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How to Speed up Video on iMovie


   Posted by WiKi

2019-12-28 05:22:54


Summary: How to speed up video on iMovie? Find the answer in this article. You can use iMovie to learn how to speed up video in iphone/Mac and use its alternatives to speed up video in Android/PC.

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How to speed up a video, so that the video can get to the juicy part without to much talking? Would you like to speed up a video to get the most information with the shortest time? Are you going to save money by speeding up a video, considering YouTube pays money based on how long a video is, with a magic milestone at 10 minutes? For those who are looking forward to speeding up part of a video or the whole video, let iMovie help you. Now, let’s learn how to speed up video on iMovie.

Table of Contents:

1. iMovie

2. iMovie Alternatives

   (1) DVDFab Toolkit

   (2) DVDFab Player 6

   (3) VideoStudio

   (4) Kapwing


1. iMove


iMovie is compatible with Mac. To use this software, download and install it to your PC first. Then, if you are going to learn how to speed up a part of video, you are supposed to import your whole video to this powerful and tell iMovie which part you decide to speed up. Select the part video in the section of Timeline. Click the button of “Speed” on the upper right viewer, and continue to select “Fast” in the “Speed” drop-down box. How faster you want to speed up the part video? You can choose from “2x, 4x, 8x and 20x”. Alternatively, use the menu bar in the upper left corner and click “Modify” > “Fast Forward” to speed up video in iMovie.


iMovie also works on iOS. Install this software to your iPhone or iPad. Then, click the button of “Edit” and select part of your video in the Timeline section. Enable the “Speed” button and move the slider at the bottom to the right to accelerate your video clip. iMovie can help you speed up your video two times faster than before. Here, if you want eliminate the adjustment you have imposed on your video, select the video clip, click the button of “Speed” and reset the playback speed. Besides how to speed up video on iMovie, you can finish this operation on iMovie alternatives. Continue reading and see which tools are so powerful.



2. iMovie Alternatives


(1) DVDFab Toolkit


iMovie is favored by Mac and iOS users. Is there any tool compatible with Windows in assisting users to speed up a video? DVDFab Toolkit is expected to shoulder this responsibility. Download and install DVDFab Toolkit with three clicks. Start it and you will be in front of the clean but versatile interface of this exceptional software. Then, under “Video Tools”, there is an option of “Speed Up/Down”, which is used to adjust the video speed. Believe it or not, “Speed up video on DVDFab Toolkit” is easier than “Speed up video on iMovie”.



Click “ Speed Up/Down” under “Video Tools” and import your video to DVDFab Toolkit by clicking the “+” icon. Then, you can move the slider to increase the speed of your video to 16 times faster than the normal speed. DVDFab Toolkit’s ability to speed up a video is second to none. After deciding where to save your video, click the button of “Start” at the bottom. After seconds, DVDFab Toolkit will finish this task and remind you of where to find the file. If you choose to speed up video in iMove, you cannot increase the speed so fast.


Besides working as a tool to speed up videos, DVDFab Toolkit also plays other important roles. For instance, it can convert/trim/ merge videos and audios. Would you like to create a special song mix? DVDFab Toolkit can help you. Do you have GoPro videos to stabilize or eliminate noise? Click “Deshake” under “Video Tools” and “Denoise” under “Audio Tools” to solve this problem. If you also want to sharpen or blur videos, click “Sharpen/Unsharpen” under “Video Tools” to finish that. Other options listed on the main interface of DVDFab Toolkit are also helpful. For example, the button of “Rotate” helps to change the direction of a video in two-dimension space. While the button of “Mirror/Flip” helps to change the video angle in three-dimension space. At last, under the option of “Image Tools”, you can use the two buttons to convert a video to Gif or Pictures. If you learn how to speed up video in iMovie app, you might as well see whether it has so many functions.



(2) DVDFab Player 6


How do you speed up a video in iMovie? Is it convenient? Another tool to adjust the playback speed of a video is DVDFab Player 6. If you want to speed up a video when watching it to avoid too much talking part, DVDFab Player 6 is your first choice. Download and install it first. When starting this 4k UHD player, you are going to choose “PC Mode” or “TV Mode”. Then, import your videos to the library of DVDFab Player 6, or directly search a video via “File Explorer” under the option of “My Computer”.



Before loading one of your DVD or Blu-ray videos, you can click the “Little Triangle” in the upper right corner and “Settings” > “Playback” to enable the “Menu Mode”. Then, when your video is playing in DVDFab Player 6, you can use the keyboard to control it, as you are playing a game. Right-click the video interface, and you will see the option of “Playback”. Click “Playback” and enable the “Fast Forward” function. You can speed up your video to 32 times faster than the normal speed. Of course, you can also slow down you video with DVDFab Player 6.



(3) VideoStudio


VideoStudio is the third alternative to iMovie to speed up videos. Install this software to your PC. Similar to how to speed up video on iMovie, you are supposed to choose the video clip you are going to speed up, by selecting the video clip first on the Timeline section. Right-click the clip and choose the “Time Remapping” option. Click the button of “Play” and use the buttons of “Mark In” and “Mark Out” to locate your video clip. You can choose a segment of a video or the whole video instead. Then, click the option of “Speed” and move the slider to speed up a video.



(4) Kapwing


Kapwing can also be used to speed up videos. Different from the tools mentioned above, Kapwing is online assistant. Locate this platform and upload your video to it. Alternatively, you can use the video URL to find your file. Then, click the button of “Timeline” in the toolbar. You will be allowed to speed up your video based on such choices as “1.5x, 2x and 4x”. No matter which one you choose, Kapwing will show you how long this video will last according to your decision. Afterwards, click “Publish” in the top right corner and save your video.


Note: One point you have to think when choosing an online website to speed up videos is network. To speed up video smoothly, your Wi-Fi should be stable. In addition, sometimes you have to pay for the service which helps to edit your videos. In terms of stability, how to speed up video on iMovie has lower demand for network than online websites.





So much for how to speed up video on iMovie and its alternatives. Which tool are you going to adopt to speed up your video? If your device supports Windows, DVDFab Toolkit is at your disposal. If your device supports Mac, iMovie may be helpful. If you don’t want to download and install any tool, Kapwing, an online website, is your preference. Among so many products introduced in this article, DVDFab Toolkit can speed up a video at the highest speed, putting others in the shade. If you want to adjust the playback speed when watching a video, DVDFab Player stands out to increase the speed to 32 times.


Make a decision based on your needs. In the future, you will be never disturbed by a long conversion in a video, nor will you have concern about video space, since a video with a faster speed will take less space than before. If you are also passionate about how to make a Gif, please read the article which provides detailed instructions on how to do that with the help of more than one tool.

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