Converting video to Gif gives people an opportunity to unleash their endless creativity. It is interesting to “change video to Gif”, which makes amusing moments permanent. It also fills people with pride since “Video to Gif” makes their creative ideas come true. Is there any good idea in your mind and waiting to display before the public? If so, go ahead to realize your dream with the help of the best video to Gif assistant.

Subsequently, I will introduce several ways to convert video to Gif”.

1. Video to GIF Converter

Video to GIF Converter is an online website you can easily locate from Here, you can convert a video to Gif, resize, crop, reverse, optimize Gifs and add some effects to GIFs. In order to convert video to Gif, you need to select a video from your computer and upload it to Video to Gif Converter, or input the URL of your video to this online website. Video to GIF Converter supports the input formats like MP4, WebM, MPEG, FLV, MOV,3GP and others. Your file are expected not to exceed 100MB. The disadvantage of using this online website is that you have to wait for a long time.

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2. Online Video to GIF Converter

Another online website helpful to convert video to GIF is Online Video to GIF Converter. Similar to Video to GIF Converter, this online website also requires you to upload your video in the first place. Each time you can upload a file no bigger than 100MB. Here, this is one point deserving your attention, that is, all of your files will be deleted automatically after one hour. To convert a video to Gif, you need to set the “Start Time” and “End Time”, or choose “Use current position” instead. Also, you can decide on such options as “Image width”, “Image height” and “Frame per second”. In terms of “Frames per second”, available options include “5 (up to 60 seconds), 7 (up to 40 seconds) , 10 (up to 30 seconds), 15 (up to 20 seconds), 20 (up to 15 seconds), 25 (up to 12 seconds), and 30 (up to 10 seconds). Online Video to GIF Converter supports the imported file in the form of MP4, FLV, MOV, AVI, MPEG, WEBM, 3GP, and among others. After setting all the options above, click the button of “Convert Now” and begin your trip of converting video to Gif.

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3. Drawbacks of Online Video to Gif Websites

Through the above two online websites dedicated to converting video to Gif, do you want to use them as your assistant, helping you to convert video to Gif? Before making a decision on whether to choose either of them, or other online video to Gif websites you have found, you should be clear about the drawbacks of them.

First, online video to Gif websites have a high demand for WI-Fi. If your network is not stable, I advise you not to choose any online video to GIF. Otherwise, you will be trapped in repetitive entering an online website in vain. Second, to use as many functions an online video to Gif provides as possible, money is needed for enjoying the privilege. Third, you should ask yourself whether you have enough time to wait the conversion process from a video to Gif. As what I have talked about in describing the first online video to Gif website, Online Video to GIF Converter, you have to wait for a long time when your file is undergoing the conversion. For those who don’t want to waste time in doing such a thing, you should try other tools better than online video to Gif websites.

Then, who should you turn to for help? To help you work out that problem and find a good way to convert video to Gif, I suggest trying free video to Gif software. Such a tool will be more easy-to-use than online video to Gif websites. In addition, video to Gif software has less requirement for WI-FI. You can convert any video you want to Gif without one cent charged. Most importantly, you can convert a video to Gif while doing something you like. No time will be wasted with the help of video to Gif software.

Is there any qualified video to Gif software in your mind? If not, please allow me to give you an introduction of DVDFab Toolkit, which can meet all of your needs in converting video to Gif, and bring you more surprises.

4. DVDFab Toolkit

If you want to change the whole video you have downloaded to Gif, no other operation to your video is needed but to convert video to Gif directly. But if you want to change part of your downloaded video to Gif, you are supposed to trim your video first. No matter it is “change video to Gif directly” or “trim video first”, DVDFab Toolkit is your best assistant, which is equipped with multiple functions based on your increasing needs.

Step 1: Download and install DVDFab Toolkit

DVDFab Toolkit is compatible with Windows. This free video to Gif converter is better than any other video to Gif converter online in both user experience and function. So you can choose and use it with great reliance.

After downloading and installing DVDFab Toolkit with three clicks, choose your preferred interface language by clicking the “Little Triangle” > “Settings” > “Language” on the top right corner. DVDFab Toolkit is available in 12 languages, like English, Czech and among others.

Step 2: Change Video to Gif

With so many features DVDFab Toolkit possesses, the function of “Video to Gif” under “Image Tools” has raised his hand to help you. Let’s see how this video converter MP4 to Gif works.

Video to Gif Software

Click “Video to Gif” under “Image Tools” and load your video to DVDFab Toolkit. At this moment, you are expected to choose the “Start Time” and “End Time” of the video, considering there are some people who desire to change part of the downloaded video to Gif. Then, the option of “Looping” enables you to set the cycle index of your Gif, with such choices as “1, 2, 5, 10, 30” available. The play speed ranges from “1×” to “1.5×, 2×, 3× and 4×”. The size of your Gif can be “320×240, 400×240, 480×320, 720×480, 720×576, 800×480, 1280×720” or “1920×1080”. At last, you can adjust the value of the option of “Frame Delay” to make the created Gif perfect. Here, remember to decide where to save your converted file before clicking the button of “Start”. Afterwards, DVDFab Toolkit will work fast to deal with the task and provides you with a path to locate your Gif.


Have you grasped the skills to convert video to Gif? Have you found the advantages of video to Gif software in comparison to online video to Gif websites? Prepare your video first. Ask DVDFab Toolkit for help. It will give you satisfactory reply as to how to convert video to Gif. Beside helping you convert video to Gif, following your preferred duration, looping time, speed, size and video resolution, DVDFab Toolkit will also assist you in trimming your audio, deshaking your shaky GoPro videos and doing more. What are you waiting for, hurry up to get DVDFab Toolkit and share your converted Gif with your friends. For more details about how to deinterlace a video, please refer to the article of Use DVDFab Toolkit to Deinterlace Video.