Have you ever been bothered by the number of video formats on the internet? MP4 format, Quicktime format, 3GP file extension, Flash video format; the list seems never-ending. It is not the existence of these formats that's frustrating. Not every website or app supports every format. You will have to manually convert things to get things done. This is seriously annoying.

Coming to Vimeo, if you are on this page you probably already know what a Vimeo is. However, in case you don't, we are going to run you through the basics of a Vimeo in the first section. We also have a complete "how to" guide listing ways by which you could convert the Vimeo to mp4 because that is the reason you are here.

So, here we go:


Vimeo, for Starters

Vimeo is an online video sharing platform, just like YouTube which was created by a bunch of filmmakers in 2004. Since then, it has evolved with a steady base of 70 million creators. Created by filmmakers, this platform naturally appeals to those whose interests lie in film, animation, music and other works of art. Vimeo is largely used to promote pieces of art.

Although the basic idea of sharing videos online I similar to that of YouTube, Vimeo is unique because it is "artsy". YouTube, having a wider audience than Vimeo has all kinds of videos on it. On Vimeo, however, you are more likely to find videos that are distinctly artistic in their content and look.

What does one do on Vimeo

It's quite simple, actually. If you are a creator, upload your videos for others to watch. Remember that other users don't just watch your videos, they can also comment on it, share it or like it. In case you use Vimeo mostly to view videos, you can add the ones that you like to 'Watch later' list. You also get to make your own customized collection of Vimeo videos!

Considering how videos on Vimeo are aesthetic, there are a few guidelines that Vimeo uploaders have to follow for an enhanced visual experience. Vimeos are always uploaded in the Codec format. Although Vimeo accepts most Codec the ones that work the best are H.264, Apple ProRes 422 (HQ), H.265 (HEVC).

How you could convert your Audio/Video file format to the one you want:



Log on to the above-mentioned website and convert your Vimeo to mp4. There are many sites online that would allow this conversion. However, Vimeo In is your best bet because:

·         It encourages no Java Plugin keeping your system safe from Malware.

·         You can this website from any device with good internet connection be it cell phones or consoles.

·         Vimeo In promises incredibly fast downloads!

convert vimeo to mp4

All you need to do is enter the URL link of your Vimeo and click on Download. Your Vimeo to MP4video will be saved in the mp4 format in no time!



Using this website, you can download your favorite Vimeo and convert it to Mp3 or Mp4 format. Vimeo to MP4 is super easy to use. You just need to paste the URL link of your Vimeo in the search engine, hit 'Download' and get your desired video within a minute.

convert vimeo to mp4 online

Moreover, vimeotomp3.com lets you download and convert videos from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook and more. You even get to choose from a range of Download options including Vimeo HD, Vimeo songs HD; download Vimeo video in any format you want!

Vimeotomp3.com is the most convenient option for you to download Vimeo mp4. Go, try converting Vimeo to MP4!



If you are someone who prefers high-quality videos you probably would have already come across this website. Most of the content featured on the website are HD videos of high quality. Watching these with good internet is an amazing experience. Moreover, videoconvert.com boasts about its wonderful collection of original content.

download vimeo to mp4

This free online Vimeo converter lets you convert your Vimeo to mp4, mp3, aac, avi, wav, and more. Follow the instructions given below if you want a smooth videoconvert.com experience.

·         Pick the Vimeo video of your choice

·         Copy its URL link from the address bar and paste it in the website's search engine.

·         Choose the format that you want to convert to

·         Click on 'Connect Now'

·         There you go! Before you realise it, your video is already downloaded in the format that you wanted.

It has already been established that the content on Vimeo is authentic and visually appealing. To make the most of this Vimeo feature, download a Vimeo and convert it into the format that is the most convenient for you.

Videoconvert.com offers advances features like trimming and cropping videos. Suppose you don’t need the entire Vimeo, you just want to convert a part of it, videoconvert.com lets you do just that. This website has so many advanced features that it is actually fun to experiment on your Vimeos here!


Try DVDFab!

Found content that you like in a format that is not compatible? Don't let this technical glitch stop you from doing your thing. Use DVDFab Video Converter to convert your audio/video into the format that you would like.

DVDFab Video Converter is a professional vimeo to mp4 converter. It is so easy to use that even entry-level users will understand how it works in no time. DVDFab Video Converter converts almost all formats that you can find on the internet into formats that are compatible with various multimedia devices, including many 3D devices, with super-fast speed and surprisingly good quality.

Edit and Customise Videos on DVDFab

On DVDFab Video Converter, what you do with a video output is completely up to you. You can customize your video exactly the way you want. You can either copy an entire video or parts of a video and you can choose the kind of output audio and subtitle stream that is best for you. Although DVDFab Video Converter keeps everything super simple to be user-friendly, it offers advanced users the technical advantage to decide their video settings and audio parameters. This way you can personalize your output video to suit your specific needs.

convert any videos to mp4

Here's how DVDFab works:

·         Double click DVDFab 10, and then choose the Convertor option from the Option Bar. Drag your downloaded Vimeo video and drop it into the main UI and then let it load. Alternatively, you can navigate it using the main buttons on the UI.

·         Check your Left Panel. There, use Profile Switcher to select the device profile or format that you need your source video in. Here you can select the MP4 format or other formats.  Options for your output content such as titles, audio tracks, and subtitles is given in the same section. Select them according to your needs.

·         Click on the 'Save' symbol and choose your save location. Then you can click the 'Start' button to start the conversion process.

convert any videos to mp4

What makes DVDFab so user-friendly?

DVDFab is designed to have a simple interface and intuitive UI, a smooth experience for the user being the ultimate goal. With features like batch conversion, multi-threading, multi-core, the latest NVIDIA CUDA, Intel Quick Sync, etc., DVDFab is able to process any video and convert it quickly, greatly reducing your wait time.



It is quite sad that we still have to manually convert video formats for complete format compatibility. Thank god for us, there are these online tools that make our work and lives easy. They all mostly work with the same basic strategies with minor variations from one website to another. Find the one that's best for you and convert your Vimeo to MP4!

If you also want to find an MP4 player to play your converted MP4 videos, you may be interested in these top free mp4 players