We understand when technology was not advanced, people captured videos of their special events and occasions and transferred them to DVDs. Now you can make additional DVD copies with the DVD duplication process, which lets you burn the information with a laser and take it on a blank, recordable disc.

While the task can be time-consuming, DVD duplication services have stepped in to ease the process and fulfill your requirements just in time. Selecting a single service can be challenging and may leave you running errands. So stay tuned with us as we have compiled the top 6 DVD replication services to help you copy DVD to Hard Drive.

dvd duplication services

Top 6 DVD Duplication Services for Best Results!

Check these listed options to settle for the DVD copy/duplication service that suits your needs the best.

1. Total Media

Price: Depends on the chosen print, quantity, and packaging options

Total Media: dvd duplication services

Total Media is a US-exclusive DVD copy service. Fortunately, it has no restrictions for minimum quantity and allows even creating a single copy. The service provides multiple options for DVD duplication like Everest printing, Silkscreen printing, Thermal, and Inkjet printing. Also, it offers multi-colored casing options and multi-disc Amaray cases.

  • Complete printing and packaging options
  • Converts old VHS to DVDs
  • Offers DVD backups
  • In-house services
  • The unit price is high
  • Charges additional setup fees to create free copies (less than 50 copies)

2. Disc2Day

Price: USD 67.25 also depends on the media type, packaging option, disc surface, production time, finished wrapper, and selected quantity.

Disc2Day is a professional DVD copy and duplication service that offers fast and efficient duplication of DVDs with high-quality results.  Whether you need duplicates for personal or business use, Disc2Day can meet your needs and deliver superior copies of your DVDs.

  • Different Production time from 24 hours to Standard (5 business days)
  • Converts VHS tapes to DVDs
  • Offers three quality print options: 1 color black thermal, full color digital, and full color thermal
  • Offers multiple packaging options like Jewel cases, Paper sleeves, Clam shells, etc.
  • The minimum order quantity required is 25 for bulk DVD duplication
  • Available in limited areas

3. Blank Media Printing

Price: Starting at 0.41$; Depends on selected quantity, artwork, printing style, and more factors

Blank Media Printing is one of the excellent DVD duplication services that provides industry-leading technology for short-run DVD services and delivers speedy orders with order and print-artwork on the same day. The service is located in Orlando, Florida, and caters to local businesses, musicians, and photographers.

  • Suitable for a few DVD copies
  • Offers short-run DVD duplication
  • Quickly ships all the orders on the same day
  • Offers 10% discount on first order
  • It does not offer loyalty, rewards, and partnership programs
  • Requires a minimum order quantity of 4 copies

4. CVS Photo

Price: Starting at USD 22.09

CVS Photo accepts earlier transferred videos from YesVideo and CVS and works similarly to Walmart Photo. All of its transfers include one DVD, Blu-ray disc, USB, and a Digital Copy with MemoryCloud online access, but it is an expensive option. You just need to upload the DVD you wish to copy by following the on-screen instructions on the CVS Photo website. And complete your order by entering your payment and shipping information.

  • Decent ordering interface
  • Great print sharpness
  • Allows to pay on pickup
  • One-hour local pickup
  • Test prints produce oversaturated colors
  • Comparatively expensive

5. Diskcopy

Price: Depends on the requirements

Diskcopy is a safe solution that provides DVD/CD replicating services and offers duplicating multiple DVDs. Moreover, it lets you label the discs with thermal imprints, pressure-sensitive labels, and more.

  • Offers DVD duplication services of four formats
  • Easy-to-use file transfer tools for speedy delivery
  • The standard turnaround time is 48 hours
  • Converts audio and video tapes
  • Cost more per unit
  • Difficulty in running large batches

6. Walmart Photo

Price: Starting at USD 12.96

Walmart Photo lets you copy previously transferred DVDs from YesVideo and Walmart. Moreover, it accepts CDs, VCDs, and MiniDVDs. Each disc stores roughly 1.5 hours of digital video. Customers can either upload their files online or bring their physical photos and videos to a Walmart store to have them transferred onto a DVD. In addition to copying a DVD, Walmart Photo also offers customization options such as adding music, captions, and special effects to make the final product even more special and personalized. 

  • Drop-off and pickup facility available
  • Good customer support with guaranteed satisfaction
  • Needless to ship yourself
  • Converts VHS to DVD and flash drive
  • It might get busy and stressful, delaying processing times
  • It takes 3 to 4 weeks for VHS to DVD conversion

So these were the six best DVD duplication services from our end. But as you see, many of them take ample time to complete the order and charge a hefty amount. Some services require bulk orders, and even a high-quality output is something you are sure of only when you receive the product in hand.

In this case, we advise you to settle for a DVD duplication service with a good name and fame, a wide array of benefits, and top-notch output services. DVDFab DVD Copy is one such software to assist you with saving time and money. Instead, it is a convenient tool that lets you do the job by yourself without any expertise.

DVDFab DVD Copy: Best Tool for DVD Copying Service

DVDFab DVD Copy software allows you to losslessly backup or compress any DVD disc to a blank disc directly or save it as an ISO image file or folder on your hard drive. It provides six different copy modes to meet your diverse copying needs.

The tool uses an exclusive cloud decryption service for timely and speedy removal of CSS, APS, RC, DADC, or any other copy protection. And that’s not all. You’ll be amazed by the fact that DVDFab DVD Copy does not trouble your storage capacity and instead compresses your files while retaining the original quality.

Notable Features
  • Keep updating to support the latest-released encrypted DVDs.
  • Enables original backup to DVD-9 for better viewing on home media server.
  • Seamlessly compresses DVD to DVD-5 to eliminate playback compatibility.
  • Splits a single DVD into two discs or merges multiple DVDs into one disc
  • Copies the main movie title of the original disc.
  • Clones/burns DVDs without losing the quality.
  • Copy DVD Windows 10 and Mac in batch at super-fast speed.
  • Generates meta info and .nfo files.
  • Removes Cinavia and copies DVD with clear audio.

How Does DVDFab DVD Copy Work?

Step 1: Install and launch DVDFab DVD Copy

Get started with the basics by downloading and launching the app on Windows or Mac systems.

Step 2: Insert the source DVD

Open DVDFab 12, and tap Copy from the upper option bar. Select the DVD you need to back up into the optical drive. Alternatively, you can also navigate to it using the Add button or simply drag and drop your desired ISO file or folder. Then DVDFab will automatically detect and remove DVD copy protection.

Online dvd duplication service: DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 3: Set the output DVD

Move to the left side of the window screen, tap the Copy mode once your source loads. Note: Consider cloning or burning the DVD if the selected Copy mode is other than the lossless mode. 

Online dvd duplication service: DVDFab DVD Copy 

After that, you can select the output DVD size, like DVD-9 or DVD-5, and opt to customize other copying options, like chapters, audio tracks, and subtitles. Then, pick an output directory from the main screen’s bottom. You can create ISO from DVD or copy it to a blank disc or folder.

Online dvd duplication service: DVDFab DVD Copy

Step 4: Initiate the process of DVD Copy

Tap the Start button, and the tool will instantly gear up to copy your DVD at high speed and top-notch quality. DVDFab DVD Copy gives you the leverage of canceling the process whenever needed. You can also set such parameters for your device to shut down, hibernate or exit the program upon the process completion.

Online dvd duplication service: DVDFab DVD Copy

The Final Thoughts

DVD Duplication Services come in handy to make multiple copies of the original disc and gift it to your loved ones or clients. We have discussed the top 6 DVD duplication services with their minute details to let you compare and pick the best one. However, our suggested pick will be DVDFab DVD Copy as it enables you to copy DVD on Mac or Windows.