How to edit videos? In this digital world, who doesn’t share their happiness and sorrow on popular streaming websites, like YouTube, Facebook, WeChat, TikTok and more. No matter which platform you frequently visit, video is an essential element in your circle of friends. Then how to edit a video and make your social media contents more attractive? The most important knowledge on “edit video” is introduced in this post.

1. Video editors available on Windows/Mac/Online

Before learning how to edit a video on laptop or your favorite device, be familiar with the tools you can use to edit a video. There are a variety of video editors below compatible with different operating systems like Windows,Mac, Linux for your choice. Of course, if you don’t want to install any software on your device, choosing an online assistant to edit video is also a good choice.

How to edit a video

⚬ Video editors compatible with different operating systems

Windows: Video Editor, Piannacle, Cyberlink, Vetas Pro, Corel VideoStudio, Windows Movie Maker, VideoSolo

Mac: Final Cut Pro, iMovie

Windows/Mac: DVDFab Toolkit, Hitfilm Express, Adobe Premiere ProCC, Video Converter, Filmora9

Windows/Mac/Linux: Lightworks 14, Davinci Resolve, ShotCut, Virtual Dub, Blender

Online: InVideo, Animoto, ChipChamp,Kapwing

Now, I want to choose three video editors available on Windows, Mac and Online respectively, showing you how to edit a video on Windows free, how to edit video on Mac free, as well as how to video edit online free.

2. How to edit a video on Windows with Video Editor

In order to solve the problem of how to edit a video on Windows, I want to choose Video Editor as an example to show you the best answer. This free software is easily accessible on Windows, and provides you with three kinds of aspect ratio, including 9:16 (Portrait), 16:9 (Widescreen) and 4:3 (Traditional). So you can display your video and edit video with the best vision effect you want.

Edit Video

(1) Drag files to import or record videos to import

Then after coming to the main interface of Video Editor, the best program to edit video, click the button of “Import” or drag files to the section below. Your can import as many photos, videos and audios to this free software. Alternatively, you are also allowed to record PC/phone screen, record camera, as well as online class as the source.

Editing Video

(2) Keep files organized in the timeline section

Now, we are going to drag the files below to the Timeline section. You can adjust the order of such files based on your need. Then continue to read and learn how to edit a video.

How to Edit Video

On the left of Video Editor, options like Audio, Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Elements are all available to make you edit video in a better way. Follow me to learn how to edit video with such tools.

(3) Add audio

Click “Audio” and you will find a wide range of sound effects involving game sound, vocals, scuffle, computer, animal, environment, horror, food, magic, cellphone, object and laughter. Select any category, download the sound you like and apply it to your video by tapping the “+” icon. As to when to play the music, edit video music in the Timeline section.

How to Video Edit

(4) Add Text (Opener, Title, Subtitle)

Click the option of “Text” on the left and you will be able to add any words you want to your videos like an Opener, Title and Subtitles. At the same time, you can decide the “Style” and “Motion” of your text. Also change the fonts, size, type, align, opacity and color as well. Edit video in your own way, not just the Text.

Edit Video

(5) Add Filters

In order to make your video more beautiful, you can add a filter to it as well. There are 47 filters provided. Access them through the category of Basic, Distortion, Jilter and Film or look through them via “All”. Edit video by downloading any filter you like and add to your file.

Editing Video

(6) Add Overlays

Use this effect and your video will become more colorful. According different Lens Flare and Frame, there can be more shapes or background for your choice. Edit video with the help of this option at will.

How to Edit Video

(7) Add Transitions

During the transition from one frame to another, a simple change of images seems very tedious. But if you edit video by adding some transitions, the display of your videos will become vivid immediately.

How to Video Edit

(8) Add Elements

When you find your videos not full in contents or effects, there are always various elements you can add. Click the option of “Elements” on the left and choose your favorite to edit video.

Edit Video

(9) More customization

Besides what I have talked above to edit video, you can also use the options below to split, crop, zoom, add mosaic, adjust the subtitle language, ect., by selecting a video clip.

Editing Video

(10) Preview and Export

Now, we come to the end of your editing video. Click the button of “Preview” on the main interface of Video Editor and export it. Then you will asked to set the Name, Output folder, Video format, Quality and Duration of your video. After that, click the button of “Start” and enjoy your video. Is it easy to edit video with this free software?

How to Edit Video

Besides Video Editor on Windows, you can also ask DVDFab Toolkit for help. It is another free program to edit video with the functions of “Convert”, “Trim”, “Speed Up/Down”, “Mirror/Flip”, “Rotate”, “Crop”, “Sharpen/Unsharpen”, “Deshake (GoPro)”, “De-interlace”, “Merge” and “Extract Videos”. You can try it as well to learn how to edit video on laptop.

3. How to edit a video on Mac with Video Converter

After learning how to edit a video on Windows with Video Editor, we are ready to edit video on Mac. Here, the guide is centered on DVDFab Video Converter, a powerful program working on both Mac and Windows, dedicated to converting videos from one format to another and editing video. Let’s learn how to video edit in batches with this free software.

• Download and install DVDFab Video Converter

• Launch it and click the module of “Converter”

• Load your video(s) by clicking the “+” icon and edit video

How to Video Edit

 i  Windows         i  Mac  

• Click the option of “Advanced Settings” to set the parameters of video, audio and subtitles

• Use the button of “Video Edit” to add credential, text, image to your video, trim/crop/etc. It

Can AI recommend how to edit a video?

Empowered by artificial intelligence (AI), DVDFab Video Converter also acts as a video upscaler, enabling you to improve video quality from 480p to 1080p, as well as from 1080p to 4K. Follow the steps on editing video in this way.

• Click “Enlarger AI” behind “Search MovieTV” on the main interface

• Tick off the box before “Enlarger AI” on the new panel

• Set an output destination: Mobile Device, Folder, YouTube

• Start to edit video by customizing it and improving video quality

Edit Video

4. Edit video online free

Although it is free to edit video with Video Editor and DVDFab Video Converter, you have to install software on your Windows or Mac. If you only have several videos to customize, if you doesn’t care the time to be spent in editing video, online video editor like Chipchamp is a good option as well. Now let’s learn how to edit a video online.

How to edit a video with YouTube itself?

• Sign up with your Google account

• Choose “what kind of videos you normally create”

(Music, Entertainment, How to, Comedy, Vlog, Gaming, Fashion/Style, Beauty, Movies & Shows, Art, Sport, Travel, Animals, Architecture, Other)

• Define the frequency you edit video

• Start with a template (There is a time limit on each template)

• Import your files like video, music, etc.

• Add text, overlay, background, transition, etc., to your video

• Preview and export your video

If you expect more video effects, start editing video by upgrading ChipChamp

Editing Video

5. YouTube video editor

How to edit a video on YouTube without a support from any third-party software? Let me show you the basic steps on this.

• Log in YouTube with your account

• Click your head portrait > “Creator Studio” > “Video”

• Play one of your videos and click “Edit Video” > “Editor”

• Trim, blur your video, or add music, adjust video size and duration, etc.

How do you edit videos using YouTube only after they’ve already been uploaded? Follow the instructions above and you will make it.

How to Edit Video

6. Where is your video from?

After learning how to edit a video on Windows, Mac, online, it is time to know where a source video is from. There are three paths video lovers get it.

• Record a video with a camera or smartphone or video recorder

• Create a video out of PNG/JPEG and music

• blu-ray movies download or other video streaming websites

Edit Video downloaded from YouTube

 i  Windows       i  Mac  

7. FAQs (How to edit a video on TikTok ...)


(1) How long does it take you to edit a video?

It depends on the video editor you choose to do this job. In terms of an offline program, it is stable and fast to edit video, often supporting batch video editing. So it often takes seconds to edit video with such software. But if you like editing video with an online video editor, it relies on how many people are using this online program and the size of your video.

(2) Can AI recommend how to edit a video?

DVDFab Enlarger AI is such a tool to edit video and improve video quality. If you want to convert video format, trim, add text, adjust video properties, as well as upscale video to 4K, ask DVDFab Video Converter for help.

If you want to rip DVD to digital formats, edit video and enhance video quality, DVDFab DVD Ripper is your best assistant.

If you want to copy DVD to Blu-ray and edit video, select DVDFab DVD to Blu-ray Converter.

How to Edit a Video

(3) Can somebody tell me how to edit a video and extract audio from it?

It is easy to extract audio from a video. Try DVDFab Toolkit which is free on Windows to edit video. After launching it, click the button of “Extract Audio” under “Audio Tools”. Load your video and set the options of Track, Output, Audio Codec, Sample Rate, Channels and Bit Rate. Then choose an output folder and click the button of “Start”. This is how to edit a video with DVDFab Toolkit. It is very easy and fast.

How to Edit Video

 i  Windows  

(4) How do you edit a video on TikTok?

Download the video from TikTok. Or screen it and transfer to your computer. Then choose a video editor you like to edit video on Windows or Mac. Also, there are embedded editor on Android or iPhone. You can use it as well but with limited functions.

8. Conclusion

How to edit a video on laptop or other mobile devices? There are a host of software available on Windows/Mac/Online to help you edit video. Choose the the free program you like such as Video Editor recommended in this article, or use other alternatives mentioned for editing video. It is no longer a problem to edit video and upload to YouTube. With the help of a video editor, you will know how easy it is to make beautiful clips and don’t forget to share with your friends about this skill of editing video.

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