GIFs are an efficient form of communication due to their small size and casually humorous and exciting state. GIFs have an excellent ability to capture a person's attention and drive the message it carries into the heart of an individual. GIFs are a good way of gaining the audience of young people, and their short nature makes them ideal for educating and explaining issues using few words and images. GIFs easily go viral.

GIFs are created using a series of images or frames. This means that you can create GIFs from existing photos and videos. So, if that is the case, two questions arise. How do you make GIFs, and how do you convert MP4 videos to high-quality GIFs?

Creating GIFs can be done using different techniques, which are all included into two categories; Online websites like Cloud Convert, Convertio and installable software's like DVDFab Toolkit

Websites to Convert MP4 videos to GIF High Quality

1. Cloud Convert.

Cloud Convert permits a user to convert MP4. WEBM and AVI format videos to GIFs online. It gives the user the freedom to control the quality, size, and resolution of their GIF.

Using Cloud Convert is simple since once you click on the "Select File" prompt, you are provided with a list of the locations you can upload your MP4 video from. These locations are your computer hard disks, from Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or from an URL. After selecting the file, you can adjust the setting to suit your preference and start the conversion process.

2. Convertio

Convertio is a free online website that allows a person to convert MP4 files to GIFs.

To use Convertio, select MP4 files from your computer, URL or Google Drive and then choose GIF format since the website provides a range of other supported formats. After that, you can let conversion take place and download your GIF.

3. Zamzar

Zamzar is another free online website that enables the conversion of Mp4 video files to GIFs in only three steps. You add the file, select the "GIF" option in the second step, since Zamzar is used to convert MP4 video files to other supported video formats and finally click on "Convert Now" to commence the conversion process.

4. Ezgif

mp4 to gif high quality:4. Ezgif

Ezgif is a GIF maker that enables individuals to upload a video file or paste the video URL to convert the file to a GIF. Ezgif supports MP4, WEBM, MPEG, 3GP, FLV, AVI and MOV video formats and allows converts files with a maximum size of 100 megabytes.

Ezgif can convert your transparent MP4 videos to transparent, high-quality GIFs. It also has a resize and crop tool that can alter the size of the GIF that you make. Using Ezgif's editing tools provides outstanding and high-quality GIFs.

However, online MP4 to PNG/GIF video converters are not recommended. This is because these sites limit the choice of trimming unwanted video parts and often set exceedingly big file sizes. Some sites may also require an individual to sign up before, while others embed watermarks on the GIFs unless you upgrade to a premium plan. Another downside of online GIF makers is that they require stable internet connectivity. Finally, online GIF makers support a limited number of input formats.

Best Software for Converting MP4 Videos to GIFs

1. DVDFab Toolkit

It's software that is used to convert MP4 videos to GIFs offline. It's software that you can use to make GIFs regardless of the video size. It converts videos at a fast speed without losing their original quality. It's open-source; hence it can be used with one. Furthermore, it supports videos of formats FKL, MKV, and WEBM.

This software has the following advantages:

  • It can convert videos open multiple formats like MP4, 3GP, OGM, VOB, TS, MPG, MOV, WMV, WTV and many other formats.
  • It can convert videos to GIFs in batches and not one by one hence takes little time to give the output GIFs required.
  • Gives high resolution output GIFs without any watermarks hence high-quality GIFs obtained.
  • Both beginners and experts can easily use the software.
  • Offers fast conversion speed to give output files.

Steps to convert video to GIFs using DVDFab Converter

Under the Image Tools option, click the Video to GIFs button. Navigate to load your source video and import your videos to the convert.

mp4 to gif high quality:1. DVDFab Toolkit

§ Edit your videos. Using the 'Start Time' and 'End Time' features, you can decide the part of the video to be converted to GIFs. You will need to set the values of 'Looping', 'Speed' and 'Size' based on your choice.

mp4 to gif high quality:1. DVDFab Toolkit

§ Set the Output Destination of your GIFs at the bottom, then click the 'Start' feature in the lower-right corner. Once your GIF file is ready, the DVDFab Toolkit will send a reminder of where to locate it in your system.

2. VideoProc

VideoProc is a Windows and Mac-compatible software that transcends its role as a video to GIF maker. VideoProc can convert MKV, MP4, H.265, DVD files, AVI and CDR files to widely accepted and supported video file formats. It can also convert audio files into different formats and extract audio files from videos.

VideoProc is a preferable GIF maker due to its fast work rate and high-definition GIFs output. But to convert your MP4 files to GIFs using this software, you first must download and install it. The following are the steps to follow convert MP4 video to GIF using VideoProc:

mp4 to gif high quality:2. VideoProc

Step 1: Load the MP4 video you want to convert

Launch VideoProc, select "Video" and click on the "+ Video" button to select the MP4 video you want to convert into a GIF. You can also drag and drop the source file into the software's main screen to load.

Step 2: GIF settings.

The bottom bar of VideoProc has a "Toolbox." In the "Toolbox" double click on the "GIF" option. This opens a "Video to GIF" panel that enables you to adjust a few settings. It is important to specify the portion of your video you intend to convert by indicating the starting and ending time or moving the sliders on the preview window. You can also adjust the image size to a range of supported preset sizes and set the loop for your GIF. After adjusting the setting to suit your taste, select "Done."

Step 3: Initiate Conversion

Click on the "Run" button commences the conversion of your MP4 video to a high-quality GIF.

3. Free Video to GIF Converter

Free Video to GIF Converter is a simple and lightweight software that anyone can easily use. Free Video to GIF Converter supports MP4, AVI, MPEG and Wav video files. It permits a person to convert long videos by choosing preferred portions of a video they would like to transform into GIFs.

Free Video to GIF Converter allows a user to adjust the playback speed and the height and width of the GIF.

mp4 to gif high quality:3. Free Video to GIF Converter

To convert an MP4 file to a GIF using Free Video to GIF converter, upload a video source file into the software, adjust the setting for the intended GIF's start and end time, size and resolution and click on the "convert" button to make your GIF.

4. Instagiffer

Instagiffer is free converter software that supports MP4, AVI, MOV and WMV file formats available on Windows and Mac. This software is also used to convert online videos. It has a simple user interface and creates high-quality GIFs. A user can bring together two or more video files to create a single GIF and add captions, effects and edit GIFs.

mp4 to gif high quality:4. Instagiffer

Using Instagiffer is easy. You can add a video source file into the software by clicking the "Load" button or using an URL for an online video. After loading the video, adjust the setting by checking the starting and ending time, the size of the GIF, frame rates and resolution. After ensuring the setting are appropriate, click on the "Create GIF" button to create your GIF.

5. KickMyGraphics

mp4 to gif high quality:5. KickMyGraphics

KickMyGraphics is a small, free and powerful software that creates and edits GIFs. KickMyGraphics supports a range of popular video formats and animated JPG and PNG files. It also supports screen recording, making it possible to convert screen-recorded videos into GIFs. This software has an editor that allows you to zoom, cut, trim, rotate, stretch, loopback and perform many other editing tasks.

mp4 to gif high quality:5. KickMyGraphics

6. Free Video to GIF Maker

Free Video to GIF maker is a free converter software that can convert a full video to a GIF file. It supports multiple video file formats such as FLV, MP4, AVI and MPG video files. Before converting a video, Free Video to GIF maker allows a user to make changes on an input video before initiating the conversion process.

mp4 to gif high quality:

To convert an MP4 video to a high-quality GIF using Free Video to GIF Maker, first, you add a video file by clicking on the "Browse Video" option. After loading the video, you select the video portion that you want to make a GIF with by adjusting point sliders that mark the starting and ending time and the GIF's resolution and click on the the "Next" button. You then proceed to the "Make GIF" section, where you can preview the video, select the preferred quality, and then click on the "Make GIF" button to create your GIF.


GIFs are short, fun videos that are gaining popularity across the globe. The GIFs are highly circulating across social media platforms as a simple way of passing messages. An easier way to convert MP4 videos to GIFs is using softwares like DVDFab converter softwares and online websites. Such softwares do easy work of converting the videos to GIFs that can be easily used.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you crop a GIF?

Cropping tools in different GIF-making programs enable you to crop a GIF. Software such as KickMyGraphics and sites like Ezgif allow users to crop GIF files.

2. Can you make a high-quality GIF from MP4 videos?

The easiest method of making a GIF is by converting a video file. MP4 files are supported by nearly all video converter programs and software. This makes the idea of making high-quality GIFs from MP4 videos a good idea. The majority of GIF maker sites, programs, and software such as VideoProc, Instagiffer and Free Video to GIF Converter create high-quality GIFs through conversion of MP4 video files.