"Play MKV on iPhone" is possible, though MKV is not supported by iOS devices by default as a container format. iPhone accepts MP4 videos, so we just convert MKV to MP4 before "put MKV on iPhone". This is the easist way to play MKV on iPhone. Besides the different compatibilty of MKV vs. MP4, another article gives more details about such two formats. Here, let's put the spotlight on how to play MKV files on iPhone and I will provide you with several solutions to this problem, including video conversion, MKV iPhone player and MKV to iPhone transfer.

1. Play MKV on iPhone with DVDFab Video Converter

In order to play MKV on iPhone, convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter. This free software is an expert in video conversion and allow you to convert MKV to numerous formats like AVI, FLV, M2TS, MP4, MP4(Theater), MKV, TS and WMV. Meanwhile, this MKV to MP4 converter also supports many audio fomats such as AAC, AC3, APE, MP3, etc. SUbsequently, let's learn how to use this free software on Windows or Mac to play MKV on iPhone.

Steps on how to play MKV files on iPhone:

(1) Download and install DVDFab Video Converter

Get this free MKV to iPhone converter launched on Windows or Mac. Then tap the module of "Converter" on the top and import your MKV file using either the option of "Add from Local" or "+" icon. DVDFab Video Converter is one of modules of DVDFab 11

MKV iPhone

(2) Select output format or device

After your MKV file is analyzed by this MKV iPhone converter, there will be the basic information of the video on the interface. Click the "Profile Switcher" and you will be led to the second screenshot under this paragraph. There are numerous  video formats you can convert using this free software. Choose "MP4" so that you can play MKV on iPhone

Watch MKV on iPhone

When you don't know which format your deivce supports, click "Profile Switcher" > "Devce" > "Apple" > "iPhone". Then you can also convert MKV to iPhone-supported video fromats. And you will play MKV on iPhone. Besides Apple, this MKV iPhone converter also supports output devices like Box, Google, HTC, HuaWei, Microsoft, Motorola, Sony, SumSung, Nokis, etc.

MKV on iPhone


(3) Edit MKV files (optional)

On the main interface of DVDFab Video Converter, the iPhone MKV converter, there are two options for you to edit MKV video before you play MKV on iPhone.  First is the "Advanced Settings" through which you can set the codec, resolution and video quality, and among others. Then the "Video Edit" icon allows you to crop and trim the video before conversion and even allows you add watermarks and subtitles and change video properties based on your needs. You can customize your MKV file before converting MKV to MP4 to play MKV on iPhone.

iPhone MKV Player

MKV to iPhjone


MKV on iPhone


(4) Save MP4 on iPhone

This MKV iPhone converter provides you with three output destinations. To play MKV on iPhone, you should slect the first option of "mobile device". Then hit the "Start" button. A window will pop up navigating you to transfer your converted file to iPhone. With DVDFab Remote installed in your mobile phone, the converted file transfer process will be easily done.


play mkv on iphone

2. Play MKV on iPhone with DVDFab Toolkit

If you feel it effortful to play MKV on iPhone with DVDFab Video Converter, there is an easier way to finish that with DVDFab Toolkit. This free MKV iPhone covnerter is very easy to use, and save you from many steps to convert MKV to MP4. Now follow me to learn how to use it to play MKV on iPhone.

(1) Get DVDFab Toolkit launched in Windows

This MKV iPhone converter only works on Windows till now. In a near future, it may be upgraded to be compatible with Mac.

(2) Load MKV File 

After starting DVDFab Toolkit, click the button of "Converter" under "Video Tools". And you will be led to load your MKV file. Learning how to play MKV with this free software is very easy.

Put MKV on IPhone


(2) Covnert MKV to MP4

Next, you will come to this interface. Set the output format as "MP4"  to play MKV on iPhone. And you can also customize your MKV video and audio at the same time.

MKV iPhone

(3) Set an output folder

Where are you going to save your converter MP4 file? Just click the "Little Triangle" and set a place. After that, click the button of "Start". This MKV iPhone converter will work fast to process your file. 

3. MKV iPhone Player

If you wish to play MKV on iPhone directly, you can try any of the following MKV iPhone players from the App Store. 

(1) PlayerXtreme Media Player

This MKV iPhone player is touted as the best media player for iOS devices.

You can use it to play videos in formats of 3GP, MT2S, WMV and even MKV on iPhone. 

play mkv on iphone


If you’re watching a foreign language movie, This MKV iPhone player also allows you to download subtitles in real time to be inserted into your movie.

It is battery-efficient, so you don't have to worry about exhausting your smartphone battery power quickly. What's more, it supports Chromecast Airplay n addition to "Play MKV on iPhone".

(2) Playable Media Player

If you just need a simple app to play MKV on iPhone without much fuss, this MKV iPhone deserves your attention. It also plays your MP4 and MOV files over your IPad, iPhone and iPod Touch via iTunes transfer. This is a HD media player has been voted one of the top 100 apps in 130 countries for the past two years.

play mkv on iphone

This MKV iPhone player supports 720p and 1080p video playback. It accepts Dropbox, USB and WiFi file transfer with automatic addition of movie posters. Apart from subtitle support, there is a playback resume feature which is convenient if you often steal time every now and then to watch MKV on iPhone.

(3) VLC for Mobile

By now you would have heard of VLC, claimed as the most versatile MKV player. With VLC in hand, you can play MKV on iPhone without a hitch.

play mkv on iphone

This MKV iPhone player supports advanced subtitles, multi-track audio and playback speed control, among many other exciting features. File synchronization is offered via  Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, iCloud Drive and iTunes. Video streaming is available from SMB, FTP, UPnP/DLNA media servers and the web.


3. Transfer MKV to iPhone to Play MKV iPhone 

If you have an MKV media player installed in your iPhone, you may transfer your MKV files for playback with DVDFab File Transfer. Then "play MKV on iPhone" will be very easy. Now let's learn how to transfer MKV to iPhone with this free software.

How to transfer MKV to iPhone with DVDFab Transfer

DVDFab File Transfer transfers files wirelessly to any smartphone and tablet, so that you can play MKV on iPhone for free. 

(1) Launched DVDFab 11 and select "Utilities"

MKV to  iPhone

(2) Click on "File Transfer". A set of instructions will appear to show you the steps to transfer your MKV to iPhone.

play mkv on iphone

(3) Install DVDFab Remote in your iPhone and connect it to DVDFab.Then you can see the File Transfer window.

(4) Click the Add button to add the MKV or other video files from your computer.

play mkv on iphone

(5) Click the “Transfer” button to start the process of transferring the MKV videos to your iPhone. When the transfer is complete, you can find the videos in your Photos.

How to Transfer MKV to iPhone with iTunes

If you’ve already installed iTunes in your computer, then you can use the program to transfer MKV to iPhone. On launching iTunes, select "File" and create a new playlist if you wish by clicking on "New". If you already have a playlist to add your MKV to, select "Add File to Library".

play mkv on iphone

Then connect your iPhone to your computer. Once your device is detected in iTunes, drag and transfer the MKV to iPhone. Then you will be able to play MKV on iPhone.


Have you learned how to play MKV on iPhone? There are three methods provided in this article. Convert MKV to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter or DVDFab Toolkit. Ask for MKV iPhone player for help. Or, transfer MKV to iPhone with DVDFab Transfer. Choose on way to play MKV on iPhone based on your preference. I wish you success.