If you are worried about saving the tons of DVDs you'd purchased in digital format before they go useless and unreadable, you're at the right place. If you're interested in creating copies of your favorite movies from DVD you got into a format that can be carried inside your smartphone or laptop, you're at the right place. If you're just wondering how to copy DVD to laptop, you're at the right place. If you're assigned the task to generate backups of the systems in the office and save them to a server, well maybe this is not for you. We all know this is a trivial task.

But, we do not know that this seemingly trivial task can become very difficult in the absence of the right tools. Yes! The right tools are basically everything that allows one to easily decrypt the contents on a DVD, and save it to a portable digital format that can be saved and played back later from your laptop or any other device. The few things we need to know is that not every DVD can be copied. There are some limitations of every software and even a magician that not everything can be decrypted. Second, not everything is free of cost or in other words, not everything that is free of cost is useful too. Now, why are the above two useful in this context?

There are two reasons. First, when trying to copy DVD, you must know that you may not be able to copy any DVD. There may be one that has a very different kind of protection or encryption or outright unreadable due to being too old. This issue may not be solved unless there exists a software, also called as DVD decrypter or DVD copy software that supports that particular decryption protocol. Second, there are a lot of free DVD decrypter tools. It is difficult to select the one that works the best. In the same way, there are also many paid tools, and it is difficult to find out which is worth buying. But DVDFab DVD Copy is definitely the one that is worth mentioning.

A typical copy DVD to laptop manual covers three steps. These are laid out below one by one. There are two ways to go about this, keeping in mind the latest standards and protocols. The first one allows you to copy DVD to laptop pretty easily. This is easy as pie. You need to insert the DVD to the CD/DVD drive of your computer. Some computer might also support Bluray Discs too. This can lead to many things or nothing at all, in which case you might have to worry. But, mostly it will either ask you to select to Open the DVD and view its contents or if it's an audio DVD, will automatically recognize it and ask you to Play it using your default player and so on.

In any case, you must go to the newly added CD/DVD Drive on your system and click on it to view your files on the DVD. This must allow you to select all the files using Ctrl+A or selectively select the files using Ctrl+left click on the desired files, and then choose Copy after right click. Now, to actually copy DVD to laptop, go to the desired folder in which you want to save them to, inside your laptop, and do Paste. This is very similar to copying and pasting stuff from anywhere to anywhere in your computer. The other way is to make use of a DVD ripping software. This allows you to achieve many steps at once, especially for the cases where the DVD is not readable straight away from the above process. As far as concerned, most should be. This is also useful when ripping an audio DVD so that you can keep your internet connection on, and the player can itself search for the tracks online and download the thumbnails and other information and add it automatically to your saved files. A good DVD ripping software also allows you to choose various settings that decide the quality of the output or the finally saved file on your laptop. Here is a sample screenshot that shows the ability of audio and video players to load content directly from the DVD drive, once you've placed your DVD into it as above.

Then, they have inbuilt decrypter software that allows reading many popular protected DVD standards also. This ensures that you get a usable copy on your laptop. There are many DVD to laptop copy software that might show that the contents were ripped or copied but later found to be unable to be played by any media player.

This is avoided if you're using a good media player to load and view the contents. Similarly, there is software like DVDFab DVD Ripper that allows you to rip the DVD and preview the contents too. The steps to follow in this case is simple. You need to load the DVD in the drive of your computer. Then, you head over to the DVD to laptop copy software or media player and load the DVD using the icon or the DVD drive of your computer that is now active after inserting the disc. Now, click Copy and choose the desired location to save it. 

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