movie with a louder volume
  • Do you like this software to edit mov files?

MOV Editor Windows

3. UniConverter (Windows/Mac)

  • You can use this MOV editor to do such things below:
  • Trim .MOV files or cut unwanted portion
  • Rotate and merge MOV files
  • Add watermark and special effects
  • Insert subtitles using this MOV movie editor

Video Editor for MOV Files Free Download

4. Camtasia (Windows/Mac)

  • Act as a MOV video editor and screen recorder
  • $249 for an individual yearly to video
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Support 2 machines per license
  • Allow you to add, trim, move sections of video and audio

Free MOV Video Editor Windows 10

5. QuickTime Player Pro (Video edit MOV Mac)

  • Play videos in high quality
  • Record, share, edit MOV movies
  • Trim .mov files, split, cut, merge mov and rotate videos
  • Open the “Properties” window using Apple-J and then click the “Audio Settings”
  • Import .MOV in MPEG streamclip
  • Click “File” > “Export to QuickTime” > “Adjustments” > “Increase volume” > “OK”

6. iMove (Edit MOV files Mac)

  • Support MOV, 3GP, MPEG, MP4, M4V and MOD videos
  • Help you resize/rotate, crop MOV videos and add transitions
  • Offer numerous trailer templates
  • Edit MOV files and upload to YouTube, Facebook, etc.

MOV Editor Free

7. HyperEngine-AV (Mac)

  • Updated in 17/07/2012
  • Free MOV editor and safe to use
  • Allow you to create a slide show and family movies with video effects
  • Able to combine video, photo, sounds, and texts
  • Output video in high DV quality
  • Convert mov files free

8. ScreenFlow (Mac)

  • MOV editing software free or pay $129
  • Full of video effects in this MOV editor
  • Easy to use and easy to learn
  • No access to subtitles and text adding

MOV Editor Windows

9. Video Editor (MOV video editor)

  • The most versatile Windows video editor
  • Offer 207 audios, 43 texts, 49 filters, 54 overlays, 59 transitions, 148 elements
  • Allow you to rotate, split, crop mov files, mosaic video and trim mov files
  • Output video in formats of MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, GIF
  • edit without watermarks

 i  Free Download   

Edit MOV files

8. Toolkit (MOV editor Windows)

  • The most powerful MOV editor to rotate MOV file Windows
  • Offer 28 tools to edit videos, audios, images
  • Provide 11 ways to customize MOV files like “convert, trim, flip, rotate, crop, etc.”
  • Support 26 video formats like MPV, MP4, 3GP, AVI, etc
  • Allow you to import multiple videos at a time
  • Work fast and without quality loss as the best editor

Best MOV Editor

9. VSDC MOV Editor (Windows)

  • Allow you to edit videos of MOV, AVI, MPG, VOB, etc.
  • Cut, split, convert videos of MOV files with this .MOV editor
  • Offer numerous filters and sound effects
  • Easy to use even for beginners in

MOV Moive Editor

10. VideoProc (Windows)

  • Support 370+ codec like HEVC encoded by 4K
  • Cut, merge, crop, rotate MOV videos
  • Add subtitles and video effects with this MOV video editor
  • Process files at fast speed 
  • Output videos in high quality
  • Easy to use and user-friendly as a video

Video Editor for MOV Files

11. Bandicut (Windows)

  • Not free MOV editor to edit mov Windows
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Work with a wide range of video formats
  • Edit MOV video files fast as a .mov video editor

12. Movie Maker 10 (Windows)

  • Affordable, simple and quick .MOV editor
  • Make movies from photos, video clips and music
  • Allow you to trim, join MOV videos
  • Add background music and text caption to movies
  • Offer image filter, transition effects and pan-tilt zoom effects

MOV Video Editor

13. ShotCut (Windows/Mac/Linux)

  • MOV editor with strong compatibility
  • Support the latest video and audio formats
  • Let you add tracks to trim MOV videos
  • Offer native timeline editing as a .mov file editor
  • Complicated interface to new users

Mac MOV Editor

14. Avidemux (Windows/Mac/Linux)

  • Support videos in formats of MOV, MP4, AVI, etc.
  • Allow you to trim, encode, filter, and join MOV videos
  • Tasks can be automated with projects, job queue and powerful scripting capabilities
  • A clean interface on this .MOV video editor

MOV File Editor

15. Jahshaka (Windows/Mac/Linux)

  • An open-source MOV editor to edit mov files free
  • Handle real-time 3D compositing andFlash animation
  • Allow immersive digital content creation
  • Provide modes of color correction, keying, tracking and media support

Free MOV Editor

16. VidTrim Pro (App)

  • MOV editor with free version and paid version
  • Can be found in Google play
  • Contain adds in the free .MOV editor
  • Able to trim, merge, convert, rotate MOV file online
  • Allow you to upload video clips to YouTube by providing your e-mail

17. Volume Booster (App)

  • Increase audio volume like MP3, WAV, WMA, AC3, FLAC, M4A, VOC, etc.
  • Raise video volume like MP4, AVI, VOB, ASG, DV, etc.
  • Extract audio from video and increase its volume
  • Find this MOV editor on Google Chrome

18. Vimeo Video Editor- Cameo (App)

  • Free .MOV editor for 30 days
  • Can be installed to iPad, iPhone, iPad Touch
  • Used to capture, combine, edit, resize movie videos
  • Allow you add transitions, titles, effects to MOV

Free . MOV Editor

19. Magisto (Online)

  • MOV file editor free and easy-to-use 
  • Music slideshow maker as well
  • Select Videos in the first place
  • Add a Title and Soundtrack
  • Wait for your video with patience

20 Video Toolbox (Online)

  • Free MOV editor on PC
  • Able to process videos up to 1500 MB
  • Support video conversion
  • Allow you to edit MOV video and video properties
  • Crop/merge videos and add watermarks to a video
  • Take snapshot of MOV videos

MOV Editor

21. Video Cutter (MOV Cutter Online)

  • MOV movie editor for Windows
  • Trim, crop, rotate MOV files
  • Supports MOV files from PC, URL, Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Able to process videos up to 500 MB
  • Allow you to convert video and select preferred quality

.MOV Editor

22. ClipChamp Create (Online)

  • One of the MOV video editors 
  • Support MOV, AVI, ASF, VOB, WebM and FLV videos
  • Require you to sign up before video
  • Help you trim unwanted parts, merge/flip MOV videos
  • Allow you to create mirror files with audio, image, filters and transitions
  • Compress MOV videos in good quality

23. FlexClip (Online)

  • Professional .MOV editor free
  • Allow you to trim video, add music/text, subtitles/watermarks
  • Able to merge, split, rotate video clips
  • Support MP4, M4V, WEBM video files as well
  • Help you create a video with templates

MOV Video Editor

24. FAQs

(1) How to edit MOV files in batches? 

Here, let’s take DVDFab Video Converter as an example as it supports batch video editing.

  • Get this MOV editor launched on Windows and Mac
  • Click the module of “Converter” on the top
  • Load your MOV video(s)
  • Click the button of “Advanced Settings” to edit MOV video, audio, subtitles
  • Tap the option of “Video Edit” to crop, trim and fast forward MOV files
  • Set an output destination using the options below
  • Click the button of “Start” and let this MOV editor work

 i  Free Download     i  Free  Download  

The most professional mov editor

(2) Which MOV editor supports multiple video formats? 

DVDFab Video Converter supports 27 video formats and DVDFab Toolkit supports 26 video formats. Here, let's take DVDFab Tookit MOV editor as an example.

  • Get DVDFab this .MOV editor launched on Windows
  • Select a way to edit your video like converting video format
  • Click “Converter” under “Video Tools”
  • Import your file to it
  • Set the output format and others on the interface
  • Set an output folder and click “Start”

 i  Free Download  

Free .MOV Editor

(3) How to increase sound volume in a MOV file?

Can you increase the sound volume of a movie file (.MOV) in which the embedded sound came through poorly? There are some MOV editors of great help to remove background noise. They are Audacity and Audition and Final Cut.

Audacity (Windows/Mac)

  • Free MOV Editor able to reduce tiny sound
  • Support excellent resources
  • Offer lots of effects
  • Force you to download other additional programs

Audition (Adobe Creative Cloud)

  • Open file in this MOV editor
  • Sample unwanted noise and reduce it
  • Normalize or raise the DB to your desired amount

Final Cut MOV Editor

  • Raise audio on a clip with three methods with increasing effect
  • The slightly effective method: select the audio clip you want to raise and use the shortcut keys of “Ctrl” + “[“.
  • The moderately effective method: duplicate the audio you want to raise by pressing it and dragging to the track below. The more times you repeat this action, the louder your audio will be.
  • The strongly effective method: Use the filter of “Gain” by clicking “Effects” > “Audio Filters” > “Final Cut Pro” > “Gain”, or double-clicking the clip “ > “Filters” under “Viewer”.

(4) What is the best metadata editor? 

What is a good metadata editor for Mac and Windows if I need to edit the metadata for large batches of video files (.MOV and .MP4)? Or you can say an MOV editor. Then what is metadata? Metadata includes title, artist, album, genre, comments, language, copyright, track information, etc. Use such tools below to customize your file.

Tigo Tago: support many video formats like MOV and help you edit general and additional information about your video.

MOV Video Editor

abcAVI Tag Editor (AVI instead of MOV editor)

  • Support RIFF INFO, MovieID, as well as DivX tags
  • Allow you to customize interface preferences,
  • Dedicated to edit AVI video including its primary tags, movie credits, additional tags, and other tags.
  • Primary Tags: include titles, director, copyright, product, genre, second genre, subjects, keywords, comments, and creation date.
  • Movie Credits: mean adding move credits to a video such as “written/produced/edited/music by”.
  • Additional Tags: contain Digitization (internet URL, “encoded by”, software, “digitized by”), source (source form, source, medium, and location), as well as additional information.

Other Tags: refer to logo URL, banner image URL, watermark URL, dimensions, brightness, sharpness and others.

MOV Editor

FFMPEG: allow you to edit metadata of a video as an MOV editor.

25. Conclusion

So many MOV editors are collected in this article to help you edit your file. According to your operating systems, choose the most suitable MOV editor for Windows, MAC as well as Linux. Also there are MOV editor online and APP for your choice. No matter you want to edit MOV files in batches or customize videos of all kinds of formats, DVDFab Video Converter and DVDFab Tookit are your best assistants.