TikTok Video Dimensions: Portrait or Landscape?

TikTok video resolution can be uploaded in landscape and portrait. Preferably, users need to create videos that display in portrait as these are the standard practice. All social websites provide vertical video. They enhance consumption, something that any account holder on TikTok wishes to make sure to have the algorithm of the platform work in their favor.

As more of the content will be recorded with user's smartphone, TikTok will optimize it for portrait view automatically. If users, on the other hand, wish to switch their videos to landscape, they will need to upload a landscape-shot video to the platform or record it in landscape mode. On the other hand, TikTok has a video mode option that is displayed when uploading videos.

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What is TikTok Video Maximum Resolution

The maximum video size and resolution of TikTok is divided into more than one measurement. Video size narrates to the video file size. It also relates to the TikTok resolution size and video dimensions when uploaded on the platform. And taking into consideration there are differences for what you can post to the platform, the resolution differs accordingly.

As the post update in 2023, TikTok supports a maximum video resolution of 1080 x 1920 pixels, which matches the standard for high-definition vertical videos. You can save TikTok videos in 1080p directly via its built-in downloading function. However, what if you need a higher resolution TikTok video, for example, 4K?

How to Enhance TikTok Resoulution to 4K

Enhance TikTok Resoulution to 4K

DVDFab Video Enhancer AI

This AI-powered video enhancer can improve video quality and increase TikTok resolution using trained neural networks and super-resolution technology.
  • Upscaling TikTok resolution in up to 4K
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  • Boost saturation and brightness of images and automatically correct color as well as decrease blurring and noise
  • Enhance image quality while achieving higher image fidelity and higher work efficiency.
Step 1

Launch Video Enhancer AI

The first step involves launching the tool and adding the tiktok video you want to enhance.

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Enhance TikTok Resoulution


Step 2

Make customizations as needed

You can now make adjustments like denoise, enlarge, sharpen, and adjust other parameters before starting the video enhancement.

Enhance TikTok Resoulution

Step 3

Complete the conversion

Upon completion of the video conversion, you can view the final results of the video enhancement.

Enhance TikTok Resoulution 

If words are too boring for you, here is a simple video instruction to guide you to enhance TikTok resolution to 4K. Have a look.


What is the Length of a Video on TikTok?

Videos earlier started as 15-second clips. Eventually, they grew to 60-second videos and now 3-minute videos might be on the hands and are in testing with specific users. The 3-minute length of the video was selected up by different sources towards the end of 2020. It is a development from the 15 and 60-second cap and can also be believed to be a gamble. Engagement is an essential factor in all social media services. When TikTok launched its 15-second clips, it proved that the short time cap permits for a strong video completion and watch time numbers.

It is believed that the same goes for 60-second videos, and users are eager to know what will be the result for 3-minute videos. 3 minutes will be indicated that the users will have to create more entertaining and interesting videos to keep viewers engaged, or risk losing followers and being customized by the algorithm of TikTok. To know if you can record 3-minute videos, go to the app and make sure you have the latest version. Now, create a video to see if you have the option of recording a 3-minute long video. Only some people have access to the option and it is in testing. TikTok has restricted the pool to make sure that not too many content and users are affected adversely by the possible new feature.

How to upload an attractive TikTok video?

Below are some tips that will help you while uploading videos to TikTok. Have a look:

  • Don’t make it long: A duration of 9 to 15-second videos is perfect for normal ads, while 60-second options are suggested for the Apple app.
  • Use vertical videos: Vertical video is the simplest method to share content. It is optimized for smartphones, offering the best possible view of what users have to share.
  • Center your content: Like many other social media services, TikTok has limitations that crop content you upload automatically. Be certain that you follow the best practices and copy more essential elements, such as a call to action, to the center to make it pop.
  • Grab attention instantly: All expert marketers know that social media users are facing competition when it comes to scrolling for content. They cannot seem to get through as much as possible in time. To beat scrolling, utilize an engaging picture that grabs user attention.
  • Add a strong call-to-action: Calls to action in some circles can be said to be the point of marketing. You want viewers to take action and CTAs assist offer results. Make your call to action compelling, clear, obvious, and personalized. Do not offer users a reason to scroll without taking action to your calls.
  • Don’t forget music: There is no getting around the music end of TikTok. It is what makes the service so enticing. Use music that is suitable for your videos, and if you can, make it as fashionable as possible by getting to know what your target market is into.


In a nutshell, we just saw details about the best TikTok resolution and video size about TikTok. In addition to this, we also saw that DVDFab Video Converter can be used to optimize your videos for TikTok.