NBC, also known as the National Broadcasting Company, is an American television network that has been broadcasting since 1939. Throughout its history, NBC has aired a wide variety of shows, including sitcoms, dramas, comedies, reality TV, and more.

NBC shows have not only entertained audiences for many years but have also left a lasting impact on popular culture. So far, the midseason 2022-23 calendar includes America's Got Talent: All-Stars, a new addition to the AGT family that features returning previous winners, viral hits, and fan favorites.

intoduction to nbc shows

In this article, we are going to introduce some newly published and hot shows on NBC as well as how to download streaming video from NBC. We classified NBC shows into 3 categories: NBC TV shows, NBC comedy shows, and NBC game shows.  If you don't watch, come and watch!

NBC TV Shows 

New Amsterdam

To cure the system at America's oldest public hospital, the new medical director breaches the rules. Max Goodwin sets out to shatter the bureaucracy and give great treatment, but the physicians and workers are skeptical.

Dr. Goodwin doesn't take "no" for an answer and instead responds to situations big and small with four simple words: "How can I help?" He must upend the established quo and demonstrate that he would go to any length to provide fresh life to this underfunded and undervalued hospital, restoring it to the splendor that put it on the map.

Modern Family

Modern Family is one of the most globally popular NBC TV shows and comedy shows, which follows the lives of Jay Pritchett, his second wife, and his stepson, as well as his adult son, daughter, and husband and their three children. The show is presented in a mockumentary style, with the characters often speaking directly to the camera.

The series received critical acclaim throughout its run and it won the Emmy award for Outstanding Comedy Series for 5 consecutive years from 2010 to 2014. It ran for 11 seasons, and over 200 episodes, ending in April 2020.

Reginald the Vampire

Consider a world full of gorgeous, fit, and egotistical vampires. Reginald Andres plunges recklessly into it as an unusual hero who must overcome every adversity - the girl he loves but can't be with, a bully boss at work, and a vampire chieftain who wants him dead. Fortunately, Reginald realizes he possesses a few previously unknown abilities.

NBC comedy shows


NBC has a long history of airing popular comedy television shows. Some of the most well-known and critically acclaimed comedy shows to have aired on NBC include:

The Good Place

"The Good Place" is a fantasy-comedy television series that premiered on NBC in September 2016. It received widespread critical acclaim throughout its run and it was praised for its clever writing, complex characters, and unique take on morality and the afterlife. The show ran for 4 seasons and 53 episodes, ending in January 2020.

Resident Alien

Aliens who arrived unexpectedly Harry assumes the persona of a small-town Colorado doctor. He begins his basic existence after arriving with a hidden objective... However, when he is tasked with solving a local murder, he understands he must integrate into his new environment. As he progresses, he begins to battle with the moral quandary of his mission, asking important life issues such as, "Are humans worth saving?" and "Why do they fold their pizza before eating it?"

Parientes a la Fuerza

When George's mother dies, he is charged with transporting her ashes from Los Angeles to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, where he meets Carmen, a lovely singer who saves his life unwittingly.

NBC game shows


"Password" is a game show that has been broadcast on NBC on and off since 1961 and was popular and ran for over a decade, but was eventually canceled in 1975.

In subsequent years, various versions of "Password" were attempted on different networks, but none were as successful as the original. In 2021, NBC announced that they would be bringing back the show again, this time hosted by Jimmy Fallon and it is currently running.

La Casa De Los Famosos

Cameras installed around the home watch the seventeen candidates who live under the same roof. These stars, who have been secluded from the outside world for a lengthy period of time, appear in the most exposing settings like never before.

What are they like when they have to deal with home duties and compete in challenges? How do they behave while making critical decisions? Each week, one of the housemates is voted out by the public, and the winner is the final roommate standing.

Dateline Secrets Uncovered

Mysteries from real life. Investigative journalism. Justice. Dateline is a long-running, award-winning news magazine that brings viewers captivating mysteries, riveting documentaries, and in-depth investigations. Each episode of Dateline: Secrets Uncovered, hosted by NBC News' Craig Melvin, contains the classic components of drama and excellent storytelling: good folks, evil guys, conflict with the greatest stakes, suspense, and resolution.

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How to Download NBC Shows Freely and Safely

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Step 4

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The contents above are the newly published NBC show in recent years. The guide will be updated as new premiere dates are disclosed or confirmed throughout the year, so keep it handy – and start marking your calendars for what to watch in 2023.