Which is the best Windows video editor to use to edit videos on Windows operating system? Many people mentions Photos, a free built-in video editing software for Windows. It is trul helpful to create and edit a video, but if you desire fantastic video effects, like audio editing, 3D effects, text adding, learn about another 20 video editing software for windows and pick one you like best.

Table of Contents

(1) Video Editor (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

(2) DVDFab Toolkit (Windows 10/8.1.8/7)

(3) Video Converter (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

(4) Photos (Windows 10)

(5) Filmora9 (Windows 7 or later)

(6) Windows Movie Maker Editor (Windows 8)

(7) Avidemux (Windows 10/8/7)

(8) OpenShot (Windows 10 or higher)

(9) Freemake (Windows 7/8/10)

(10) HitFilm Express (Windows 7/8/10)

(1) Blender

(2) Lightworks

(3) Shotcut

(4) DaVinci Resolve

(5) InVideo

(6) VSDC Windows Video Editor

(7) Machete Video Editor Lite

(8) VideoPad Windows Video Editor

(9) Kdenlive

(10) Online Windows Video Editor

1. Detailed Introduction to 10 Windows Video Editor

There are a host of windows video editor in the market. Besides knowing their basic features, you must be curious about how to use each of them. So in this part, I will describe each video editing software for Windows and show you how to use it. Some programs are so easy to use that you can operate skillfully even as a beginner.

Windows Video Editor

(1) Video Editor (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

For those who are looking for the best free Windows video editor, Video Editor will always live up to your expectations. This program offers three types of aspect ration for you to watch and edit your video, including 9:16, 16:9 and 4:3. What’s more, your source video can come from your PC or be recorded using the buttons of “Record” and “Record online class”  in this software. Now let me show you how to use this Windows video editor.

• Download and install Video Editor Windows video editor

• Start it and drag files to import or record a video as the input

• Move the files to the section of “Timeline” one by one

• Use the option on the left to add audio/text/filters/overlays/transitions/elements to your video

• Rotate/split/crop/zoom a video; add mosaic, freeze frame, subtitle language, etc. based on your needs

• Preview the video effects and click the button of “Export”

Then this Windows video editor will work fast to process your file and display it very soon. Video Editor is very easy-to-use and friendly to novices. With considerable function offered, it is also the best choice for video editing expert.

Windows Video Editing Software

(2) DVDFab Toolkit (Windows 10/8.1.8/7)

This free software is very versatile, not only a video editor, but also an audio editor, an image editor, a watermark editor as well as a subtitles editor. It supports video formats of 3GP, 3G2, AVI, DIVX, FLV, F4V, M2TS, MTS, MOV, MP4, M4V, MPEG, MPG, DAT, MKV, OGM, RMVB, RM, TS, TP, VOB, WMV, WTV, ASF, DVR-MS, WEBM. Here are the tools this Windows video editor brings. Let’s have a look together.

Video Tools:

Converter, Trim, Speed Up/Down, Mirror/Flip, Rotate, Crop, Sharpen/Unsharpen, Deshake (GoPro), De-interlace, Merge, Extract Videos

Audio Tools:

Converter, Trim, Volume Adjust, Denoise (GoPro), Normalization, Merge, Extract Audio, Remux Audio

Image Tools:

Video to GIF, Video to PIC, PIC to Video, GIF to Video

Watermark Tools:

Text, Time, Image

Subtitle Tools:

Render Subtitles, Extract Subtitles

Video Editing Software for Windows

Now, I want to take “Trim” under “Video Tools” as an example to who you how to edit video with this Windows video editor.

• Get DVDFab Toolkit launched on Windows

• Click the option of “Trim” under “Video Tools”

• Load your video and set the “Start Time” and “End Time”

• Use the markers under the video alternatively

• Outside the time period you set will be trimmed

DVDFab Toolkit is the most user-friendly Windows video editor for beginners. You can follow the same method to edit your video by adding images, watermarks, subtitles and more to make it more attractive.

Video Editing Software Windows

(3) Video Converter (Windows 10/8.1/8/7)

If you want to edit video while converting video formats such as MKV to MP4, this free software is your best assistant. This video editor Windows allows you to add credential, text and image to your video, Meanwhile, you can use it to adjust video properties like brightness, contrast, set video play speed, as well as crop and trim a video. Most importantly, this Windows video editing software has special expertise in video enhancement. You can improve video quality from 480p to 1080p or from 1080p to 4K. Now, let’s see how to edit video with this free program.

• Start Video Converter on Windows

• Click the module of “Converter” first

• Import your video from the “+” section

• Convert video format by clicking “Choose Other Profile” (MKV, MP4, TS, WMV, M2TS)

• Improve video quality by taping “Enlarger AI”

• Set video/audio/subtitles parameters using “Advanced Settings”

• Edit video by adding text, trim or speed up it with “Video Edit”

• Set and output destination: Mobile Device, Folder, YouTube/Vimeo/Facebook

• Click the button of “Start” in this Windows video editor

This video converter supports video editing in batches. So if you want to spend time in video editing, this video editor for Windows is of great help. Besides no other video editing software Windows can upscale video by 300% like it. Would you like to give a try?

Video Editor Windows

(4) Photos (Windows 10)

Does Windows 10 have a video editor? Yes, you can find it by inputting “video” at the lower-left “mirror” section and there will appear a built-in “Video Editor”. Alternatively, you can input “Photos” instead to find the hidden Windows 10 video editor and edit videos by adding music/text, motion or 3D effects. Now, follow me to learn how to use this video editing software for windows.

• After launching Photos, click “New Video”> “+”under “Your video projects”

• Name your video and add media like videos, pictures or a folder from PC, collection or web

• Click the“Add title card” option

• Right-click the title and set its duration and edit its location, layout, etc.

• Drag a video to the storyboard, trim it with the marker

• Add another video and split it

• You can also drag a picture and set its duration

• Resize the screen if you need

• Add text, filter, motion based on your preference

• Go to the top and add “background music”> customize audio

• Drag another video and add 3d effects like 3D Blu-ray

• Click the button of “Done”

Is Windows video editor free? Yes. You can use Photos in Windows 10 to edit video easily and fast without paying one cent.

Video Editor for Windows

(5) Filmora9 (Windows 7 or later)

Supported video formats by this Windows video editing software include AVI, MOV, MP4, MKV and AVCHD. You can use Filmora9 for video cropping, trimming, splitting and joining with a few clicks. It also offers some motion elements, animated titles and transition effects. After editing videos with this video editing software for Windows, three destinations are available: YouTube, Vimeo and DVD. Here, let’s try to edit video with this Windows video editor.

• Download Filmora9 on Windows

• Launch it and import your media files from PC, camera or smart phone

• Edit the video by cropping, rotating, cutting it on the Timeline

• Add video effects and filters based on your preference

• Save the video in a certain format and export it

Then you will find your edited videos in the output destination you choose and share it anywhere you want. This video editing software for Windows is very simple to use with just three clicks.

Windows Video Editor

(6) Windows Movie Maker Editor (Windows 8)

This Windows video editing software is dedicated to make home videos by easy steps. And if you choose the mode Automatic Video, images will be turned to videos automatically. It allows you to add transitions, titles, credits, narration, 3D effects and audio track to your video. You can also share the video made by this Windows video editor to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Now it is the use method of this video editing software for Windows.

• Start Windows Movie Maker on your computer

• Import your videos or images using the “+” icon

• Drag the files to the timeline and customize them

• Split, crop, rotate, add text/elements/music to your video or doing more

• Preview and click the button of “Export” on the interface

• Choose output format/device/streaming platform

• Name your video, save it and change its resolution

• Start to process your video using this Windows video editor

Windows Video Editing Software

(7) Avidemux (Windows 10/8/7)

For simple cutting, encoding and filtering work, this Windows video editor is a good option. You can import files in numerous formats like AVI, MPEG, ASF and MP4 to this software. But when you edit videos in this program, you will find limited functions provided. Unlike other video editing software Windows, Avidemux only gives you access to cutting your files and choosing output video format. So if you desire more video editing functions, turn to other Windows video editing software for help. Followed is how to use this video editor.

• Import your file by pressing the button of “Open”

• Set the start and end of you video using the option of A, B

• Choose an output video format

• Click the option of Configure > Filters > Transform to resize your video

• Crop it based on your need (optional)

• Click File > Save to store your video

Avidemux is simple and easy to use, it’s highly recommended to those who have low demands for video effects.

Video Editing Software for Windows

(8) OpenShot (Windows 10 or higher)

Openshot is an open-source free Windows video editor. It helps you trim videos, add animation, watermarks, audio track, as well as 3D effects to a video. On the other hand, you can also use this Windows video editing software to remove the background from a video. In order to serve every video editor, this software support 70+ languages, so you must be clear about how to use it following the instructions on the main interface.

• Start OpenShot Windows video editor

• Add images and music from your PC to the Project Files section

• Drag images first to the timeline and keep them organized

• Drop music second and resize it to match the duration of images

• Add video effect to your video

• Preview and export it using the red circle icon

OpenShot has a colorful interface but lacks of clear instructions compared with other Windows video editing software. For instance, you have to move your mouse cursor to the red circle icon and export it. While there will the button “Export” listen in other programs.

Video Editing Software Windows

(9) Freemake (Windos 7/8/10)

Freemake is a another well-know Windows video editor for your choice. It is often used to convert videos, extract audios and insert videos to websites. In addition, it is also the assistant for beginners to cut, rotate and join videos. You can import 4k videos to this Windows video editing software and edit it using the options provided. For its ease of use, it also lack some modern video editing tools which users expect.

Video Editor Windows


(10) HitFilm Express (Windows 7/8/10)

As a professional Windows video editor, HitFlim Express contains a wide range of features like splice, trim and audio edit, 3D support, green screen, etc. It is often used to edit Hollywood films, so you can guess how powerful it is. However, not all advanced features among the 180+ this video editing software for Windows are free, you have to pay for the special video effects you want. Another thing you should consider is HitFilm Express is not suitable for beginners to use as it is a little complicated.

Video Editor for Windows

2. Brief Analysis of 10+ Video Editor Windows

Apart from the above 10 Windows video editing software helping edit a video, there are also other 10 programs including online ones worth your attention. In this part, I will introduce them in brief to help you make a choice immediately.

(1) Blender

• Support 3D animation, audio mixing and video masking

• Able to cut and splice a video

• Add layers/transitions/filters, etc. with this video editor Windows

• Not suitable for beginners

Windows Video Editor

(2) Lightworks

• $25/month for 4K video resolution support

• Allow you to trim a video

• Upload video to YouTube

• Accept many video formats

Windows Video Editing Software

(3) Shotcut

•  Open-source Windows video editor

• Free support for 4K HD resolution

• A time saver for large file editing

Video Editing Software Windows

(4) DaVinci Resolve

• Intuitive interface on this Windows video editor

• Offer motion blur effect, color correction and 3D editing

• Trim/slice video and reduce noise

Video Editor Windows

(5) InVideo

• Provide high-quality video templates

• Available for both beginners and experts

• Only allow to add one audio in free version

Windows Vidoe Editor

(6) VSDC Windows Video Editor

• $19.99 for Pro, $9.99/month, $14.99/year 

• Support image stabilization and visual waveform

• Output videos to IG, Facebook and YouTube

Video Editing Software for Windows

(7) Machete Video Editor Lite

• $19.95 for audio editing

• Recognize AVI, WMV formats in free version

• No audio editing support in this Windows video editor

Video Editor Windows

(8) VideoPad Windows Video Editor

• Full of transition effects

• Easy to use for beginners

• Export videos in various resolution

Windows Video Editor

(9) Kdenlive

• Open-source Windows video editing software

• Suitable for experienced video editing lover

• Input videos of QuickTime, AVI and WMV, etc.

Windows Video Editing Software

(10) Online Windows Video Editor

• ChipChamp without watermark

• Kapwing

• Animoto

• Magisto

• Video Toolbox

• Video Cutter'FlexClip

3.Suggestions on Which Windows Video Editing Software to Choose

• What is the best free video editor for Windows? If you had to use only one editor, which one would it be?

Video Editor (The best powerful and easy-to-use Windows video editor)

• Which are some free Windows video editor softwares?

DVDFab Toolkit

Video Converter

Video Editor


• What is a recommended free video editor that’s easy to use, doesn’t have a big memory footprint, and doesn’t come bundled with unwanted software?

Video Editor and Toolkit on Windows

DVDFab Video Converter on Mac

• What user-friendly Windows video editor should I use to break  long educational DVDs into several 5-minute video segments to post in my online classes?

DVDFab Toolkit

Video Editor



• What’s the best completely free and simple Windows video editor for creating tutorial videos with a simple black background and typewriter style text animations? It should have no watermarks?

Video Editor allows you to add texts of multiple effects. And there are also many types of filters, overlays, transitions, mosaic, and elements available. You can split, crop, zoom, etc., your video at will.

• Is there a free, no trial, no watermark video editor?

Video Editor

DVDFab Toolkit




• Is there a free video editor for Windows that can edito .3gp and mp4 without converting?


• What are some free editing video software for YouTube videos?

The best video editing software for YouTube is here.

• What is the best video editor for Windows 10?

Video Editor



HitFilm Express

Vodep Editor for Windows

4. Conclusion

Does Windows have a built-in video editor? Yes. Photos are embedded in Windows 10. You can use this Windows video editing software to edit your videos for free. If you want to add more video effects to your video, split or crop it, Video Editor gives you the strongest support. Also, there are other software and online Windows video editor introduced in this post. Some are very easy-to-use, even for beginners, like DVDFab Toolkit, while some may seem complicated such as HitFlim Express. Choose the best video editing software for Windows based on your needs. As to the steps on how to edit video, you can refer to another article. Wish you have a pleasant experience of video editing.

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