Occasionally, do you find yourself bored with YouTube? The ocean of stuff on YouTube isn't what we're referring to here. We're discussing YouTube's user interface, including suggestions, comments, and clutter. There is just too much clutter in the user interface. However, did you know that you can view YouTube videos on other websites without going to YouTube?

It is possible to see YouTube material without ever visiting YouTube.com by using various third-party links, YouTube sites, and mobile apps. Here's how to watch YouTube videos outside of the official website.

Best YouTube Video Watcher in 2022

PlayerFab All-In-One

A 4K video player for Windows 10 called PlayerFab All-In-One has several advantages for movie buffs. With DVDFab, you can create a compact yet well-organized local media library from tens of thousands of movies, TV series, and music files.

The ability to play DVD, Blu-ray, and Ultra Blu-ray menus from within the player's own built-in home theater setting is another key feature of this video player for Windows.

For Windows 10 and macOS, this professional YouTube player provides lossless, high-quality audio. In addition, it has full capability for 3D playback. This is the most competent software if someone doesn't want to open the YouTube website. 

You may import DVDs or Blu-ray discs from an optical device into this DVDFab Player with only one click. There are two ways to listen to music, and the interface is also unique.

The preferential policy of PlayerFab All-In-One to make a deal

In standard price, it costs: $1469.89

  • The bundle saving will secure from: - $1129.90
  • The 50% OFF discount is:                   - $170.00
  • So, the Final Price is:                            $169.99

Moreover, the users will get a 30-days money-back guarantee.


For YouTube, Toogles is a quick and simple alternative interface. On the main page, you can see the most popular videos in various genres, but you can also search for particular films, which load quickly.

In addition, the viewing interface is fast. No distractions will take bandwidth away from the most important thing: getting your movie to playback as quickly as possible.

The right-hand panel displays the video's description and information. You may access similar videos by clicking on the tab in the upper-left corner when you're ready. There is also a Chrome extension for Toogles to help you search more quickly. You should give Toogles a go if you frequently lose patience while waiting for YouTube to load.


Watch YouTube videos outside the official site using ViewPure. If you're fed up with having to scroll through comments, suggestions, and other annoyances while watching YouTube, this app could be for you. As a result, it's perfect for usage in classrooms or at home with kids because the movies don't include commercials.

Custom URLs (better for sharing and remembering than random YouTube URLs) and a bookmarklet are also available on View Pure. Using the bookmarklet, you can access any YouTube video in ViewPure while you're already viewing it. While watching videos, you may choose between a white or black background using a toggle.


It's a common misconception that you can't watch YouTube without using a browser. Instead, you may use a specialized video player program to stream videos directly from a URL from your mobile device or computer. However, several competing video players for Android, iOS, and PC can do the same thing.

VLC makes it simple to watch YouTube videos on your computer. Use the complete version of the video player, not one downloaded from the Microsoft Store, to avoid any issues.

Go to Media > Open Network Stream and enter the URL for the exact YouTube video you wish to watch. To begin, click on the Play button and wait a few seconds for the stream to load and buffer.

DF Tube

Instead of providing another URL, Chrome's DF Tube browser plugin improves the original YouTube site (DF Tube). Hide the YouTube feed, "Related Videos," after a video, sidebar, playlists, comments, and subscription bar. You can also hide live chat and trending tabs with this tool. You can also stop autoplay with this tool. Using it to deactivate playlists is also an option.


You may also use Kodi to watch YouTube videos outside of the website itself and your browser. Add-ons for YouTube are available for free in Kodi, a free media player with add-ons for free movies and IPTV channels.

An unofficial YouTube app is the most incredible YouTube Kodi add-on. By downloading from Kodi's official repo, you indicate that the add-on has been extensively tested and authorized by Kodi's developers.

This plugin has a Subscribe button and supports Likes and Dislikes. This extension has many of the same characteristics as the YouTube URL.


Despite the name, NSFWYouTube allows you to watch any YouTube video without logging in to your account, regardless of age restrictions (or even owning an account).

Some advantages can be gained by doing this. For example, a public computer might not be the best place to log into your account to watch an age-restricted film. If YouTube is prohibited on your local network by either your school or workplace, this may enable a workaround.

There is no need even to visit NSFWYouTube to utilize it. Using the URL https://www.nsfwyoutube.com/watch?v=Vhsng72lC4s, you may watch a video on YouTube that requires a username and password without having to log in.

If not, save the bookmarklet and a movie on the YouTube home page. To watch a video that can't be posted anywhere else, utilize the YouTube tool.

Interesting Facts About YouTube

Can you See Who Views your YouTube Videos?

Whether YouTubers can see who watches their videos is still a debate. No, that's not correct. YouTube does not make it feasible to view, even though they would appreciate it. YouTubers should look into a number of the available statistics. This information does not reveal who is sharing, liking, or viewing the material.

YouTubers cannot know how many people have viewed their videos since no dashboard or metric shows how many people have seen their videos recently. However, there's no way to get a list of those who saw the video. However, it is possible to discern specific viewers' identities.

Anyone who commented on a video must have seen it, excluding spammers. This is beneficial for data analysis but can be helpful in specific situations.

What Can I See as a YouTuber?

YouTubers may view names in the comments and the subscriber list. YouTubers can only view their subscribers' names if a user has activated the option. Subscribers can hide their names from the YouTuber's list of subscribers by keeping their memberships secret. They would still count as subscribers but would be invisible.

You can also visit a safe YouTube net to create a version without aggressive remarks.

What Other Information do YouTubers Have About Their Audience?

Google excels at statistics, and it offers a lot to help YouTubers learn more about their fans in an indirect, if not direct, way. A video's audience may be defined by gender location (city or country). To put it briefly, users can view demographic information.

How Will the Viewer's Name Help YouTubers?

It would be of no use whatsoever. What will the content provider do with each viewer's data? It may have the opposite effect. In addition, making the identities and accounts of users available would not improve the value of the analytical data provided by YouTube.

What Else Can YouTubers Not See?

Viewers' names are hidden from YouTubers, so they have no idea who likes or dislikes their videos. They can't see who has seen their videos either. However, there are alternate ways to accomplish this.

We're hopeful that this explanation eliminates the need to inquire a content producer about how many people have viewed their YouTube videos. We understand your apprehensions regarding the possible dissemination of your personal information, as big businesses routinely collect and sell personal data.

If you don't mind being identified as a logged-in user, you can continue using the platform. However, even if YouTubers don't have access to their usernames and passwords, Google still gathers all its data. Let us know your thoughts on how personal privacy issues should be handled.

Why Are YouTube Videos Not Playing & How to Resolve Them?

Videos downloaded from YouTube often could not play, and an error message was shown. This is a problem that affects a large number of people. This is the result of several mistakes, both technological and manual. Network and connection difficulties are among the most common causes of download errors. With a few simple tweaks to your player's settings, you can get your videos to play.

To get your downloaded YouTube videos to work, we'll first look at different methods.

  • If you're using the computer to watch videos, you'll need to reinstall the display drivers.
  • Upgrade your phone's or computer's operating system to the most recent version.
  • The third step is to install any missing plugins that may be required.
  • Check to see whether the codec is correct.
  • Use the browser to play videos.
  • To see the video, you'll need to fix the damaged file.
  • Change the video back to its original format if it has been altered.
  • There has been a hiccup in the download of the video. Re-upload the video.
  • Check the network for any problems.
  • The YouTube app should be uninstalled and then reinstalled.


If you got irritated from the YouTube website as not serving as you want, then jump to this blog post. We have included the best ways to watch YouTube videos without visiting the youtube website. And if you are still confused about choosing the right method, we suggest you click on the PlayerFab All-In-One section. This great software with a professional dealing policy is also a great 4k media player. You will enjoy its uses to watch your tons of desired movies, songs, and many more in Full HD form.