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20+ Best Video Editing Software for YouTube in 3 Situations [Win/Mac/Linux/iOS]

2020-07-31 03:46:13

   Posted by WiKi


Summary: What video editing software do YouTubers use? There are 20+ YouTube video editors introduced in this post, including the best video editing software for YouTube on Windows/Mac/Linux/iOS, and YouTube video editor online. Choose the best free video editing software you like and create your videos at will. Besides, you can use the video editor on YouTube itself without installing any other third-party software.

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The best video editing software for YouTube is waiting for you. As a video lover on YouTube, the biggest movie streaming websites in the world, we need video editing software for YouTube to share our videos with the best quality. Then a YouTube video editor is available on this platform. But if you want other choices, that is, edit video when your rip DVD, convert MKV and create videos, a third-party seems better. No matter which one you choose, there are the best solutions to how to edit a video and upload it to YouTube.



1. How Do You Edit Videos using YouTube Only?


Is YouTube video editor still available? -YES. 

Before asking a third-party video editing software for help to edit your videos, remember there is a video editor in YouTube itself. Where is the YouTube video editor and how to use YouTube editor? Let me tell you the right answers you are eager to know.


How to use YouTube video editor?

• Sign up your YouTube account

• Click your head portrait and choose “YouTube Studio” > “Videos”

• Play one of your videos

• Pay attention to the left and click “Editor”

• Trim, add template, music, etc. to your YouTube videos


What will replace YouTube video editor when it’s gone? Or is there a decent alternative to YouTube video editor? There are a wide range of third-party video editing software on YouTube in the market. See the second part and find the best answer.



2. 20+ Third-party YouTube Video Editor

After trying the YouTube video editor embedded in the popular streaming website, turn to a free YouTube video editor for help if you find it not versatile. Subsequently, I will introduce a host of third-party video editing software for YouTube, including YouTube editor Windows/Mac/iOS and YouTube video editor online for your choice. Continue to read and find the best video editing software for YouTube.


Here I have set three situations where you plan to edit videos and upload them to YouTube.


Situation 1: Rip DVD > edit video > upload to YouTube

Solution: DVDFab DVD Ripper (Windows/Mac)

You can use this free DVD to YouTube ripper to edit DVD video and upload it to YouTube. As the best video editing software for YouTube, it allows you to set the parameters of a video, audio and subtitle using the option of “Advanced Settings”. And click the button of “Video Edit” on the interface, you can also add credit, text, music, image to a video, as well as crop, trim your video, and adjust the video properties like brightness, contrast, and adjust the playback speed as well. Followed is the base use of this video editor for YouTube.



 i  Windows            i  Mac  


• Download and install this YouTube video editing software on Windows or Mac

• Launch it and click the module of “Ripper” on the top

• Insert your DVD and load it by clicking the “+” icon

• Customize your video using “Advanced Settings” and “Video Edit”

• Sign up your YouTube account

• Start to upload edited videos to YouTube

If you want to rip Bluray disc, edit it and upload to YouTube, let DVDFab Blu-ray Ripper do you a favor.


Situation 2: Convert video format > edit > upload to YouTube

Solution: Free Video Converter (Windows/Mac)

YouTube sets some limits on video format, so not all the videos can be upload to YouTube. When you find your videos not compatible with YouTube, convert the format to MP4 with DVDFab Video Converter. During the conversion, you can also edit your video with this free video editing software for YouTube, and upload the video to YouTube. Here are how to use this free software.



 i  Windows                 i  Mac  


• Get this free YouTube video editor launched

• Click the module of “Converter”

• Load your video > click “Choose other profile” > “Video” > “Format”

• Choose MP4 format and set the output destination as YouTube

• Click the button of “Start”

Which video editor is best for a beginner in YouTube? DVDFab Video Converter ranks first.


Soluations 3: Create video > edit > upload to YouTube

YouTube video editing software to do this is easily seen everywhere. Here we come to YouTube video editor available on Windows, Mac, iOS, as well as online YouTube video editor.


(1) Video Cruise (Windows/Mac)

• Best video editing software for YouTube

• Add filter/element/text/ mosaic to a video

• Save video project file

• Split video or audio

• Zoom/crop/rotate video

• Adjust audio volume in a video

• Change background music

• Adjust video speed/interface/timeline

What are some free editing video software for YouTube videos? Video Cruise is one of such YouTube editors. Continue to read and find more.


(2) Filmora9 (Windows/Mac)

• Try it free or purchase it with $155.88/Year

• Video editing software for a beginner in YouTube

• Add video clips and images with great flexibility

• A variety of preset titles and texts are provides

• Allow you to add a logo to your video with this YouTube editor

• Not support 360-degree videos importing and editing



(3) Hitfilm Express (Windows/Mac)

• Best video editing software for YouTube and beginners

• Support 2D and 3D compositing

• Able to make awesome content, films or gaming videos

• Create videos out of photos with lots of layers

• Not for free




(4) Adobe Premiere ProCC (Windows/Mac)

• Full of functions but a little complex for beginners

• Enable to add transitions and remove video clips

• Support all video formats, with 8K included

• The best video editing software for YouTube but expensive ($20.99/Month)



(5) Lightworks 14 (Windows/Mac/Linux)

• Video editing software for YouTube

• Dedicated to film editing like The Wolf of Wall Street

• Make video for social media and YouTube

• Easy to use for video editing and trimming

• Export video for Vimeo and YouTube up to 4K

• Free in 7 days and limited in output formats ($24.99/Month)

• Need username and password to log in



(6) DaVinci Resolve (Windows/Mac/Linux)

• A fast video editing software for YouTube

• Support facial recognition and speed warp

• Allow you to add effects and grades to video clips

• Output videos to YouTube and Vimeo

• Upgraded with 3D audio provided

• Claimed to be free without watermarks with limited in functions



(7) ShotCut (Windows/Mac/Linux)

• Open-source video editing software for YouTube

• Free download and easy-to-use

• Only support basic functionality

• May occur performance problems



(8) Virtual Dub (Windows/Mac/Linux)

• YouTube video editing software for beginners

• Enable you to capture footage, edit videos from TGA and BMP files

• Able to cut, resize, trim video clips

• Only support AVI format

• Haven’t released for a long time since 2013



(9) Blender (Windows/Mac/Linux)

• Used for animation, VFX or game creation, modeling and rendering

• Allow you to add video, audio and image to your videos

• YouTube video editing software with limited functions

• Fail to meet the demand of professional editors

• Work slowing and require your patience



(10) Pinnacle Sutido Ultimate (Windows)

• Paid video editing software for YouTube with $49.95

• Assistant you in adding flavor, mosaic to your file

• Able to edit 3D and 4K videos

• Support audio ducking and video previewing

• Cannot capture live screen



(11) Corel VideoStudio (Windows)

Multi-track YouTube video editing software of $69.99

Featuring 3D video editing and Stop Motion Animation

Allow you to crop, resize and split videos

Empowered by video hardware acceleration technology

Enable users to upload edited videos to YouTube and Vimeo

Complicated-to-use YouTube editor for beginners



(12) CyberLink PowerDirector 16 (Windows)

• Video editing software for YouTube and Instagram

• Offer numerous vector shapes with text and keyframe controls

• Create videos with 1:1 output ratio for social media

• YouTube video editing software for new beginners

•  Limited in functions if you choose free version



(13) Vegas Pro (Windows)

• Paid YouTube video editor charging $599

• Professional video editing software for YouTube

• Offer auto white balance and masking tools

• Allow 3D editing, composing and color correction

• Not easy-to-use for novice



(14) Windows Movie Maker (Windows 7 or below)

• Free video editing software for YouTube on Windows

• Help you add titles, trim, cut videos

• Support a variety of video and audio formats and transitions

• YouTube video editor for beginners

• Good at making photo slide shows

• Easily broke down in the process of video editing

• Limited in functions compared with the best video editing software for YouTube




(15) Final Cut Pro X (Mac)

• Two versions: Free and Paid ($299.99)

• Best YouTube video editor to remove background noise

• Improved with new metal engine

• Offer advanced color grading, HDR support and ProRes RAW

• Give 360-degree video editing and VR headset playback in paid version

• Video editing software for YouTube at a blazing speed

• Save the changes you have made automatically



(16) iMovie (iOS, macOS)

• YouTube video editor supporting 4K resolution

• Edit videos with MacBool Pro’s Touch Bar

• Turn footage and photos to videos

• Full of audio tools and movie templates

• A lack of some useful controls like tagging or motion tracking

• Only allows two video tracks

• No 360-degree video editing

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone? iMovie is of great help as one of the free video editing software for YouTube.



(17) Adobe Spark (iOS)

• Online video editor for YouTube

• Add footage, music, photos, etc. to a video

• Claim to set no limit on projects number

• Accepts images from all over the Internet

• Output videos with watermark in free version

How to edit YouTube videos on iPhone, let this video editing software help you.



(18) InVideo (Online)

• YouTube video editor online

• Create videos out of your own media and music

• Make a video in about 5 minutes

• Offer impressive audio genres and graphics

• Allow you to add text, icon, sticker, emoji, etc.

• Provide numerous templates but some are paid



(19) Animoto (Online)

• Online YouTube video editor

• YouTube video editing software for YouTube with at least $33/Month

• Sign up with your E-mail and password

• Offer beautiful and versatile video templates

• Easy-to-use with just three steps

• Add photos and videos clips to this YouTube editor

• Personalize your video by adjusting its color, fonts, etc.

• Share your videos with friends and family




What video editing software do YouTubers use? There are 20+ choices available no matter you want to customize a file when you rip DVD/Blu-ray, convert and create videos. How much should I pay a YouTube editor? It varies from different types of video editing software for YouTube. Of course there are free YouTube video editor you can try without one cent charged like Video Cruise and YouTube video editor online free. But online programs are not that good in general. Hope you can find the best video editing software for YouTube after reading this article and make the best videos.


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