You might be at a loss at what to choose from countless video editing software on the market since you can get numerous recommendations on Google SERP upon typing your wanted keyword. That’s the truth. To choose your ideal video editing programs, you shall do some homework before paying out of your own pocket. This post gives a clear clue to your wanted video editor software considering diverse purposes. Read on to take your pick.

Reading Guide

1. Video Editing Software for Marketing Promotion

   ⚬ Video Editor

   ⚬ VideoPad Video Editor

   ⚬ Final Cut Pro X

2. Video Editing Tool for Home Entertainment

    ⚬ Movie Maker 10

    ⚬ iMovie

3. Video Edit Software for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

    ⚬ Adobe Premiere Rush

    ⚬ WeVideo

    ⚬ Magisto

4. Video Editor Software for Hollywood Film Post-production

    ⚬ Adobe Premiere Pro

    ⚬ Avid Media Composer

5. Final Thought

PART 1: Video Editing Software for Marketing Promotion

Lots of online surveys found that video marketing has seen huge surge in conversion rate and ROI. Truth is that people are sensitive to life-like video image than dull textual description. That’s why numerous businesses are working hard to drive customers to get valuable information from polished video clips and further subscribe to their products or services on their official websites. Thus, making compelling video content counts much! To achieve this aim, seeking the best video editing software means half the work with double results. Here are good options for you to make your own masterpieces so as to boost sales volume.

Video Editor | Windows, Free Download

This professional video editing software, with intuitive and simple user interface, provides an ocean of creative features like basic video edit tools (including split, crop, rotate, reverse, video speed and volume adjustment, color correction, zoom, mosaic, freeze frame, speech & text converter) and practical special effects (like text, audio, filters, transitions, and elements). All these features can suit your diverse needs when you make marketing video content, home entertainment videos, teaching and training materials, even share the final product on social media sites.

Best Video Editing Software for Windows Users Free

What makes this video editing program stand out from the rest is that it works as a video/audio converter besides video edit, which can convert video and audio between different formats, thus exporting HD video quality or 320 kbps audio files. Besides, this video editor software has no steep learning curve, perfect for novices, enthusiasts, and professionals. If you wonder how to use Video Editor, click this detailed user guide for more information. 

Here are alternatives video edit software for your reference.

VideoPad Video Editor | Windows

This Windows-based video editing software has stunning effects and transitions to make video and audio eye-catching, plus basic editing tools such as trimming, cropping, playback speed and background color adjustment. Meanwhile, it can edit 3D and 360 video, and export multiple video resolutions, burn polished videos to DVD for TV playback, or share them on YouTube.

Windows Video Edit Software for Video Editing

Tips: Free trial available and $39.95 for one-time payment per user.

Final Cut Pro X | Mac

This upgraded successor to iMovie is noted for its magnetic timeline, advanced color grading, HDR support and ProRes RAW, 3D animation templates, multicam, 4k and 360 video editing support, as well as bells and whistles like video and audio effects, and transitions. With innovative features and high-end performance, you can make unequaled videos for marketing promotion through this advanced video editor software.

Best Video Editor Software for Mac Users

Note that it is not freeware but comes at a price ($299).

PART 2: Video Editing Tool for Home Entertainment

Are you keen on capturing videos for memorable moments like birthday party, wedding ceremony, anniversary celebrations? It’s always imperative to polish your clips for better playback on TV screen or computer display. In this case, try out some video edit software to make your videos perfect and pleasant to the eye. Below selected video editing programs can be for your reference.

Movie Maker 10 | Windows, Free

This Windows-exclusive video editer allows you to make movies with pictures, videos, and audios supported by a basket of basic editing tools like trimming, rotating, video/audio volume adjustment, filters, transitions, text captions, emoticon, still PIP so as to make the edited clips right up your alley.

Free Windows-based Video Editing Program

iMovie | macOS & iOS, Free

iMovie enables you to browse your clips and create Hollywood-style trailers and stunning 4K-resolution movies by starting editing on Mac, iPhone or iPad with basic editing tools including cropping and rotating video clip, stabilization, video speed change, color setting, audio and music editing, filters, transitions and effects, music library, voiceover, HD and 4K support. You can make your personal clips polished and larruping via this free video editing software.

Free Video Edit Software for Mac and iOS Users

PART 3: Video Edit Software for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

Nowadays, an increasing number of businesses are seeking to upload short videos on YouTube and social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for the sake of increasing conversion rate or expanding brand awareness. In addition, YouTube and social platforms are gaining more popularity among video buffs for personal use. Most of people tend to stream videos online at leisure or upload personal videos made or edited from video editing tools so as to increase viewers and followers. Here comes with versatile video editing software for you to edit video on mobile phones without download and installation.

Adobe Premiere Rush | Windows & Mac, Android & iOS

This mobile video editer has all you need for quick, customized, and quality video posts on YouTube and social media like Facebook and Instagram, thus increasing viewers and followers. With seamless and intuitive interface, this video editing software enables you to finish the first shot and last edit, all in one place via its app download. From voiceover to crossfades, mute noise to auto-ducking, from titles, fonts, captions to motion graphics templates, all in the palm of your hand. You can adjust text, color and size to suit your actual needs. Once done, you can share your edited videos in YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and other social channels directly from Premiere Rush.

Best Video Edit App for Video Editing Tasks on Mobile

Note that it offers free trial but with limited choice. Pro version (monthly or annual fee) will be preferred for better video edit results.

Let’s look at other optional video edit software to facilitate your video edit tasks.

WeVideo | Desktop, Android & iOS, Online

This web-based video editing software offers advanced features including video/audio editing tools, licensed music library, and 4k-resolution export. That being said, you can share your edited videos onto YouTube and social platforms after getting polished clips.

Make Video Editing Online with Packed Features

Mind that its free version has limited features like watermark. Desktop video edit software comes with free and paid plans.

Magisto | Android & iOS

This intuitive video edit app organizes your footage in a video that best conveys the message you have in mind in order to enrich your Instagram video posts. Free version and Premium available.

PART 4: Video Editor Software for Hollywood Film Post-production

Now let’s dive into the professional video editing software applied to cut Hollywood movies in the film post-production. For most film makers, non-linear editor (NLE) is a top priority when it comes to video editing in film industry, typical of which are Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, DaVinci Resolve Studio, Final Cut Pro, and Vegas Pro. Here takes Premiere Pro and Avid as example.

Adobe Premiere Pro | Windows & Mac

This leading expert video editing software has gained huge popularity due to its innovative and advanced video editing workflows. Seamless timeline, 360°video editing, VR180 capability, 8k support, compatibility with all Adobe products are its master card, thus enabling you to coping with video, audio, graphics, titles, color correction and more. Abode Sensei (AI technology) can detect and balance light around faces. ‘Gone Girl’ and ‘Hail Caesar’ are its final products.

Professional Video Editing Software for Film Post-production

Note that you shall pay over 200 dollars a year for its full features.

Avid Media Composer | Windows & Mac

Avid Media Composer is reliable video editing software that offers powerful video edit tools for mainstream TV shows and movie professionals, a no-brainer standing on par with superior brands Adobe and Apple. Its free version Media Composer First targets non-commercial users and offers amazing toolset for video enthusiasts striving to make a jump into professional filmmaking, while Pro version covers all possible editing needs including High Res and HD media, Avid DNxHD codec, 3D and HDR project, multi-cam and FrameFlex, background render, consolidation, and transcoding, color correction, keyboard mapping, audio dupe detection, visual feedback ..With this video editor software, you can handle 2K/4K and custom project formats with magnificent export.

Top-ranking Video Editor Software for TV Shows Post-production

Note that this video edit tool comes with monthly-fee subscription plan for individuals and businesses.

Final Thought

Now you have gained a better understanding of different video editing software suitable or designed for diverse needs. Actually, some of them can be used in all situations like Video Editor, an emerging Windows-based video editor software that can help you make compelling video content both for business and personal purposes. Considerate workflow and packed features will ensure you a successful and quick video editing process in a breeze. ACT NOW to try out its FREE DOWNLOAD first and advanced version according to your demand. You can make a DVD for home playback with edited videos. For more details about other video edit software, go to their official sites.