You may see imperfections and jitters of fine details in your image despite working with high-end digital cameras. These noises and imperfections may result from higher ISO sensitivities, image sensor exposure, low-light conditions, video compression, etc. While many video noise reduction software exist, Neat Video was introduced to reduce digital noise and other imperfections for all users.

This article will extensively discuss the Neat Video denoiser tool to familiarize you with its features and workings. We will also detail the steps and process for using it to denoise video and enhance the overall quality within minutes. Stay tuned for a knowledgeable read.

What is Noise Reduction Software?

Digital photography is ever-improving to capture fine details in high quality, but image sensors can cause unwanted noise, appearing as a small, grain-like artifact on the image. Moreover, you can see visible differences in color and brightness. No matter whether the image sensor is smaller or larger, it will affect the photograph — however, a smaller image sensor results in tremendous noise.

Video noise reduction software is essential for reducing unwanted noise from images and videos, making them more explicit and crisp. When recording footage using an analog or digital device, the heated electrons may get agitated and move away from their standard path, causing noise. Video noise reduction software helps reduce broadband and background noise with minimal signal quality reduction.

Understanding the Neat Noise Reduction Software

Since 2005, Neat Video has been improving the video quality of high-level professional producers and enthusiastic amateurs. It is a premium video noise reduction software that sharpens videos. It has a collection of readily available presets with filter settings to resolve the filtration tasks.

Video noise can result in many forms like grains, scratches, speckles, color pixels, and static in each frame of your video footage. This can result from various factors like high sensor gain, low light levels, video compression, electronic interference, etc.

Neat Video is comprehensive digital filter software designed to reduce flicker, grains, noise, and other imperfections in video footage captured from any device, including DSLRs, mobile phones, video cameras, drone cameras, TV tuners, VHS footage, digitized film, CGI materials, and more. Neat Video plugins are also available for over 20 popular editing apps, such as DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut, and Premiere Pro.

neat video

Advanced Features of Neat Video

1. Advanced Temporal Noise Filter: Offers advanced temporal noise filter to analyze and compare the number of frames to collect maximum information

2. Flicker Reduction: Reduces localized and frame-wide flicker, suppressing the visual imperfection

3. Dust and Scratches Filter: Provides a dust and scratches filter to remove dust and scratches from film, impulse interference, and other defects

4. Sophisticated Spatial Noise Filter: Spatial noise filter helps reduce noise elements for multiple frequencies and color channels

5. Repeated Frames: This feature reduces noise in clips with repeated frames, especially those recorded in the Night mode or Slow shutter.

6. Artifact Removal Filter: This filter treats digital artifacts like impulse noise caused by video compression and removes dots and small lines.

7. Smart Sharpening: Use noise profiling techniques to sharpen the picture without amplifying noise.

8. Adaptive Filtration: This provides more accurate video noise reduction by auto-adjusting the noise filter when noise properties change in different parts of the video clips.

9. Jitter of Fine Details: Suppresses the visible jitters and fine details of moving small objects in the video.

10. Adjustable Noise Filter Settings: Enables fine-tuning video noise reduction parameters to match your needs.

11. Other Features: 

a. Intuitive Noise Profiling

  • Device Noise Profiles
  • Auto Profile Features
  • Generic Noise Profiles
  • Profile Check and Tuning

b. Instant Visual Feedback

  • Immediate Preview
  • Playback Feature
  • Multiple Preview Modes
  • Filter Settings Check

c. Extensive Host Integration

  • Most video editing platforms support Neat Video
  • Neat Video supports all frame sizes
  • Neat Video plugins work as regular video filters
  • High-bit depth rendering

d. Excellent Hardware Optimization

  • Speed up Denoise video processing through GPU acceleration
  • Works seamlessly with all video file formats
  • Multi-core, Multi-CPU, and Multi-GPU hardware functionality

How Does Neat Video Work?

The Neat Video software combines sophisticated mathematical algorithms, innovative approaches, and wavelet-based techniques to get results beyond the standard video noise reduction techniques.

The program builds and uses noise profiles to tailor the nose reduction. Generally, a noise profile is a reusable analysis of the noise properties of a specific video recorded using a particular recording device in a specific mode. This way, Neat Video can customize the algorithms to the individual device. It can reduce digital noise with precision, retain accurate details, and is quite beneficial for videos recorded with video cameras, camcorders, computers, film digitizers, etc.

Neat Video features a highly automated built-in noise auto-profiling tool to generate noise profiles instantly. You can save and reuse these profiles for similar footage from the same device to streamline your workflow and improve productivity.

The Neat Video program uses temporal and spatial filtering to treat digital noise. The temporal filter helps compare consecutive frames in a video sequence to separate noise more accurately and precisely. On the other hand, the spatial filter helps reduce gains, noise, and scratches from each frame for a smoother, polished, and noise-free image. Noise profile and dual filtration help attain clean and neat video clips, preserving the original beauty.

With hardware acceleration technology, Neat Video software can work seamlessly on multi-core CPU systems. It uses your system’s hardware resources for fast and effective noise reduction.

How to Use the Neat Video Noise Reduction Software

Neat Video plugins are excellent. You can upload different noise-reducing profiles geared toward your cameras and various scenarios. However, the Auto Profile feature can often come in handy. Here’s the detailed process for using it.

Step 1: Download and open Neat Video software on your computer. Then, load your image or video into the program.

Step 2: Go into the Effects browser and drag the Neat video plugin onto your clip. Or double-click, and then you will go into the Inspector window and click Select to open it here.

How to Use the Neat Video Noise Reduction Software

Step 3: Now, a window will open that will have you choose an area in your shot with a decent amount of noise and is the same in tone and color for the most part.

Step 4: Click on the desired place and choose a small, good, or best size. Opt for a size that fits in the good range as a uniform ‘Best’ sample size is hard to get.

If you somehow go over different colors or tones, the Neat Video will tell you that the area is not uniform. You can still auto-profile, but you will not get the best results.

Step 5: Drag onto a noise spot, go up to the Auto Profile, and click it.

Step 6: Then, go down to Apply at the bottom right-hand corner and see the changes before your eyes.

Best Alternative to Neat Video Noise Reduction Software

Using Neat Video software is a powerful and effective way to clean up video from any device and source, such as camcorders, phones, video cameras, drones, films, etc.

However, it works occasionally and crashes your project and PC the other times, frustrating you to the core. While the devs have optimized the video denoiser with the latest versions, it requires powerful hardware, and the scratch issue isn’t fixed yet. Considering these limitations, you can seek digital solace in UniFab Denoise AI.

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It is a powerful tool for denoising video using AI. Multiple technologies power it, ensuring detail restoration to enhance video quality. It is ideal to eliminate and denoise video regardless of the cause, be it camera malfunctions, high ISO settings, signal interference, low-light conditions, compression algorithms, etc., and make your video clearer by enhancing the details.

UniFab Denoise AI's user-friendly operations are easy for beginners and novices. It supports editing, trimming, and cropping videos to customize your overall video for a professional look. It also allows you to tailor the sound effects and remove background noise with a 50x faster GPU acceleration speed.

How to Remove Noise Using UniFab Denoise AI

Step 1: Install and launch the UniFab Denoiser AI software

Download and double-click the UniFab software on your Windows computer. Choose the Denoiser module fromleft pane to activate the Denoiser AI program.

Step 2: Load your video with noise

Tap the Add Video tab to select and load the video from which you want to remove noise from your local folder.

Step 3: Edit the local video

Remove Noise Using UniFab Denoise AI

Tailor the video output to your preferences and meet your desired needs. Besides removing the noise from the video, you can set the Quality and adjust other necessary parameters like resolution, frame rate, codec, bit rate, and more. Tap OK or select Apply to All.

Step 4: Begin the video noise reduction process

Begin the video noise reduction process

Press the Start at the bottom to denoise the video. The process will start and complete at a blazing speed.

Pros and Cons of UniFab Denoise AI


  • Massive features in a single software
  • Utilizes AI technology to remove noise and enhance the overall video quality
  • Eliminates noise from video regardless of the cause
  • User-friendly interface for beginners; does not have complex settings
  • Trims unnecessary video segments from the beginning, middle, and the end
  • Supports editing video to meet your needs
  • GPU acceleration speeds up the denoise and video-enhancing process


  • Exclusively available for Windows PCs only, unavailable on Mac and Linux computers
  • Only an annual and lifetime license is available, unlike monthly licenses by its competitors

Bonus Tip: Enhance Overall Video Quality with UniFab All-In-One

Besides the powerful UniFab Denoise AI, there’s an ultimate video enhancer, to manage the appearance of your overall video.

UniFab Video Enhancer is an all-around software suite with AI technology that enhances your video and takes it to the next level. Its wide range of top-notch features and functions lets you losslessly convert, compress, customize, and ai upscaling video and audio files.

The UniFab better understands and meets user needs for enhancing video quality. By combining eight tools in a single program, UniFab helps upscale video resolution up to 4K and upmix audio to DTS 7.1 surround sound quality. You can even denoise video, boost frame rate, deinterlace video, and edit footage to create professional videos with a single software program.

The Final Words

Today, digital and professional cameras offer a higher quality image with sharper and clearer details than in previous years. Kudos to technological advancements. However, this has resulted in a bid to serve better in the best available. For instance, when you capture images in low light with high ISOs for clearer details, you unintentionally invite noise by nearing the camera’s maximum ISO settings. Here’s where a video noise reduction tool steps in to help you.

We have provided you with comprehensive points on Neat Video, including the features, workings, and steps. However, if you wish to try an alternative to this video denoiser, UniFab Denoise AI should be your ultimate best pick.


Q. Who can use the Neat Video?

Neat Video software is for anyone intending to denoise video and improve the quality during underwater video, slow-mo, 3D animation, digitized film and VHS, etc. It is best designed to be used for:

  • Wedding videographers
  • Event videographers
  • Real Estate videographers
  • Advertising agencies
  • UAV pilots and aerial video makers
  • Online video producers
  • Broadcast television
  • Drone pilots
  • Documentary filmmakers
  • YouTubers and content creators
  • Commercial and corporate video makers

Q. What are the benefits of Neat Video?

Neat Video is fully automatic, professional AI software for reducing and denoising video. It can capture footage you previously thought was impossible. It is one of the leading software offering the following benefits.

  • Offers the best after-sales customer service
  • Universal for drones, cameras, smartphones, etc.
  • Professionals and companies support it globally
  • It lets you earn more with the gear you already own
  • No ongoing yearly payments

Q. In what scenarios can I use the Neat Video?

Neat Videos come in handy for most situations to enhance the video clips suffering from any of these defects.

  • Color branding
  • Dust, grains, and scratches in digitized films
  • Flicker due to lighting conditions
  • Compression artifacts
  • Jittering due to video compression
  • Pixel noise due to image sensors
  • Electric interference hampering the analog video