Back in the old days iPhones were not that powerful. But nowadays iPhones have just got bigger and powerful. You can now even shoot a 4K video with the latest iPhone model. While using the iPhone for video shooting you may anytime feel the need to edit the video. For this purpose you’ll need a video editing app for iPhone. So if you are looking for such iPhone apps then read this article till the end to get a list of powerful video editing apps for iPhone.

Part 1: Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For iPhone

1. iMovie

iMovie is Apple’s own proprietary video editing software that comes bundled with iOS and Mac. The biggest advantage of this iPhone video editing app is that it comes from the original manufacturer and developer and is free to use for iPhone users. iMovie supports a lot of video editing editing features like trimming a video, adding filters and themes, arranging the videos on the times, adding transitions etc. For a full experience you should download it from the iTunes app store.

free video editing app

2. Splice

Splice is owned by GoPro which is the manufacturer of action cameras. Splice comes with an easy to use interface. You can add your images and videos in the app for editing. It also supports audio as background music. Splice actually lets you highlight (Hilights) important parts of a video then it cuts the unimportant parts and makes a video using the Hilights. You can crop your videos and add effects and text overlays.

free video editing app

3. Video Crop

The simplest iPhone video editing app which provides only one function which is ‘crop’. With this iPhone video editing app you can crop your videos without wasting much time on other functions. The app’s interface is easy to use and its lets you crop your video in fixed and free aspect ratio. In the free aspect ration you can define the crop area yourself.

free video editing app

4. Magisto

Magisto is a simple video editing app for iPhone. Though it doesn’t provide editing functions like crop, trim, ortext overlays but still you can use it to create a video. Just add your videos and photos and choose a video theme. There are multiple themes available to select. After applying the theme you are asked to add music to video as background music. With this app you can create awesome videos on your iPhone using your photos and videos.

free video editing app

5. Adobe Premiere Clip

To use this free iPhone video editing app you’ll need an Adobe account. With each Adobe account one gets 2GB of storage to store the videos. It actually creates a video montage from your videos and photos. After a montage is created you can then edit the video properties, and change playback speed. You can also add effects and filters with an option to add background music. You can also add music from the Adobe’s stock music library.

free video editing app

Part 2: How to Convert And Edit Videos For iPhone On Computer Easily?

If you are looking to edit videos for iPhone on computer easily then you can use DVDFab Video Converter. DVDFab Video Converter is an advanced video converter with a built-in video editor. It supports almost every known video format and provides basic to advanced video editing tools. Here is a step-by-step tutorial to use the DVDFab Video Converter and editor. But first let’s check the video converting and editing features.

DVDFab Video Converter Features

·         Supports almost every known video and audio format.

·         Supports device-specific video conversion with built-in video profiles for various devices like iPhone, iPad, smartphones, feature phones, and gaming consoles.

·         Supports Intel Quick Sync, Nvidia CUDA, and AMD acceleration for faster processing and conversion of videos.

·         Works with videos or movies with multiple audio streams and subtitles.

·         Video settings let you purely customize video and audio settings including custom resolution.

DVDFab Video Editor Features

·         Supports all the basic video editing tools like trim, crop, watermarks, adding subtitles,and changing video properties.

·         It also supports multi-trim which lets you trim multiple parts of a movie/video at once.

·         It provides an ‘Invert’ tool which inverts the selection of the multi trim tool.

·         The ‘Merge’ tool lets you merge your trimmed video parts.

·         Now with the latest update you can add credits, text overlays, and background music.

Now follow the video conversion and editor tutorial below.

·         Download and install DVDFab 11. Open the program and click the ‘Converter’ tab.

·         Add your video by clicking the ‘+Add’ button. Remember that DVDFab Video Converter supports all the major formats.

·         After adding the video click the ‘Video Profile Selector’ button and click the ‘Device’ tab. From the list select ‘Apple’ and choose the appropriate iPhone model for pre-configured video settings. You can also select other formats from the ‘Video’ tab.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video editor

·         After selecting the format click the ‘Video settings’ button and customize the settings if you need to. You can also select audio streams and subtitles if supported by the video.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video editor

·         Then click the ‘Video editor’ button to start editing your video.

·         In the video editor you will find all the basic video editing tools like trim, crop, multi-trim, watermarks, subtitles etc. Use the video editor as per your video editing requirements.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video editor

Here we are describing some video editing tools of DVDFab Video Converter.

1. Crop Tool:

This tool can be used to crop videos. Here is a quick tutorial to use this tool

·         Click the ‘Crop’ button and then you’ll see white edge lines in the top right video. Just drag this white area from any corner to select a cropped area. You can see the preview of the cropped video in the right side video. Click the big ‘Tick Mark’ to apply the crop.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video editor

·         If you enable ‘Keep Aspect Ratio’ then this will preserve the aspect ratio and you won’t be able to freely select an area that doesn’t maintain an aspect ratio.

·         After selecting the crop area move on to the next editing tool.

2. Subtitles Tool

The subtitles tool simply lets you add subtitles to your video from an external subtitle file. Simply click the ‘Text’ option and select ‘Subtitles’. Then add the subtitle file from your computer.

3. Trim Tool

The trim tool lets you remove unwanted scenes from a movie. You can use it to remove multiple scenes at one go. Follow steps below to add multiple trims.

·         Click the ‘Trim Tool’ to add a trim anywhere on the movie/video timeline.

convert and edit videos with dvdfab video editor

·         Drag the ‘Blue T’ marker out of the current trim anywhere on the timeline and then click the ‘Trim Tool’ to again add a trim. This way you can add multiple trims.

·         To increase the size of any trim section just drag the left and right red markers on the timeline.

·         The multiple trims are by default merged. You can click the ‘Trim Invert’ button to invert the trim selection.

·         Click ‘OK’ to go back to the main program window or move forward to other editing options.

Note: You can check rest of the tools yourself.

Finally click ‘Start’ to convert your video. After conversion completes transfer your video to other devices and enjoy.


You now know about the top 5 best video editing apps foriPhone. These apps are good for on the go uses but for some serious work you should seek out something professional like DVDFab Video Converter and editor. You should try DVDFab Video Converter at least once if you are looking to edit and convert iPhone videos on your computer.

This article shows you the best video editing apps for iPhone, if you want to edit videos on your Mac, you may need to check top free video editing software for Mac.