Rap music came into existence on the New York City streets in the late 70s. The sound that broke out of the Brooklyn and South Bronx turned into a worldwide subculture. And it has now spread throughout each and every corner of the world. However, as there a huge collection of rap songs, we always wondered—which are the top rap songs of all time? Well, the answer lies within the song’s flow, lyrics, swagger, attitude, off-stage antics, performance, and various other factors.

Who do you think is the best rapper of all time—Jay-Z, B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur, or Kanye West? And who do you think are the top MCs? Were they even to blame for bringing such awesomeness to the music industry? No matter what, all these stars have tried their best and have put their efforts to contribute and bring the best of rap music. Long live the rap stars and their music!

We have assembled the list of the top 20 rap songs of all time ever. These top rap songs will not only make you listen to them but they will also make you dance so hard on their rhythm. You will want to visit the nearest nightclub with these top 50 rap songs of all time. You must be wondering which are the top 100 rap songs of all time? Well, of your 100 questionable songs, we have got the favorite top 20 hip-hop songs. Check if your rap star’s song is on the top ten rap songs of all time list. Also, do vote for the best of the rap songs you think is the deserving one to be given and considered under the top 10 rap songs of all time.

1.     Da Brat—Funkdafied

This light-hearted but fun track took Da Bra-ta-ta debut album to reach one million.

2.     The Roots—What They Do

What They Do is the one that distinguishes The Roots in the crowd of other competitors by overturning the law.

3.     Common—The Light

The great late J Dilla production and inspiration from the Erykah Badu, Common's ex, The Light filled the room of several nights all through the 2000s. It was indeed a musical flood to everybody’s souls.

4.     Smif-N-Wessun—Bucktown

Smif-N-Wessun respects the "home of the original gun clappers." Whenever you say you miss the good old rap music, Bucktown is exactly what you mean. Bring to mind, reminisce.

5.     Junior M.A.F.I.A.—Player's Anthem

Biggie's squad took an outstanding jump to the limelight with Player's Anthem. Get Money was the Junior M.A.F.I.A.'s best popular song, that reached Billboard Hot 100’s 17th position and taking down more than a million copies.

6.     Das EFX—They Want EFX

Being the iggedy bomb in the early nineties, They Want EFX was a guaranteed jam. Later, the song was found in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air episode.

7.     Coolio—Gangsta's Paradise

Gangsta's Paradise has the musical DNA common with Pastime Paradise—the 1976 gem of Stevie Wonder. Wonder gave an outstanding song performance with L.V. and Coolio at the 1995 Billboard Awards.

8.     ODB—Brooklyn Zoo

Brooklyn always had an important role in rap music. In response, rappers gave the area with various tributes, among which is Brooklyn Zoo. The love letter to BK from ODB will always be the top rap songs of all time.

9.     Too $hort—Freaky Tales

Since his modest early stages 25 years before, Too $hort has taken down many freaky tales. Freaky Tales can be counted amongst his top sexploitation music.

10.    The Notorious B.I.G.—Who Shot Ya

Just one sentence—Who Shot Ya is a looming track by one of the top rappers on mic.

11.    Method Man ft. Mary J Blige—All I Need

The story behind All I Need is about Method Man approaching the collaboration with hesitation. However, when Def Jam, with a Benz, was at his door with the opportunity of working with an idol, he looked at this opportunity differently. Results? Perhaps the best R&B collaboration and top rap songs of all time.

12.    GZA—Fame

In Fame, GZA very artistically weaved a story about celebrity names. Being a powerful concept, it is been imitated by numerous emcees. Ka, a Brownsville rapper, reworked on this idea with Off the Record.


13.    Xzibit—What U See Is What U Get

Perhaps it is DMX's brightest and biggest hit till date. What U See Is What U Get grabbed the Billboard Hot 100’s 50th position in 1998.

14.    Ghostface ft. Mary J Blige—All That I Got Is You

Simple and crisp description for All That I Got Is You —No exaggerated threats and no assertive drums. It is only tears of Mary J. Blige and somber rhymes of Ghostface Killah.

15.    Ultramagnetic MC's—Ego Trippin

Being an unquestionable masterpiece, Ego Trippin is also blamed for the introduction to the world of Kool Keith.

16.    The Fugees—Fu-gee-La

If anybody tells you that it is just not possible to mix together commercial appeal and creativity, just remind them of Fu-gee-La.


17.    The Luniz—I Got 5 On It

I Got 5 On It was known as the official anthem specifically for broke demons all over. It is also known for adding up a new concept to hip-hop language.

18.    Akrobatik—Remind My Soul

Akrobatik was of the point that one should take care of what they teach to their young ones; and Remind My Soul is one of them He has a simple code of ethics—If something is making Bob Marley turn in his grave, just skip doing it.

19.    M.O.P.—How About Some Hardcore

M.O.P. grabbed in the game a near-classic status owing to his remarkable songs such as Ante Up and How About Some Hardcore. This is an ideal M.O.P.—hard, loud, and unforgettable. Respect is a must!

20.    Ice Cube—It Was A Good Day

It Was a Good Day video has Ice Cube enjoying an amazingly serene day in South Central, L.A.


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Hope the above list of top rap songs of all time has fulfilled your rap music urge. Is your song on the list? Some other song on the list has become your favorite one? Let the case be any, rap music created a memorable era which will live within us forever.