Have you ever wanted to post your video on a social media yet find your videos are not fancy enough to be shared? If so, then you can read this article which prepares the top 12 free video editing software for both desktop and online as well as the recommended reason of each free video editor tool. Just dive in and learn more!

Below is a table to have a quick galance of what these top free video editors are.

PART ONE: Top Free Video Editing Software for Desktop

Option 1: Lightworks

Recommended Reason: The best free video editing software for real-time project sharing

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Lightworks is also a widely-accepted video editing software for free using. This program comes with a intuitive interface, many useful features, and also a paid version which offers advanced features, like 4K video support for YouTube and Vimeo, for example. But as a free video edit software, it is also able to suite most users' needs, such as video trimming, multicam support, to name a few.

• Features include:

Media library;

Social sharing;

Support HD resolution

• Pros:

Real-time project sharing

No watermark

• Cons:

4K video support only in paid version

Option 2: Blender

Recommended Reason: Best professional free video editing software with 3D creation suite

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Blender is a free video editing program on the market. It is designed as an open source 3D creation suite that packs with both basic and advanced features that should be enough for most users' needs. For example, it lets you cut and splice videos as well as mask your videos.

• Features include:

Live preview; Luma waveform; Chroma vectorscope;

Add videos, images, audios, and other effects;

Advanced rendering process

• Pros:

Tons of features;

Keeps updating;

Perfect for advanced users

• Cons:

Takes time to grab this freeware video editor

Option 3: Shotcut

Recommended Reason: The best open-source free video editing software

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Similar to Blender, Shotcut is also an open-source, cross-platform, and free video editor, which means you can access to its all features without upgrading it to the paid version after downloading. This free video editing program supports a wide range of video formats, even the 4K, after all, not many free video editing software supports 4K resolution. And this program also offers a collection of tutorial videos, helping you to learn how to edit videos with it as fast as possible.

• Features include:

4K resolution support;

Timeline editing;

Interlace video, color correction, wipe transitions, etc

• Pros:

No watermark

No need to import video to the program

• Cons:

Unfriendly interface

Option 4: Davinci Resolve

Recommended Reason: One of the most professional freeware video editor for color correction

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

DaVinci Resolve is a great choice for the professional editors given that this video editor software free offers so many advanced features. While with many features, its interface still remains intuitive so that you can easily find every button you need. However, if you just need to edit videos very basically or you are a newbie, then this free video editing software may be a little overwhelming.

• Features include:

video slicing and trimming;

Best color correction service;

Add 2D and 3D title;

Audio mastering

• Pros:

No watermark

Available for both online and offline editing

• Cons:

Not suitable for beginners

Option 5: Openshot

Recommended Reason: A free video editing program for the beginners

Available on: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Openshot is developed with a drag-and-drop interface and basic editing features, making this free video editor software extremely suitable for the beginners. For those people who wants to try to edit videos, Openshot is accessible to video trimming, snapping, rotating, and real-time preview, etc.

• Features include:

Various editing effects

Unlimited layers

Customizable title-card templates

• Pros:

Open soruce

Suitable for the beginners

• Cons:

Not that many video tutorials

Option 6: HitFilm Express

Recommend Reason: All-in-one free video editing software

Available on: Windows and Mac

HitFilm Express is an all-in-one free video editing software that contains many stunning features. This free video edit software is normally used to create Hollywood-style videos. And this free package offers more than 180 special effects for users. But it should be reminded that if you have no related skills of video editing, you may feel a little difficult to handle it.

• Features include:

Green screen effects;

Audio and video filters;

3D support;

Advanced cutting tools;

Various transition options

• Pros:

Ideal for the professional users


• Cons:

Not easy to learn

Unavailable on Linux system

Option 7: Video Editor

Recommend Reason: The most qualified free video editing software to produce photo videos fast and easy

Video Editor is a wonderful choice when you need to create a photo video with music. Whatever you are a beginner or an experienced person, you can always get what you need here. This free video edit software makes it so much easier to edit videos by offering countless features.

• Features include:

Drag and edit any format video, audio and photos;

Speed up or slow down your video speed;

Merge, split, trim, and crop your video clips;

Various transitions, special effect, etc;

Share your videos to social media

• Pros:

Easy to use;

Fast editing speed;


• Cons:

Windows only

Option 8: VSDC Free Video Editor

Recommended Reason: The best program for video editing free for Windows-based projects

Available on: Windows

VSDC Free Video Editor is a full-featured freeware video editor you can install on Windows. Being as a free video editor, this program still contains a full video editing suite, such as mask tool, chroma key functionality for green-screen video effects, etc. This free video editing software is relatively simple to use for both the beginners and the professionals.

• Features include:

Support you to share your edited videos to social media;

Image filters that are easy to use;

A full suite of transitional effects

• Pros:

Relatively straightforward to use

• Cons:

Windows only;

Technical support not free

Option 9: iMovie

Recommend Reason: The best free video editing software for YouTube video editor

Available on: Mac

iMovie is a sophisticated and popular free video editing software available only for Mac and iOS users. This free video editing tool comes with an uncomplicated and drag-and-drop interface helping you add your file to your workstation. And it should be pointed that this software keeps updating trying to satisfy your needs. With this free video editor software, you can add titles, music, and various effects to your video clips as well as adjust their speed and apply filters to them.

• Features include:

Library of pre-made transitions;

Support 4K resolution;

Stylish and contemporary video filters;

Speed controls

• Pros:

Save your files on Apple’s cloud

• Cons:

Limited features for professional use

PART TWO: Best Online Free Video Editing Programs

Option 10: Kapwing

Recommend Reason: Best choice for free video editing online

Available on: Online

Kapwing is the best online choice when it comes to looking for a free video editing application. This software contains the right amount of functionality to touch up your videos with ease. The biggest advantage of this free video editor is its auto-subtitle feature which is a great time saver.

• Features include:

Adjust your text, images, and sound;

Trim videos to a perfect size;

Time your video

• Pros:

No watermark on free version;

No limitations

• Cons:

Content you save expires after seven days

Option 11: Typito

Recommend Reason: Best free video editing program with an auto-generating captions from voice to text

Available on: Online

Are you looking for an online free video editing application? Then you won’t want to miss the Typito. This is a web-based program with a drag-and-drop interface, various image templates, and brand layouts and more to help you produce attractive video clips.

• Features include:

Live preview function;

Create square and vertical videos;

Add your own audio and music

Over thousands of high-quality images

• Pros:

Auto-generating captions functionality

Publish videos in HD

• Cons:

Can only publish four videos a month

Option 12: Moovly

Recommended Reason: The most suitable online free video editor to create marketing videos

Available on: Online

Moovly is a perfect solution for producing marketing videos, such as explainers or tutorials. This free video editing application is designed with a richful library of video templates, images, sounds, music and motion graphics, and more. With this application, you can do many things when editing videos, for example, you can layer multiple elements along your timeline. In a nutshell, this tool makes your marketing video editing much easier than ever before.

• Features include:

Advanced timeline;

Various templates;

Drag-and-drop interface

• Pros:

Perfect for marketing videos producing

• Cons:

Can only publish videos in SD 480p and with a maximum length of 2 minutes


When you finish reading, you must have already learn something about these free video editing software. And as we have explained in this article, each free video editor has its pros and cons, for sure. Just figure out your needs first, then pick up the free video editing tool that suite you the most to produce the most amazing video clips.