You may have received video clips in different formats and now want to merge them together. If you are looking for the best MP4 joiners to combine MP4 videos, this blog could be of great help. In this blog, you will be introduced to some most effective and free MP4 video joiners. Go through the list of the best free MP4 joiners and choose what could be a convenient video joiner to suit your problems and purposes.

There is a plethora of options to combine multiple video files and create a single one. What is more, these video joiners are easily available online. Some of these free joiners are compatible with Mac and the rest are suited for Windows. In this blog, we have shortlisted only top 5 free MP4 joiners based on ease of use, speed, compatibility and performance.

Have a look at these joiners to pick up what you consider best for your purpose.


DVDFab Video Converter

Without blinking an eyelid, we can tell you DVDFab Video Converter is the best in its league of MP4 video joiners. It is most popular among the professionals and even the occasional users in need of merging two or more files into one. It is so easy to use DVDFab video converter that you will need no help for the work. If you are yet to install the converter, download it. Choose the MP4 files for merging and go through the following steps:

➢   Go to the profile library on the top left corner and choose Format > Video > General > MP4. Of course, if you want you can choose other formats.

➢   Take your cursor on the ‘merge’ icon and click on the same.

➢   Click ‘ok’.

➢   Click ‘start’ button to join the several MP4 files into one.

Another good point about DVDFab video converter is it allows the users to customize the settings. As a result, you can lend a customized look to the merged file according to your choice and preference.

There are several advantages of using DVDFab video converter. It allows you to merge different videos, irrespective of formats and quantity. You can combine the videos into any of the popular video formats. Furthermore, you can also output the merged filed to tablets, smartphones, TV boxes and game consoles. DVDFab video converter always ensures excellent video quality, irrespective of the way of customization.


Free Video Cutter Joiner

It is one of the top-rated MP4 joiners for Windows. It is often considered the easiest program for video cutting and merging. This video joining program is useful in removing unnecessary sections in the merged videos.


➢       It provides excellent support to a number of file formats.

➢       It features a reliable joining function.

➢       It features an easy-to-use use interface.

➢       It takes up little PC memory.

➢       It is of great use for video trimming, editing and merging.


➢       Super simplicity of interface is a big drawback.

➢       The user interface features only limited options.

➢       Only a few options are available for the users.


ZC Video Converter

It is another popular free MP4 joiner compatible with Windows OS. The video joiner allows you to combine the video files and also convert those from one format to another. Moreover, you will be able to transfer your media as well.


➢       It is a convenient-to-use video joiner.

➢       It features a preview function.

➢       It supports a variety of file formats.

➢       It features an ‘automatic shutdown’ system when finished.


➢       It has only a few options for configuration.

➢       If you are using a demo version, the watermark on the final output will be really irritating.

➢       Sometimes, you will feel glitches in playback.

Let us now take a look at two most popular and effective MP4 joiners for Mac.


AOA Video Joiner

It is one of the best MP4 joiners for Mac OS. It is a handy program for video combining, especially if multiple movies are scattered in your hard disc and you need to merge all of them into one large movie.


➢       It provides good support for MPEG, MP4, 3GP, AVI and FLV.

➢       Like the above-listed free MP4 joiners, it is also easy to use.

➢       It is capable of combining multiple file formats into one large movie while maintaining the same file format.


➢       This free MP4 joiner often installs some unnecessary stuff.

➢       Its anti-virus warning pops up very often, thereby causing annoyance to the users.


My Merger

This video MP4 joiner was developed by AllPeople. It is another free MP4 joiner that works on Mac OS. It is an excellent MP4 video merger allowing you to combine all video files into a single file in order to ensure that the users enjoy a continuous and enriching watching experience.


➢       You don’t need to undergo troubles to use it. In fact, you need nobody’s help to download the software program and/or use it.

➢       The MP4 joiner allows you to add background music while combining files.


➢       Don’t depend on the progress bar as it displays inaccurate estimates at times.

These are only a few MP4 joiners for Mac and Windows. There are more and you need to check other available options for the final pick.



Video trimming, merging and customization need expertise on another level. It is forte of the professionals who are in this field for their bread and butter. The field requires you to be creative and technically sound as well to be successful in a big way.

However, that never means others don’t do it or cannot do it. In fact, modern technology has made it quite easier to trim, combine and customize video files without experts’ help and guidelines. If you are using any of these free MP4 joiners for Windows and/or Mac, you will realize how easy it is to give a touch of sophistication and excellence to the final outputs.

These joiners are easy to download and use. The self-explanatory instructions make it simpler for the users to go on with their work of editing and merging. Even if you fail to become a pro, you can definitely do your own works without reaching out to the experts.