Videos have changed our way of expression and communication. Most people record vlogs and share them with their friends and family expressing their experiences and knowledge. Therefore, video editing is an essential section of preparing the video. To edit a video, one must use the best video editing software for the pc.

Best Software for Video Editing

1. Wondershare Filmora video editor

This is a simple software that beginners can easily use since it does not involve many complicated features. It is a home video editing software with powerful functionality and a complete set of stacked features. Wondershare Filmora gives one the features and import styles previously available for professional filmmakers. It is meant for beginners; as a result, it has improved the performance, is used to make products faster, and enables the editing of videos easily. It has a simple drag and drops user interface that gives the freedom for one to be creative with the story that is being created.


  • It supports different video formats like MKV, AVI, MP4, MOV, and AVCHD.
  • It enables the editing of video footage and tuning of the colours.
  • It has trim, split, cut, crop, and both features in editing videos.
  • It is easily compatible with the pc.
  • It has video stabilization and fish-eye lens correction for GoPro videos.
  • It needs an operating system of Windows 7 and above.
  • It requires a computer with of RAM 4GB and at least 10GB of free hard disk space.
  • The computer should have a faster processor with a processor of 2GHz.


  • It provides an intuitive user interface and built-in effects.
  • It provides improved overall performance in the editing of the videos.
  • Output videos have perfect sound without background noise and an added audio equalizer.
  • It supports real-time rendering while keeping the editing experience smooth.
  • It allows one to import and export files easily.
  • It gives a friendly user interface that encourages many to use it.
  • Editing features like effects, transitions, and pip are beautifully visible in the timelines.
  • It gives freedom to arrange files with good availability of filters and transitions.


  • It is mainly used for beginner or intermediate levels.
  • It converts simple videos.
  • It does not affect the transition editors.

Steps to Edit Videos with Wordershare Filmora

Follow the steps below to download and use the software for video editing:

  1. Install the Wordershare Filmora freely from the internet. Once installed, launch the software on the pc.

b) Once launched import media files that you intend to convert from the pc and drag them directly into the program.

Video editing PC:1. Wondershare Filmora video editor

c) Once imported, you can easily edit your video. You can rotate, crop, split or cut the videos to your desired features. Furthermore, you can add filters and other effects to increase the video quality.

Video editing PC:1. Wondershare Filmora video editor

d) Once you are done with video editing, save the video to your desired format and output folder. You can watch it on your pc or upload it to YouTube or other sites like Vimeo.

2. DVDFab Products

DVDFab products offer high-quality video editing features for the pc. One can edit videos freely and achieve high-quality outputs of the videos. DVDFab products used include Video Editor, Lightworks Video Editor for PC, Movie Maker 10, VSDV Video Editor for PC, Video Converter, Blender Video Editor for PC, Freemake Video Editor, and many others. All these tools have advanced features that are used for editing videos.

Let’s look at the highly recommended Video Editor:

a) DVDFab Video Editor Editor

DVDFab Video Editor Editor is a highly recommended software used for editing videos. It has advanced tools for video editing. It offers a 30-day free trial version with more privileges and other video editing features for PC.


  • Output files can be of various formats like mp4, mp3, avi, MPEG, wmg and have high quality.
  • Enables one to rotate, zoom, edit, split, or drop files in the desired way.
  • It can accept imported files or folders like video, audio, and image.
  • It offers different display options.
  • Available for Windows 7 onwards and MacOS users.


  • The quality of the output files is maintained.
  • It has high-quality editing features like color effects and animations.
  • It offers a free version for 30 days.
  • It has various tools for sound effects, filters, overlays, transitions, and elements.


  • It requires one to subscribe to get all the features and benefits.
  • It requires professional users.
  • It has steps on how to use DVDFab Video Editor Editor.

a) Download and Launce the DVDFab Video Editor Editor on your PC.

b) Once Installed, create a new project file and add media files to the start editing process. To start creating a project, select the screen ratio. Click the 'import' option under the 'Media' subheading. Choose import files or folders you would desire to add to the project. Select the files you want to edit and import the files to Video Editor. Drag them to the timeline to begin editing.

Video editing PC:2. DVDFab Products

c) Start editing the project using different tools and functions. Start editing once videos have been added to the timeline. You also drag and drop different video clips into the tracks and organize them to add audio, text, effects, or clip. Select any desirable tools like text, overlay, transition, audio, and transition effects for trimming or cropping purposes.

d) Add final features and export once satisfied with the added features. Save and export the project to your desired location on the PC. Do this by selecting the export button, format, and duration of play, then export.

Video editing PC:2. DVDFab Products

3. Online websites like Kapwing

This is an online video editor that is free to use. It's simple to use and supports full creator workflows. It's a non-linear video editor hence enabling video to be rearranged, appended, trimmed, and other features on a single timeline.

Video editing PC:3. Online websites like Kapwing

Kapwing allows the creators to split and combine video clips, cut inline and trim, overlay text and images, add transitions, generate subtitles, and upload pictures.

Steps on how to edit videos.

a) Kapwing is an online platform hence no need to download any software. To login to Kapwing studio, you will click the 'Get started button'. Login to the Kapwing website by clicking the login button. Once logged in, upload your video by copying, pasting, dragging and dropping, or copying the link to the browser.

b) To add scenes to your video, just click the "Add scenes" button on the left side. To edit scenes, you can do so from the left side. You can add text, pictures, or any other content. To reorder the locations created, just drag and drop them into the correct order.

c) More editing tools are provided for audio editing where one can add, remove, or edit audio. More features like the trim function are provided to mute your video, and one can do the trimming of the video and change audio tracks.

d) Once you are done, create and edit the video to your desired format. You can now download it into your system or publish it on publishing sites like YouTube. To post your video, you can click the “Publish button”. Your video will start processing in time, depending on your video size.

To download your video to your device, click the “Download button” on the right-hand side.


Video editing for PC has been made possible using available tools like DVDFab Video Editor converter, Kapwing, and many others. Such products enable one to edit videos and obtain high-quality output files for watching or publishing on online websites like YouTube or Twitter. Such products enable one to save on time and create high-quality output files, and most of them offer free editing tools hence no need for a subscription.


1. Which is the preferred DVDFab product for video editing?

There are different DVDFab products for video editing like Video Editor, Lightworks Video Editor for PC, Movie Maker 10, VSDV Video Editor for PC, Video Converter, Blender Video Editor for PC, etc., and Freemake Video Editor. However, the highly recommended product is DVDFab Video Editor Editor since it offers high-quality features for video editing. It also gives free 30 days of use and access to editing features on the software.

2. What are the advantages of using online web-based sites like Kapwing in video editing?

Video editing can be done using both software and online-based tools. However, online-based are preferred if you are not editing videos regularly. There is no need to install any tool as all of them are web-based, and all editing is done on the website. Beginners can also use this since they are simple to use. One is only required to register on their site to access all the editing features.