Twitter is the most used microblogging site where users post small “tweets” in the form of text, images, and videos. Mostly users tweet something in text format but since it allows videos as well. Nowadays, you can find some really nice videos on Twitter posted by different users. Sometimes some videos are so nice that you might like to download so that you can watch them later as well.  But, Twitter doesn’t give download option. So, you need to find out a way to download Twitter videos.

Luckily there are many free tools available online that you can use to download Twitter videos and even convert specific Twitter video to MP4 as well.

In this article, we are going to list few of the best tools to download Twitter Videos and convert Twitter video to MP4.


1.       Download Twitter to MP4 with Download-Twitter-Videos

You can download the Twitter video to MP4 and MP3 and even MP4 HD using Download-Twitter-Videos online tool free of cost. Moreover, the site can also download videos from Facebook and Instagram. To download Twitter videos, open this tool in the browser, then paste the Twitter video link in the box.

Now, click on “Download MP4” or “Download MP4 HD”, and the video will be downloaded quickly. Now you can play the video using any video player on your computer. Such online tools are great because you don’t need to download any third party software on your computer. Just open the tool in the browser, and use it to download Twitter videos. Completely hassle-free.


2.       Download Twitter to MP4 with is another online tool to download the Twitter video to MP4. Just open the site in your browser, then get the link of the Twitter video that you want to download.

Now paste that in the box, and click Download.

Now you will see many options. As per your video size requirement click the “Download Link” button, and the video will be downloaded.


3.       Download Twitter to MP4 with Twitter Media Downloader Chrome Extension

Twitter Media Downloader is a chrome extension that can download Twitter videos at the minimum effort. Download the chrome extension, and authorize it with Twitter. Now, open a profile on Twitter, let’s say CNN Twitter handle. in this tweet the id is 983181182530719745. Now, choose the number of tweets you want to download.

Now, click the download icon just next to the Media button. A dialogue box will open, enter the tweet range, and select the media type. And, proceed by clicking “start”. The videos in that range will be downloaded. This Chrome extension is great since you just add it once to your Chrome browser, and whenever you like a video, just repeat the steps, and video will be downloaded. And, this better because at once, it downloaders multiple media files in the given range.


4.       Download Twitter to MP4 with Saveting

Saveting is a good site to download videos from various social sites including Twitter. Open the site in your browser, and paste the Twitter video link.

Now, you will be given download links of the video in various resolutions.

Click the one you want, and the video will be downloaded. This tool directly converts Twitter video to MP4 by giving the option to download videos in MP4 format.


These are the best free tools to download Twitter videos to MP4. But, what to do when you want to download MP4 videos from YouTube?

DVDFab YouTube Video Downloader is the answer as it is one of the best in the business to download YouTube videos in MP4 format in various qualities.

This tool is great, and we would like to show some of its features as well which are as:

·         It is quite easy to download YouTube videos using this software, and the downloading is quick.

·         Various quality options for downloading.

·         Free tool.

·         One time setup required, and then use it whenever needed.

·         Minimum system requirement for running it on your computer.



We all nowadays hangout on social media sites and YouTube most of the times, and there some very nice videos out there which we watch and enjoy but as you scroll down, you may or may not see the video next day or when you want to watch again. So, in that case, downloading is the best choice. But, most of the social sites don’t allow downloading their media files. There come the third party tools which enable you to download the videos.

In this article, we have mentioned a list of the best Twitter video to MP4 downloader tools that you can use to download all types of Twitter videos by putting minimum efforts.

And, as a bonus, we have shared a YouTube downloader software programs at the end as well which you can use to download any type of YouTube Videos in HD format just in a matter of few clicks.