There is the best solution to how to "Trim video Windows 10". In this post, you are going to find amazing news about how to trim a video Windows 10, a series of freeware able to trim video, crop video, merge video, rotate video, and do other things based on your needs. Besides, how to trim video Windows 10 on YouTube will also be introduced. Start now and  trim video Windows 10 with the best video trimmer.

1. How to trim a video Windows 10 using Photo

How can I easily trim the raw videos on Windows 10 without using any extra software? Most people recommend you to ask the built-in Photos in Windows for help. Then if you are spending efforts to find this free video trimmer by inputting “Photos” using the search option in the lower-left corner of your computer, you will be wasting time, because this is a fake news. As you can see in the picture below, there is no tool for you to trim video Windows 10. This is the newest version of this video trimmer and I am honest. By the way, don’t confuse “Trim” and “Crop” which are two functions. “Trim” is for a video, while “Crop” is targeted at an image aspect ratio.

So, you need to find other video trimmer Windows 10 to help you solve this problem. Continue to read and there is a video trimmer able to crop, rotate, trim, cut, speed up, subtitles, add audio, split and merge videos.

Trim Video Windows 10

2. DVDFab Toolkit Windows trim video

DVDFab Toolkit is the best video editor able to trim video Windows 10. It supports 26 video formats, including 3gp, 3g2, avi, divx, flv, f4v, m2ts, mov, mp4, m4v, mpeg, mpg, dat, mkv, pgm, rmvb, rm, ts, tp, vob, wmv, wtv, asf, dvr-ms, as well as webm. Besides acting as a free program to show you how to trim a video Windows, this video trimmer also has other functions, as you can see below.

• Video Tools: converter, trim, speed up/down, mirror/flip, rotate, crop, sharpen/unsharpen, deshake (GoPro), de-interlace, merge, extract videos

• Audio tool: converter, trim, volume adjust, denoise (GoPro), normalization, merge, extract audio, remux audio

• Image tools: video to GIF, video to PIC, PIC to video, GIF to video

• Watermark tools: text, time, image

• Subtitle tools: render subtitles, extract subtitles

Steps on how to trim video Windows 10 with this video trimmer and editor:

• Download and install DVDFab Toolkit on Windows 7/8/10/XP/Vista

• Launch this free video trimmer Windows

• Click “Trim” under “Video Tools”

• Import your video (one or more)

• Set the Start Time and End Time

• Or use the maker on the timeline to trim unwanted video clips

• Set an output folder

• Start to trim video Windows 10

How to Trim a Video Windows 10

“Trim a video Windows 10” using DVDFab Toolkit is very easy and fast. In addition to “trim video”, don’t forget to try other functions it provides like converting video to GIF or adding subtitles, and among others. 

But, each video editing requires you to finish one and then start another. If you want to trim, crop, rotate and add mosaic with one-time operation, there is another video trimmer you need to learn about - Video Editor.

3. Video Editor video trimmer Windows

Have you ever heard of this free software or tried to crop video HitFlim? There is a newly updated and almost has assembled all the features of each powerful Windows video editor like HitFlim Express, Blender, and ShotCut.  You have multiple aspect ratio modes as choices to display your video like 16:9, 4:3 and 9:16. Generally speaking, there are 85 music, 43 tests, 47 filters, 54 overlays, 59 transitions ad 69 elements in Video Editor Pro to help you make your video fantastic. As to how to edit a video, you can rotate, trim (split), crop, delete, crop, zoom, mosaic, freeze, duration, voiceovera nd chroma cutout it using the options above the timeline. Most importantly, you can choose the best video quality up to or even higher than 1080p. Now, let’s trim video Windows using this free video trimmer.

Steps on how to trim video Windows 10 with this free video trimmer:

• Get Video Editor launched on Windows

• Import videos (audios, images) to this video trimmer

• Drag it or them to the timeline section below

• Use the “Scissor-like” icon to trim you video

• Click the button of “Export” on the main interface

• Name your video, set output folder, choose video format and set video quality

• Export and upload your video to YouTube

How to Trim Video Windows 10

4. Video Converter trimmer Windows

How to edit video and export it directly to YouTube? This is an easy snack for video converter, another program able to trim video Windows 10 and this video trimmer also works on Mac. Apart from using this free software for Windows trim video, you can also convert video to another video or audio formats and let it compatible with special mobile devices. Moreover, there is a video enhancer built in this Windows video trimmer, you can use it to upscale video by 300%. That is to improve video quality from 480 to 1080p, or from 1080p to 4K. Now, let’s come close to this video trimmer Windows 10.

Steps on how to trim video Windows 10 with this video trimmer:

• Start DVDFab Video Converter on Windows or Mac

• Click the module of “Converter” on the top

• Load your video of any mainstream formats

• Click the option of “Theater (MP4)” to choose an output video format

• Or select the “Enlarger AI” option to improve vide quality

• Trim video Windows 10 by pressing “Video Edit”

• Use “Advanced Settings” to set parameters like video, audio, subtitles

• Set an output destination: Mobile device, folder, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo

• Start to trim video Windows 10

DVDFab Video Converter supports batch video editing. With the assistance of it, you can learn how to trim a video Windows 10, as well as how to edit videos in batches.

Trim a Video Windows 10

5. How to trim YouTube Video

Can I trim a video on YouTube? With so many videos streaming on all kinds of websites, YouTube videos must be the first one with the most viewers. So there are lots of people exploring ways to trim YouTube video. If you want to download YouTube videos first and then trim video Windows 10, you can turn to DVDFab Video Downloader for help and then use any of such video trimmers mentioned in this post. Alternatively, there is easy access to trim YouTube video directly on that platform. Let me show you how to trim video on YouTube.

Steps on how to trim YouTube video directly:

• Sign up with your YouTube account

• Click your YouTube head portrait 

• Come to “YouTube Studio” and click “Videos”

• Find the “Editor” on the left

• Start to trim video windows 10 

Can I trim a video on YouTube? It is very easy to trim video on YouTube in Windows or Mac with any support of third-party video trimmer. Follow the steps above and you will make it.

How to Trim a Video in Windows 10

6. FAQs

(1) Which is the best free (no watermark) video editing software for Windows that can do the following -crop, rotate, trim, cut, speedup, add subtitles, add audio, split and merge videos?

DVDFab Tookit

Video Editor


Hitfilm Express

They are the best freeware to trim video Windows 10.

(2) What is a freeware solution to trim and splice/concatenate video clips on Windows 10?

Video Editor

Video Converter

DVDFab Toolkit



Such free software shows you how to trim a video Windows 10 best.

(3) I need a video editor where I can trim and join the videos on windows. What is a free video editor that can do this for me without watermarks?

Video Editor

DVDFab Toolkit

You can use any of them to learn how to trim video Windows 10.

(4) I’m looking for a free video editor on Windows that can trim, stitch, and fast-forward clips, similar to iMovie, but without some features. Can anyone recommend one to me?

Video Editor

DVDFab Tookit

(5)What are some simple offline video editing software for Windows for trimming and cropping videos without watermarks?

Video Editor

Video Converter

DVDFab Toolkit

The first video trimmer is highly recommended for you to trim video Windows 10.

7. Conclusion

There are lots of freeware for you to trim video Windows 10. Besides splitting videos, you can also join videos or edit videos in other ways based on your needs using such video trimmer. Read this article, see the main features of each free video trimmer Windows, and choose the best one to trim video windows. There is a belief that Video Editor is your best assistant.